List of essential moving documents

Moving can be chaotic at the times. You need to pack your household, say goodbye to your life, and mentally prepare for everything. For packing your belongings, you can hire moving companies Anne Arundel MD. With professional help, you have one less burden to think about. Now, that you have movers packing your items, you should prepare the essential moving documents. Preparing your documents might sound like a simple task and often done at the last minute. However, you will soon see that this job isn’t that simple and need more commitment. Many of these documents are not that frequently used in everyday life, and you might not know their location right away. For some documents, you might even need to go to some institutions. Here are the documents you should prepare when you are moving. 

What documents belong in the essential moving documents? 

Even if your move is with local movers Baltimore, you should check and pack your passport with the rest of the other documents. For an in-state move, you might think that you won’t need a passport. However, it’s better to check the expiry date as reissue takes up to 15 days. Some employers might seek a passport as proof of citizenship status and a right to work. 

You shouldn’t worry about transporting your belongings, as moving companies in Maryland will do it for you. Instead, you should check the validity of your driving license and keep it near you. You will certainly need it if you plan to drive to your new address. Additionally, you might need to provide your license number for a new utility or cable service. 

usa passport
Do not forget to bring your passport

Your property-related documents and medical records should be kept somewhere safe 

When you are moving, personal documents are the most important ones. Besides obvious ones like birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, and social security cards, you should also prepare medical records. For these records, you will need to visit your doctor. If you are organizing a family move, don’t forget to gather all your children’s medical records. This also implies if you own a pet, you should visit a vet. 

Besides personal documents, property-related documents are the second most important. As these documents are of great significance, you should find a way to safely store them. These documents are the following.

  • selling and buying agreements 
  • lease copies 
  • mortgage documents for old home 
  • mortgage documents for a new residence 
  • insurance policies for your property 
  • auto insurance cards 
people wrapping papers
Keep your documents in one place

Financial documents should be packed only by you 

The list of essential moving documents includes finance documents. These documents are very private and shouldn’t be left in open. Before you move, gather your credit cards, your bank account statements, saving statements, bank transaction statements, loan papers, income tax papers, tax receipts, and tax deduction bills. As they contain personal and sensitive records, you should store them together in the documents folder. The safe is the best place to keep your documents. If not, you certainly have some secret place in your house where they would be safe until the move.