Last-minute move packing advice

The moving process is already hard enough. Sometimes when people make a decision to move, they may feel lost not knowing how and where to start. In addition, what can make things even harder is moving last-minute. But please do not let this get the best of you. Although this can be a large task, it is certainly possible to make moving on short notice easier. There is also a difference is this last-minute move will be local or long-distance. For long-distance moves. even with enough time for preparation, we recommend hiring a moving company. Not to mention when you need to move last-minute. Some people choose to do everything DIY from packing to transportation. But there are many reasons why you should not opt for this. In addition, you may consider hiring professional packing services. In this article, learn all about last-minute move packing and moving.

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Pack only what is necessary

Going long-distance last minute

Sounds like a nightmare. Just faced with a last-minute relocation and you still do not have a single box packed. Packing is already a tedious process and many people consider it the most boring part of the moving journey. But there is really no point in panicking. Instead, try to focus and do as much as possible in the shortest period of time. In addition, hire long-distance movers Baltimore to transport the goods to your new home. Also, focus on creating an inventory list. It is important to know what you possess. When you have everything on the list, only then will you realize what you really need and what you do not. Decluttering is crucial before packing, especially for a long-distance move. There is no point in wasting time and money on packing things you will not use in the future.

Get the supplies for last-minute move packing

After walking through your home and creating a list of the items you want, there will also be a list of items you no longer want. In addition, there may be a save-for-later list.

a man under boxes
Get the proper packing material on time

It is true that you do not have much time but you can decide later what to do with them. Instead, focus now on finding proper packing material. You should prepare well before a moving company Baltimore arrives to pick up the goods. As this is a quick packing, but the goods need to go long-distance, you need sustainable packing material. Ideally, it would be great if you could go green and afford packing materials of greater durability. These can later be reused for different purposes. Certainly, you should go for cardboard boxes in the first place. In addition, try to obtain the following:

  • biodegradable packing tape
  • biodegradable wrap
  • different cushions
  • packing peanuts
  • biodegradable plastic tubes

Start with packing as soon as possible

Now that you have proper packing materials, packing can finally start. Start from what seems to be the hardest part such as packing glass or fine porcelain.

a person wrapping an item in packing paper
It is important to start with packing on time

In addition, before you start, make sure that you have all the packing materials around you which you can grab any time to speed up the packing as much as possible. Begin with wrapping things up in the old newspapers. When packing plates, make sure to separate each with a piece of paper, or packing peanuts. For any sensitive item that might easily break, put a lot of cushioning in between to prevent it from cracking. While you are busy packing fragile items, let your partner or friends pack the other rooms for you. One of them can focus on packing clothes and shoes. Others can take care of bathroom cabinets and a kids’ room if you have one.

What if nobody is available for your last-minute move packing?

Your friends and relatives would like to give you a helping hand with last-minute move packing. But what if everybody is busy or has some deadlines at work they cannot miss? In that case, they could be able to help you either partially or not at all. This can be a serious problem when facing a last-minute move. In that case with the moving day coming along, we suggest that you hire professional packers. Although these reasons may seem obvious we want to point the importance of it. First of all, they have all the necessary skills to pack everything properly in a very short period of time. Secondly, they have the right packing materials they can bring, so you will save time and money on obtaining them. And finally, think about the safety issue as they will pack all the bulky furniture and save you the trouble.

What to do with items you no longer need?

First of all, you should know that decluttering is the best thing you could do to speed up the packing process. Secondly, you can always earn some extra cash if you manage to organize a garage sale of the items you no longer need. But since this time you need to act very quickly, maybe the quickest and the most generous option would be to simply donate the goods to the Red Cross. This way you will really help the people in need of those items. In addition, think about recycling everything that can undergo recycling. Another option of course would be to contact any of the trash removal companies to come and pick this up from your home. Finally, throwing things into the trash would be a solution as well. But please do not choose it if you really do not have to.

Although last-minute move packing can be a challenging task, it is still possible to do everything on time. As time is something that you lack, the most important thing is a good moving plan. With such a plan you should act quickly. Go to the local store to pick up some cardboard boxes. Also, order online the rest of the packing materials. Think and pack wisely. All those packing materials can later be reused for different purposes. Or you can resell them. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you finish your packing on time when the moving truck arrives.

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