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People often forget that local moving can be just as complex as long distance. Although your destination is somewhere in Washington, you still need to pack and move your entire household or office. Our local movers Washington DC understand that. Hence, we are here to provide you with high-quality local moving, packing and storage services. And the good news is that our professional moving services Maryland are just a click or phone call away. We are here to move your belongings safely, so you do not have to.

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Washington offers plenty of opportunities

Living in Washington DC

The Washington DC area is definitely an amazing place to live. With its variety of choices for work, recreation, and lifestyles everyone can find something for themselves. It offers cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, and festivals. Also, outdoor enthusiasts can find plenty of options for recreation. All this makes it one of the best places to live in the US. And being the part of the Mid-Atlantic region, it has relatively mild weather. Also, it has fewer natural disasters than other parts of the country. We have the privilege to look forward to the beauty of the seasonal changes.

The Washington, DC area is also home to a wide variety of people from different countries, nationalities and religions. Overall, its population is highly educated.  This makes it an interesting place to live. The region offers everything from urban condos and apartments to suburban townhouses. Also, from single-family homes to rural farmlands. You can choose whichever community and accommodation type suit best your lifestyle.

Great position

This region offers a variety of possible getaways within a few hours drive. Hence, you can have a day trip or weekend getaway at the beach or the mountains. Also, you can visit several cities around with ease. Enjoy visiting Baltimore, Annapolis, Wilmington, Philadelphia and New York.

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The diversity of people is big, and most of them are highly educated

Why should you hire professional local movers?

When you choose a local moving company, you choose more personalized service. Also, when hiring local movers, you have direct communication with the staff who handles your move. Local moving companies usually have smaller operations. Therefore, they have more flexibility in meeting customer requests. Most importantly, Allstate Moving and Storage have intimate knowledge of the local area.

Our local movers Washington DC are familiar with your needs. Also, we are proud to say we know every street and every corner in Washington. There are no truck restrictions, traffic jams or parking issues that can surprise us. Plus, we have plenty of experience packing and transporting all types of belongings from place to place around the city.

What do local movers Washington DC offer?

The truth is that Washington DC residents know that the traffic here can be really exhausting. Therefore, it is logical that you feel frustrated even thinking about moving. Going through a traffic jam with a moving truck is not something you should try on your own. Hence, we are here to do that for you. By hiring local movers Washingon DC you don’t have to worry about transfer or traffic jams. That is our job. Being trusted local movers, we know how to carefully transfer your items for a successful moving experience. Among many other things. Here are some of the services we have prepared for you.

Lincoln monument
The famous monument of Abraham Lincoln
  • The number of trained and experienced movers needed to accommodate your move. Our staff is highly qualified for packing, carrying and transporting your belongings in the safest manner.
  • All the trucks and equipment needed for professional handling and transporting your belongings.
  • We offer you our time. It begins when the moving crew arrives at your home and stops when the move is completed at the destination. Local movers Washington DC will be at your doorstep at the agreed time. Finally, punctuality is one of our principles.
  • Moving boxes, quality packing supplies and expertise is something you can leave to us as well. We will ask for the information about the number and size of your possessions. Consequently, we will provide the matching number of corresponding packing supplies.
  • Full packing service of your entire office or household. Partial packing services are available as well.
  • Short or long term storage units of different sizes.

Storage services

Local movers Washington DC offer convenient, economical and high-quality storage. With our number of storage services at your disposal, you can always choose the right option to suit your personal requirements. Picking the large storage units, you can comfortably fit the content of 3-4 rooms apartment. Hence, you can store your entire household between the moves. Or maybe you can get a smaller unit. There you can store your tools, equipment or anything you do not have space for at your home. Are you looking for a business type of storage to store your products or office material? We have exactly what you need. No matter which option you choose, your possessions will be held in our secure storage units.

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Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC

Units are made from industrial quality materials and you will be the only person with the key. For your specific needs, we are always glad to hear you out and give you professional advice about the type of storage that could be perfect for you. Our storage units are cost effective and our professional team is here for any concerns.

Our values

You can hardly find another moving company that can match our value proposition. Interestingly, our customers often tell us the same thing. Allstate moving and storage makes great effort to provide you with quality packing and moving products and services. Also, we work just as hard to make sure you are getting the right type of service that fits your needs. And we promise same quality every time, if not better. Local movers Washington DC provide leading technology and deliver unmatched moving services and training. Hence, we offer some of the best value in the industry.

Over the last decade, our approach to business has helped us transform and grow. It did not happen overnight. Consequently, it was a result of a total commitment to our mission. Finally, it is helping our customers move faster and more efficient every time.

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