Keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean and tidy

We all want to have enough space to store everything we possess. For sentimental reasons, you might want to keep everything that accumulated for generations. But most of the time we are unable to keep everything at home. In this situation renting a storage unit would be the ultimate solution. Although, you must ensure your belongings are safe and well-preserved. Therefore, we will provide the best ways on keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean.

Do you already have a storage unit or are you looking for one?

Do you have a storage unit or you are about to find one? If you are looking for one check out residential movers Baltimore as it is the place where you’ll find all shapes and sizes. You might want to check climate-controlled storage solutions as they are the best choice no matter what you store. But if you already have one, you must know that it matters which storage unit you rent. If you rent one in a bad shape, your cleaning and maintaining will come ten times harder. Therefore, you must inspect your unit thoroughly before renting. Or if you already have one, do the same. It is never too late to change and secure your items adequately. Check out the following:

  • Pipes and wires
  • Accessibility
  • Walls, floors, and other surfaces
  • Doors and locks

People often rent storage units when they move. It is when you realize you have no space in your new home to fit all those seasonal and sentimental pieces you possess. Therefore, calculate your moving costs and check if you can afford it. If you can, do not forget to check all utilities, surfaces, safety aspects, etc. Moving can be hectic and some things area easily overlooked in such a hurry.

A few things to look out for

The distance between your storage and your home can prevent you from keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean and proper. If you can’t visit often, then your cleaning cycles are rare. This creates an opportunity for dust and mites to find their way in. So, one of the perks you want is for your unit to be closer to home. Then, your unit should have some sort of a shelving system so you can stay organized. If there is none, you should invest and make it happen.

Two cameras on the wall
A guard on-site or a surveillance system will secure your unit.

Also, you should have enough room to move around without stumbling over pieces of furniture or moving boxes. And finally, you want to know if your storage facility has a guard, surveillance, and a maintenance crew. It is good to know that your items are guarded overnight. And that there is someone who will at least clean the space outside your unit.

Pack the proper way to reduce the number of maintenance hours

Now, packing for storage is half of the job done. If you pack like a pro, you will maintain and clean your unit much easier. You shouldn’t toss everything in and cover with a tarp. It won’t work. An organized approach is what will do the trick here. Therefore, make a plan by checking all the items you are storing. Divide them into groups and find a place for each group. You’ll need some of the packing and moving supplies to make it all work. For example, you will need moving boxes, plastic bins, and other containers for smaller items. And you’ll need tarps, blankets, sheets, and other covers for furniture and bigger pieces. Also, you’ll need labels to make your life easier when you need a certain item.

Woman carrying cardboard boxes
Use appropriate packing materials. Make sure your boxes are in good shape.

Of course, the shelving system we mentioned earlier is a crucial part of this play. You can install shelves on the walls and on the ceiling. This way you will utilize your space to the max and store more items than you anticipated. And yes, you will pack differently depending on what you use your unit for. If you’ll use it daily as a space to support your hobby, then you can keep your boxes easily accessible. But if you are using it once a month, then you can use packing tape and seal most of it. And if you are unsure of how to pack for this endeavor, check with your movers Baltimore if they can help you pack. You are moving anyway and you should pack for storage as well. Let your movers pack everything and make a quick stop to drop everything off at your tidy storage.

Keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean won’t be easy with all the clutter involved

A great way to make your storage unit organized is to get rid of all the clutter. You probably have items that are cluttering the space, gathering dust, and being cleaned needlessly. So, inspect what you store and figure out if anything is out of date or if you have no use for it. If you remove some of those items you’ll spend less time cleaning and your space will be bigger and open to store other items. Hence, you should organize a garage sale and earn a buck or two in the process. Or you can donate to a local charity. But if you can’t be bothered with it, you can simply throw it all away. Remember to recycle.

The decluttering process will help you with keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean
De-clutter your storage space. Do not let it become such a mess.

Tips on keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean

Now, the level of hygiene you maintain inside your unit is important. Especially if you visit often and use your storage regularly. And remember, the more stuff you have, the more surface that will attract pests, rodents, mold, etc. So, keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean is quite simple. You should clean it the same way you clean your garage, attic, or the basement. Each time you visit you should take a broom and sweep thoroughly. For pest problems, keep repellants in all corners of your unit. Then, the air moisturizer should keep the whole place mold-free. And of course, each time you visit, make a breeze for at least 15 minutes to let the fresh air in. And do not forget to clean a bit in front of your unit as well. Who knows what the wind can bring over while doors are closed.

There we go, a couple of tips on keeping a storage unit in Baltimore clean. As you can see, more than half of it is prevention and organization. Keep that in mind before you bring all your stuff over. And remember, it is never too late to re-organize everything to make it more efficient. One spring cleaning will bring a new glow to your storage unit. Good luck!

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