There are many reasons why people move. Change of environment, marriage, job relocation, etc. If you are planning to move to Annapolis, you need to reason to do it. We support you and believe you will have a great time there. However, each moving process can be time-consuming and tiring. It may turn the first impression of Annapolis into a negative one? Why risk it when there are plenty of moving companies Anne Arundel County MD to offer their help? With our professional movers Annapolis to help you out, you can start your life rested and ready for new adventures. Safe and easy relocation is everything you need, and our professional team will provide it to you.

Do you need professional movers when moving to Annapolis?

If you have never been here, you will probably find it difficult to relocate by yourself. Our movers Annapolis know the best routes around the city, and they will transport your items the fastest and safest way possible. So, the answer is yes! If you need a safe and quick move, Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is here for you. Our professional team will handle your Annapolis move without you being tired and overwhelmed.

Our movers Annapolis will take care of everything and practically hand you over the keys to your new home, all unpacked.
Our movers Annapolis will help your relocation go smooth and easy

Things to know before moving to Annapolis

This interesting Maryland city may be everything you need. There’s always something to do here! Read about the things you need to know before moving to the charming city of Annapolis.

It’s the home of St. John’s College

St. John’s College is located in Annapolis, and it is the third oldest college in the country. If you are moving with kids, and education is an important factor, Annapolis is a city for you.

Annapolis’ Naval Academy is very famous

Annapolis’ Naval Academy is one of the things people recognize this city for. Apart from the Naval Academy, there is a maritime museum, numerous marinas, and yacht clubs. So, water-lovers, this is a place you’ll love.

Navy recruits saluting
Naval academy, yacht clubs, marinas – Annapolis is maritime heaven!

Annapolis has a rich history

This city is an important part of the country’s history. Annapolis is located close to the Severn River, and it is founded when some Puritans were exiled from Virginia, back in 1649. It got its original name after the Revolutionary War. It was even a capital in 1783-1784 while Congress met.

Climate of Annapolis

Annapolis is a city that has all seasons. Winter can be cold and snowy, spring and autumn are very pleasant, whereas summers can be hot and humid.

Cost of living in Annapolis

Annapolis offers homes for everybody. The median price for a 3-4 bedroom home is around $450.000. However, you can always find less expensive, but also exclusive, pricey homes. Apartments range from $1500/month for a studio to $5000 for a 3+ bedroom apartment. Whatever the home you choose, our movers Annapolis will help you with your relocation.


If you want to go out to a nice restaurant – in Annapolis you won’t be able to choose that easily. The list of nice restaurants in Annapolis is very long and there are also many night bars with live music, cafes, and clubs.

How to move to Annapolis

Moving can be a stressful project, whether you are moving locally or long-distance. If you are not organized and don’t choose one of the best moving companies Anne Arundel County MD, moving can leave you stressed and overwhelmed. You will not be ready to enjoy your new home in Annapolis, start your new job right, and spend some quality time with your family during the adjusting period. That’s why you need a good plan and professional help regarding the relocation.

Have a checklist

You need to make a checklist in advance. This will serve as your moving plan and help you stay organized while you check the items you’ve finished.

Prepare the moving budget

Having a moving budget ready will save you from unexpected and surprising costs. If you know how much money you have, you will know exactly how much to pay your movers Annapolis, how much to spend on transport, packing and buying new items. When it comes to the moving budget, be sure to find out the exact moving estimate with your movers Annapolis. With us, you can easily get a free moving estimate, and get a general idea of your moving costs.

Calculating moving costs does not have to come down to a calculator and piece of paper.
Proper planning and organization of the moving costs can help you a lot during with the relocation process

Do the packing right

Packing is usually overlooked by the people who move. However, it is very important. If you are not careful and don’t pack your items carefully, you can end up with some of your valuables broken or lost – an that means more moving costs. Be sure to pack boxes by rooms, and label them properly. It will be easier and quicker for movers Annapolis to do the unloading of your items, and for you to do the unpacking.

Hire professionals

If you are moving locally, but especially if you are coming to Annapolis from another state, professional help is necessary. Our long distance movers in Maryland will relocate your home or office quickly and efficiently. The key to a successful move is having someone you can trust your possessions. Our movers Annapolis are a safe option because we offer a full range of moving services which saves you both money and time

What you see is what you get – top-quality, organized and affordable:

  • local moving Maryland – moving to another part of the city? Our movers Annapolis know the city best!
  • long-distance moving – when coming from away, hiring somebody you can trust is very important.
  • residential movingmoving a house is complicated and time-consuming. Why do everything by yourself when you can hire All State Moving and Storage?
  • commercial moving – if you run your business successfully, you want the office relocation to be fast and easy. You can have all that with us!
  • storage solutions – if you need extra space for your seasonal items, or simply need more space in between switching houses, our safe storage area is always available.
  • packing services – our professional packing team uses the highest quality packing supplies to make sure your items are delivered safely.

Save more money!

Another way to save money during relocation is simply by using our services. We also offer moving coupons for our customers to help you lower your overall moving expenses. We value our clients, so we want to provide you with premium moving services at affordable prices. Give us a call today or get a free moving quote from our top-rate movers Annapolis MA.

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