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Why is it that people are so stressed with the idea of long distance relocation? It’s simple – too much to do with too little time to do it all. However, that is why Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is here. Our company can ensure that all your packing, moving and storage needs are met, no matter the distance. How can we hope to ensure that? With the professional assistance and expertise of our long distance moving companies Virginia, of course! With our moving specialists, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your moving needs. Quick and efficient – the way we do it! Contact us today to get your free estimate.

Portsmouth, VA - top destinations of our long distance moving companies Virginia.
Allstate Moving and Storage is one of the long distance moving companies Virginia and Maryland can rely on.

If you are thinking about moving to Virginia, you are not the only one. It is a popular state where people choose to come because of a great job market, good educational system, and diversity of lifestyle. Making the decision to relocate there is not that difficult. However, the moving process is something that tends to make people worry. Moving a long distance to a completely different city or state is definitely a challenge. However, with reliable long distance moving companies Virginia, you shouldn’t be worried. Our experienced movers are ready to help you in the best possible way. They are trained and skilled to conduct any moving situation, so hiring us is the best option for a long-distance move.

Why is hiring professional movers the smart call here?

Traveling long distances is often difficult. Moving into a new house located in a different state is even more challenging. There are so many things to organize and think about, which is pretty difficult if you have a demanding job. That’s why hiring long distance movers Virginia is a great idea. Your items will be safely packed and transported wherever you need them, at the arranged time. You’ll have no trouble with loading and unloading your items if you leave all of the heavy lifting to us. Our professional team will handle them carefully and you will feel rested and not stressed out.

A few words about our company

Our company began as a small family-owned business located in Kirkland, WA. We expanded quickly with the help of strong support from our loyal customers. We acquired many connections during the years so we spread to multiple locations across the US. Today, we are proud to own our storage facilities, fleets of trucks, and employ many experienced moving professionals that have everything it takes to relocate you anywhere inside the mainland US. We hope to prove that we are much more than just an average moving company but one with the highest standards in the industry.

We offer our clients a wide variety of moving services and solutions

Our services include a full range of moving assistance. With Allstate Moving and Storage, you will get high-quality moving services at affordable prices that are flexible, reliable, and efficient. Our main services include:

  • the safest long-distance moving – it is a challenge to move hundreds of miles away. Our team of long distance movers Virginia will make this process easy and quick, without you having to lift a finger.
  • storage services Virginia – if you need more space while you set up your new home, look no more. Our storage units are the perfect, safe options for all your belongings. Whether it’s the security or weather conditions that worry you, our storage services can deal with it and prevent sleepless nights.
  • residential moving – moving to a new home implies a lot of packing, planning, and loading. So many rooms and moving boxes are involved. It’s physically demanding and takes a lot of time. Let Allstate Moving and Storage help you out and ease up the moving process.
  • commercial moving professionals – moving an office is complicated, requires more manpower and precision, and includes a lot of organization, especially if you have employees. Leave lifting heavy moving boxes to us. We are a skilled team of long distance moving companies Virginia that knows how to deal with and protect your office items no matter how sensitive they are. Make your office move trouble-free and most importantly – quick, so you can continue with your work as soon as possible.
  • packing services – we use high-quality moving supplies and don’t load your items until they are safely packed and protected from damage. Also, we will pack as few or as many of your various items in the way you would prefer. We offer many types of boxes that will cover all your needs.

Take advantage of excellent prices and discours

We are a company that knows that relocations can get pretty costly. Looking for the best bang for your buck is important when hiring movers, and we always aim to fill that position by using fair pricing adequate for the work provided that results in affordable service. That’s why we offer you promotional coupons so you can save money when using our services. Different services offer different discounts, so be sure to check them out.

When considering our services, ask for your free estimate

That’s right, all our present and future customers have a right to get a free moving quote. This is an especially important piece of information in case you are relocating on a budget and every dollar counts. All you have to do is give us an accurate list of all the items you plan to relocate and the services you need, and our employees will gladly make you a fair offer. The more detailed the list is, the more precise the estimate will be and there’s less chance any extra costs will occur.

long-distance moving companies Virginia
Our long distance movers Virginia are the perfect way to avoid stress during a long distance moving process.

Make the most out of our amazing customer service whenever you need it

We find it our calling to give to you a swift, clear, and otherwise flawless customer service and other moving services regardless of which type of relocation it is. Clarity and patience in communication are very important to understand each other and are essential in our quest for a perfect move. One of the things we are very proud of as a company is the fact that we do listen to our customers. We are always eager to hear what worries, needs, or plans you have when organizing the relocation.

We stand behind the saying that the customer is always right, and we strive to make everyone satisfied no matter how complicated it may be. It doesn’t matter how hard or easy the task is our team of experienced professionals can handle it. Every relocation is different and flexibility is paramount, especially during a long distance move which can be quite stressful. We try to make every single one a thrilling, stress-free experience.

We are fully licensed and insured

To legally operate, a moving company needs to have a license that has a number that should be displayed on their website, business cards, or their moving trucks. Most long distance moving companies are registered with the federal government, and we are no exception. We are legally responsible for your belongings whether they are stolen, destroyed, damaged, or otherwise lost in transit. That’s just one of the reasons why you can rest assured all your items are properly cared for when packed and transported by our movers. We guarantee you that our insurance covers everything, however, you have an option to opt for additional insurance packages. In any case, if an accident happens you will without a doubt get reimbursed for your loss of property. We take such things very seriously to ensure the highest professional standard.

Tips from our long distance movers Virginia

When relocating, gathering information is the key. Our experienced long distance movers Virginia have some advice for you if you are thinking about a long-distance move:

  • reduce the number of items you are moving – if you get rid of the items you no longer need, you can significantly reduce your moving costs, but also save time, space, and energy on packing and carrying them. You can sell, donate, or give them away.
  • find a reliable moving company – a long-distance move should be conducted by someone you can trust. Our professional long distance movers Virginia are always there for you.
  • know exactly what you are moving – when talking to Allstate moving and storage representatives, be sure to show them all the items you are moving. This way there will be no surprises when it’s time to pay.
  • find out the replacement value of all belongings – when working with movers, knowing the details about your possessions is great mainly for insurance purposes.
  • check the moving days – some buildings in Virginia don’t allow moving in on specific days, like weekends, so be sure to check that beforehand.
  • change your address – once you moved, be sure to file change address information. Your mail will be forwarded to your new home.
  • find out about car licensing and insurance – when moving interstate, it can be very useful to exactly how it will impact your ability to move around in your first few days or weeks.

By applying these simple steps to your next relocation you can expect a very quick and efficient relocation. Most of these tips are valid regardless of the type of your move. You can find much more relevant moving pieces of advice on our website.

Moving to Virginia? Here’s what you should know

If you plan on relocating to the beautiful state of Virginia, there are a couple of things you should know. While the state does many things in a great way, still it’s worth your time to research a bit further. Admittedly, there are some drawbacks but they are completely overshadowed by the things that make Virginia amazing.

long-distance movers recommend Virginia
If you want to leave a peaceful or a modern lifestyle, Virginia has everything you need

Virginia offers a diverse lifestyle

In Virginia, it’s up to you what kind of lifestyle you will choose. There are places with an urban, suburban, mixed, and country feel all over the state. This state’s population is becoming bigger and bigger each day, and therefore various people and lifestyles emerge further increasing diversity. You can choose from conservative small places and communities, as well as modern and liberal ones. Virginia is a swing state, so your vote is more important here than almost anywhere in the US. There’s no sign it will change anytime soon as well.

Northern parts of Virginia are very close to Washington DC

One of the many things that make Virginia a great state is the proximity of Northern Virginia to DC, especially if you work there. Virginia, however, has much more to offer than a good economy. If that’s not what you’re after, you can find your new home in the dreamy Appalachian Mountains or a small, peaceful, and cozy coastal town. Whichever you choose, rest assured that you have the full support of our movers before and during your long distance relocation.

You can enjoy great beaches

If you are a summer type of person and enjoy the beach, Virginia is right for you. While it’s not exactly Fiji, many beautiful beaches call Virginia home. The most famous one is of course Virginia Beach located close to the Chesapeake Bay. Sandbridge Beach and Colonial Beach are some other great examples worth mentioning. Another great thing in Virginia is delicious seafood, like oysters and crab that are famous throughout the East Coast.

History-lovers tend to fall in love with this place

If you are interested in history, especially in U.S history – you’ll love Virginia. Many important events of the American Civil War took place here, as Virginia was an important battleground for both Union and Confederate armies. Other interesting things are the tours of presidential homes – find out where George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and others lived.

Great educational system

Virginia can truly boast great higher education options. Some of the best universities in the country are exactly here, in Virginia. The most notable examples that can be found at the top of many ranking lists are the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson, William & Mary, the second oldest College in the US, and Virginia Tech, a former military technical institute in Blacksburg. Furthermore, locals get lower prices on tuition and other fees – so your kids can go to the best schools at lower prices.

So, what are the disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages when it comes to living in Virginia. However, these are the things you can find in other states, too. The first one is a relatively high cost of living. It is above the national average so you should think carefully if you plan on buying a home. Another disadvantage is traffic jams. As more and more people come to Virginia’s cities, more traffic jams are happening. So, if you are looking for a home, think about the distance from your work. This way you’ll avoid long commutes and have more time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Virginia road
Sometimes, traffic can be busy in Virginia, but our long distance moving companies Virginia are always prepared

Contact one of the best long distance moving companies Virginia for a smooth relocation experience

As you can see, there is a lot to do when moving long-distance. We know very well what it takes to move to a different state that is hundreds of miles away. Let Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland make your long distance relocation hassle-free, swift and painless. You are just one phone call or email away from one of the most reliable moving services in the state of Virginia. Be sure to contact us and our long distance moving companies Virginia will help you with your relocation and make it quick and easy. Together we can make your long distance move a truly thrilling experience tailored to your needs.

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