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If you are looking for professional movers in Baltimore County for your upcoming relocation, we are the best choice you can make. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is a team of professionals that are experienced, efficient and prepared to take on any challenge. Whatever and wherever you are moving with us, you’ll have the most pleasant moving experience. We know each and every part of Maryland, and Baltimore County is no different. So, we are more than prepared to answer your moving and storage needs. Contact us and you’ll have nothing to worry about while relocating!

Tall Buildings in Baltimore
Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland services every corner of Baltimore County.

Our movers in Baltimore County have all the qualities to make your move easy

Relocation is, without a doubt, thought to be a very long and complicated process in everybody’s life. However, this doesn’t have to be the case with your move. By choosing the right moving company, you can make your upcoming relocation the easiest yet. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you with a small move or across the state, Allstate Moving and Storage can help. Our movers are some of the best local and long distance movers Baltimore can offer, not just because of our experience, but also our qualities:

  • Reliability: As professional movers, we are well aware of our responsibility. The success of your relocation depends on us from the moment you sign your contract. We are insured and, more importantly, licensed to do this job, which guarantees the legitimacy of our moving company. You can trust us with your personal property and every stage of your relocation. The last thing you need when looking for movers in Baltimore are scammers and fraudulent movers. You’re ensuring the safety of your inventory by hiring us.
  • Affordability: Who says top quality always comes with a sky-high price? Although many people believe that movers in Baltimore County are extremely expensive,  we are not one of those. Our pricing policy is fair and we are always willing to help you get the most out of your budget. You won’t have to go over your budget.
  • Quality service: Quality service means both efficient and all-inclusive service. Affordable prices won’t help you much unless you get what you asked for. That is why we offer relocation service Maryland from packing to unpacking, and everything in between. Your belongings will be safely packed and transported with a minimum expenditure of time.
  • Respect: Good movers from Baltimore County will always be polite and friendly. In addition, they will go above and beyond to respond to all your demands while respecting your time and budget. Our customers respect us and they get the same kind of respect in return. After all, we would not be here today without satisfied customers.
mover and client talking
Our movers have all the qualities you need.

Our Baltimore County movers can make your relocation simple

Before you hire a moving company in Baltimore, you must think of why you should choose that particular company over any other. There are many factors to consider: the distance, the weight of your items, the season when you’re hiring the company… For example, if you need a company that offers many moving services, Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is a company that does it all. You can use all of our services at once or just one of them – the decision is yours. We offer a wide array of moving services to our clients, such as:

  • Local moving, for when your move is within a city or up to a 30-mile radius,
  • Long-distance moving, for moving out of Baltimore County or out of the state,
  • Residential moving, if you’re moving your house or apartment,
  • Commercial moving for those who have offices and businesses they need to relocate,
  • Packing services when you just don’t have the time or don’t know how to do it, and finally,
  • Storage services, in case you need additional space to store away items you currently don’t need or can’t move.
movers in Baltimore County can pack using boxes
When you look for movers in Baltimore County, choose a company with the best moving services Baltimore can offer.

Our local movers are quick and efficient

Moving down the street or just a few miles away is still moving. It involves the exact same tasks long-distance relocation involves and, in fact, can be just as stressful as moving across the country. Thanks to our local movers Maryland, thousands of satisfied customers have safely and efficiently completed their small moves. Whether you need your belongings taken across the street or to a neighboring town, you can count on us to do the job. The move will be fast, and your items will be safe and undamaged. Our budget-friendly moving services make us cost-competitive with other Washington Baltimore Metropolitan Area local movers. We know that most of our clients want to save up as much money during the move as possible, so we offer services for all budgets.

Long-distance moving is easier with the help of our experts

Changing your address to one that is thousands of miles away is not exactly an easy thing to do. Moving furniture from one place to another is also a difficult task. It takes time and good organization skills. Therefore, you need to find good movers in Baltimore County who know what they are doing. When you hire our long distance movers in Maryland, you make sure that everything gets from your old home to your new one with utmost care and caution. Our team of professionals moving drivers, packers and movers will help you through each and every step of the relocation. From packing tips, tricks, advice, and materials and making a moving checklist, to the actual moving day and day of arrival, we’ll be there for you all the way.

You can trust our residential movers with your household

Moving a household requires plenty of your time time and energy. Planning, packing, loading, transporting your items… All of this requires so much work. Moving a single room can turn into a nightmare if you don’t pick your Baltimore County movers wisely. Now, imagine what it’d be like if you were moving a house or apartment on your own. With our residential movers Maryland on your team, everything will go as planned, whether you are moving one item or an entire mansion. Everybody wants to be able to move into their new home as fast as they moved out of their old one, which can be hard without a reliable moving company.

residential movers in Baltimore County carrying couch
When you want to move your house, Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland’s residential movers are the right choice for you.

Make your commercial move easier with Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland

We know how difficult it is to run a business, and we know relocating one is no better. Whether it is a small office, an entire floor or a building – our Maryland moving company will ensure that all of your equipment is relocated with minimal interference in your business. In terms of organization, there are a few things more complicated than relocating an entire business, especially when it comes to moving a larger one. It is in your best interest to have your business running as much as possible, even when you’re relocating your workplace. Since we have the experience and the resources to handle any commercial move in Maryland without wasting a second of your time, your company will be up and running sooner than you think. Don’t let your office relocation stand in the way between you and your clients.

Packing services

Preparing your property for your next big or small move is a challenging task: one that requires high quality packing supplies and expertise at that. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland has both – we can pack your home or office safely and efficiently. If you are unsure whether you need these, think about your packing skills and the value of your belongings.

In case you want to avoid any risks or you simply lack time, have our professional packers do it. They will certainly employ the right techniques and use the right packing supplies, thus making sure that every item is protected from all sides. Not a single thing will be left unpacked, and risk of damage will be brought down to a minimum. Plus, our professional packers Maryland use nothing but the best packing materials to ensure the safety of your items during the transportation. That’s just how good our professional packers are.

Storage services

If you need a storage unit as a midpoint of your relocation, a storage facility in Baltimore might be the ideal place to store your belongings. Our storage units are dry, clean, secure and, of course, affordable. With Allstate Moving and Storage’s storage services, you can store your household possessions in our palletized storage containers at our facility. We can also take your belongings to the storage unit of your choice and later pick them up and transport them to their new home. All you have to do is choose the size of your storage unit and decide whether you want us to transport your items to the unit or whether you want to do it yourself.

storage unit
Storage units can be helpful when you want to save up space or when you lack it in your home.

Our movers in Baltimore County are here for you at all times

Unreliable, manipulative moving and storage companies will do anything to get their hands on your money. The worst thing that can happen when you’re moving to Maryland is dealing with fraudulent movers and scammers. Moving scams often start with large deposits, unchanging and unrealistic estimates, blank contracts and shady interactions with the company’s personnel. When working with the best movers in Baltimore County, nothing similar can happen and you’ll be protected. Your contract will be absolutely transparent, which means there will be absolutely no hidden fees or omitted information. It is not in our interest to leave a bad impression and lose you as a customer forever. Losing a customer doesn’t help us, so what is it that we actually want?

moving company van
You won’t make a mistake by hiring our movers to take care of your relocation.

What we do want is to help you with your move, gain your respect, earn your trust, and keep you as a customer for years to come. We would also like you to recommend us to your friends, family and coworkers; you’ll be helping both them and us that way. This can only be achieved through hard work and dedication, as well as cooperation. Your trust will be rewarded with honesty, promptness and quality service.  Since no two relocations are the same, we have experience with all kinds of situations and events. It is because of that that our Baltimore County movers won’t have trouble handling any of your items- we will be ready for just about anything. Whether it’s the more fragile items and fine china to heavy pieces of furniture, our movers can handle just about anything.

Your items will be safe in the hands of our movers in Baltimore County so start your relocation today by contacting us!

We know that moving isn’t the easiest and that it can cause lots of stress. With our local, family-owned moving and storage company, however, we can work together and make is go smoothly. To hire some of the most reliable movers in Baltimore County, simply contact us and give us some details about your relocation. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland will provide you with an answer or a moving quote if you’d like. After that, everything else will be smooth sailing.

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