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Local moving might seem like an easy thing to do but it can cause a lot of problems and stress like any bigger and more difficult type of move can. It doesn’t really matter how close your new home or office is, you still need to pack and safely transport all of your belongings to your new home or office. But do not worry, everything you might need we at Allstate Moving and Storage have in our offer. With one of the best local moving companies Virginia you can be sure they will provide you with moving, packing, and transportation services of top-notch quality. Get in touch with us today and secure the best moving services around.

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Choose movers that know Virginia best

Why do so many people call the local moving companies Virginia to move to the area?

We have the privilege to live in the state where Jamestown was settled. And then, 200 years later, General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse in order to end the Civil War. From the battlefields to Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg, there are so many places to visit and remind ourselves of our nation’s history. Virginia is home to probably the best college in the nation, Virginia Tech. Also, in Virginia, we get both, 98 degrees and 90% humidity on a hot July day, and frigid temperatures and a foot of snow in February. And when spring starts, you can see the prettiest of flowers and the greenest of grasses. And don’t forget about the crisp autumn air and the leaves all bleed maroon and orange. Above all, you can be sure that there’s no weather condition that will be able to stop local moving companies in Virginia.

Mountains and beaches

With the Allegheny, Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains, there is always a place to hike no matter the season. Waterfalls at The Cascades, Great Falls, or White Oak Canyon are the most beautiful in the winter. While Old Rag and McAfee’s Knob are stunning during the autumn. Driving on Skyline Drive, a 105-mile road that runs along Shenandoah National Park offers beautiful views all year round. And the summer is reserved for the beach of course. Virginia Beach’s well-maintained beaches are free, with lifeguards on duty from mid-May through mid-September. The famous beach attractions are the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and the Virginia Beach Ocean Breeze Waterpark. Most of the visitors are drawn to the 3-mile oceanfront Boardwalk, where numerous hotels and restaurants overlook the beach.

What do local moving companies in Virginia have in store for you?

Since 1997, Allstate Moving and Storage has been providing its customers with all-inclusive household services. Our moving company is completely licensed and insured with trained and equipped movers that have the proper tools and experience to move you to your new home safely and all your belongings at the same time. You can be sure that we’re dedicated and passionate about helping people move. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate in picking us for your next relocation as we care about all our clients however big or small the task might be.

Residential moving

Moving a house is not just a technically difficult process that requires a lot of dedication to detail. It is also emotionally challenging and can cause a lot of stress and problems for the people and families that are relocating. Therefore, it is very important to find reliable residential movers Baltimore you can trust and that can provide you with the quality services you need. We are proud to say that we will handle your things as they are our own or the items of our family members. Virginia local movers are here to do their best to meet your expectations. Here are the services that we offer:

  • Both full and partial packing of your household.
  • Local moving companies in Virginia offer you storage units Virginia to help assist with protecting your belongings short and long-term
  • Full and partial professional packing services including the packing supplies.
  • We also offer free estimates for all our potential customers, and we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Commercial moving

As a professional company ourselves, we perfectly understand how important your business is for you and how hard it is to move it. We also know that you do not want your productivity to stop or drop during the moving process. Our movers and packers have a lot of experience in commercial moving and they learn more every day, in order to keep our customers satisfied and happy. Whether you have a small office, an entire floor, or even a huge office building, Allstate Moving and Storage can safely relocate everything without any problems and without losing any of your items. And here are the services our office movers Baltimore provide:

  • Highly professional moving services for your business, full or partial relocation.
  • Carrying the tables, heavy furniture and office supplies can be done best by our experienced and strong movers.
  • Long and short-term storage units for office materials or your company products. For delicate and sensitive items, we offer climate-controlled units.
  • Our experienced packers will provide you with full and partial professional packing services that also include all the necessary packing supplies.
  • Free moving quotes and consultations are a big part of what we offer for your company.
An office ready to be moved
Commercial movers can handle all your office and business relocations in no time

Why should you hire Virginia local movers?

One of the biggest benefits of hiring us as one of the best local moving companies in Virginia is that we have lots of experience within this region and operate in the area and know it completely. For one, our movers will know how to get to and from locations in a timely way and without wasting your precious time. This is very useful when moving companies are charging per hour, a faster move means a cheaper move. Also, we are aware of all truck route restrictions in terms of where the vehicles can and cannot go as well as all parking-related issues. For that reason, we have our experts on the job right from the start. From the moment you give our movers in Virginia a call, we’ll start by creating a plan and picking the best route for you.

Allstate Moving and Storage has all the licenses and insurance to operate all over the state of Virginia

In order to be sure that your belongings are in the right hands you want to have a licensed company. That will guarantee that you’re dealing with a quality and trustworthy company. Thankfully we’re one of the local moving companies in Virginia that are completely licensed and have everything ready to show. Above all, the state of Virginia and all the states we operate in have given us the green light. That’s why we can even offer long-distance moving to DC and beyond to our clients. On top of that, we have all other licenses including the FMCSA one. When it comes to our insurance you can count that with Allstate Moving and Storage everything is in safe hands. But, we also have more than enough money deposited in case of any problems. It’s better to be safe than sorry and that’s why we show respect to all our clients.

Hire one of the best local moving companies in Virginia to handle all your packing needs

Sometimes moving can be truly a dull and tiresome process. That’s why it’s best that you get the right moving assistance. You don’t just speed up the move but also create more time for other important business. For that reason, it’s important that you hire the packing services Virginia to handle all types of times for you and ready them for the move. Of course, like any reliable and well-equipped moving company, we also offer you the necessary supplies. Above all, we know just how necessary quality supplies are in order to protect your belongings, be it fragile mirrors or antique furniture. That’s why you can always put your trust in us that all your belongings will be packed, handled, and transported perfectly. Be it that you need moving boxes, packing paper, or anything else, you can count on us. Our quality of materials will be hard to find around.

A girl packing a moving box
Quality local moving companies in Virginia can handle all the packing for you

Extraordinary customer service at all times is available to you

We make it our mission to provide extraordinary customer service and moving services for every type of relocation. Clear and constant communication and understanding are the crucial tools in that mission of smooth relocation from one point to another. One of our biggest advantages is that we’re a company that listens to our clients. We are happy to listen to your plans and wishes before we get to organizing the move from start to finish. Every customer is special, and we are trying to provide every one of them with the exact service they want. However big or small, and even an easy or difficult relocation will be. In order to do that, we need to get to know our customers well and all the special needs they might have. When we do that, we start planning your move in the most efficient way creating a smooth and quick process. Moving is stressful by its nature, but we are making a great effort in turning your move into a positive and stress-free experience.

Quality storage services are at your disposal with one of the best local moving companies in Virginia

Be it that you’re moving or want to put items aside, it’s important to have quality storage. That’s why local moving companies in Virginia can assist you with storage facilities that will ensure that all your items will be secure. Above all,  it’s important to have a trustworthy storage company handling everything. But who can you find to help you? Thankfully, we at Allstate Moving and Storage will always keep our doors open for you. Especially for you to visit and check out our facilities on your own. You will be able to experience all the benefits that our company can offer you at an affordable price. On top of that, there are different sizes of storage units available to you. All of them have a facility manager and cameras watching over them. Of course, if you have some special items, we’ll even help with storage that is climate-controlled.

Why is Allstate Moving and Storage so different from others?

Besides the special treatment Allstate Moving and Storage team brings to every move, our rule is transparency. We are running our business in the best way we can, and there is nothing to hide. By practicing transparency, we have found that we are getting lots of positive feedback from our customers. We are trying to take in all that feedback and make adjustments based on it. That helps us to grow and become better every single day. When you want to be good at your job, that is a never-ending process. Therefore, the local moving companies in Virginia are grateful for every comment, every suggestion, and feedback that you give us. What makes one company better than others are its customers. You play a huge part in our success and we’ll always keep providing you with the right services.
A mover from local moving companies Virginia handling two moving boxes
Let Allstate moving and Storage show you what a smooth local move looks like
There’s not much that we as one of the most efficient local moving companies in Virginia can’t do for you. As you can see, Allstate Moving and Storage can truly offer you all the assistance needed in the state of Virginia. By choosing us you can ensure that your local move is in the right hands. From start to finish everything will be done by true experts. Don’t waste your time and make sure to contact us today. We can start you off with a free moving estimate in no time!

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