Main Causes of Stress on Moving Day

Moving is not an easy process. It requires energy, time, and money. People invest in themselves and a lot can go wrong. All these aspects cause people to suffer from stress. Spending too much, worrying that something will go wrong, or just being plain exhausted can all lead to stress. It grows with the approaching of the moving day. We at Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland, one of the reputable moving companies in Maryland, know just how much people worry about moving. It gets easier for things to get out of control and everything needs to be perfect. Use our guide to find out the main causes of stress on moving days and how to deal with it.

Routine disruption causes a lot of stress on your moving day

Prepare for chaos. Humans are beings of habit and we love when things are in order. However, you can’t always achieve that. When it comes to moving, your routine disappears and you are in the unknown. That can cause stress, but here are some things you can do to make your relocation with local movers MD easier than it usually is:

A labeled moving box
Hire professionals and get rid of all stress on moving day.
  • Make a list of all the stuff you have to check and prepare on moving day. Follow it step by step.
  • Call the company and make sure they are also preparing and that they will respect their part of the deal.
  • Have a good night’s sleep the night before. It’s necessary to stay fresh.
  • Keep in mind one thought throughout the day – everything will be just fine. You have nothing to worry about.
  •  Put on some nice music while you work.

This way you can trick your mind. Even though your brain will know the routine had been disrupted, it won’t see it as something negative since it will be a stress-free move. Take as much time as you need because nothing is as important as your health. Not even the relocation.

Thinking about the packing process

Just thinking about it can make a person stressed out. All the items, boxes, and work to be done. It’s a pretty big task. Many things can go wrong and leave a person frustrated and stressed just because something didn’t go the way it was supposed to. So, let’s see how that stressful scenario can be avoided.

Good preparation and technique can remove stress on moving day from the packing process

Prepare well. Buy the right supplies to pack for a move. You can buy boxes of different sizes, duct tape, wrapping paper, and bubble wrap in abundance. With the right packing materials, your job will be much easier than you think.

A mover looking at an inventory list
Sometimes, hiring good movers can get rid of the main causes of stress on moving day.

There are also different techniques you can use to pack your stuff. Some of them make your stuff more protected and some free space by making the packed goods smaller in size. Overall, they make the packing process way easier and more interesting. However, there is another, less stressful way to prepare for the move. You can look for some of the best moving companies in Harford County MD and get their packing services! This way, the movers will get the materials and pack your items while you can just sit back and watch.

One of the main causes of stress on moving day can be scammers and fraudulent movers

When planning a move, most people try doing something simple like searching for best movers in Columbia MD, and picking the first result they get. Luckily, most people know the qualities of a good and legitimate moving company such as ours. However, it isn’t uncommon to make a mistake and become a victim of scammers or fraudulent movers. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely nothing as stressful as having to deal with scammers, as they tend to keep your items hostage. Not only will this put your items at risk, but it will also stress you out because you might end up paying too much.

Fake money and cubes spelling scam, one of the main causes of stress on moving day
Being a victim of scammers isn’t uncommon, but it can be avoided.

Unfortunately, with fraudulent movers, it’s not uncommon for victims to end up paying more than what they bargained for. Non-binding estimates are a thing even with legitimate moving companies, but they’re reasonable. Sometimes, you just happen to need more fuel, time, and resources to complete the move, which immediately affects the cost. Scammers on the other hand will give you a lowball estimate, and then either keep your items hostage until you pay more or prepare an unpleasant surprise on moving day and charge you way more. So, with all of this in mind, what’s the best way to avoid all this stress and stay safe when moving?

Hire professionals and avoid feeling stressed on moving day

A good way to make sure your move will be stress-free is by hiring professional packers MD. These are usually very experienced teams that have their packing supplies. They know how to handle large furniture, fragile items, and special possessions in the right order. Don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks more just to keep yourself from unnecessary stress.

A woman is sitting on her bed and using laptop.
You will be able to actively keep in touch with your loved ones.

You might be afraid of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is a normal thing. It’s as old as mankind. You are used to safety and a predictable future, just like everybody else. However, now you are facing something new and you have no guarantee it will be a safe future. But, is that the case?

There are a few ways you can make “the unknown” a little less unknown and a bit clearer. First, visit the place before you move there if you can. It will give you a wider picture of where you are supposed to go. Visualization is a good friend in that kind of situation.

The second good way is to call your friends who’ve gone through a relocation process. They’ll know what to do. Ask them how they did it, and what was their process of fighting stress and they might even lend you a hand if they are available.

Talk to the movers in Columbia MD you hired. They always have good advice. Ask them how to prepare, where to begin packing, or just plainly ask how to avoid stress. Those guys have seen everything. They will probably give you the best advice.

Moving away from friends and family

Separation can be a tough process. Especially if you lived with someone for years. You shared memories with your neighbors. You love your family and you don’t want to lose them. In this day and age, you can call your family and friends any time you want. Audio, text, or video chats are all viable options. Don’t be afraid of something that’s not going to happen. So, instead of suffering from stress on moving day, just focus on the important stuff. Your movers in Townson MD will take care of the rest of your stuff, making your move stress-free.

You might feel unprepared

You’ve been preparing and planning for the last two months and everything was going well. However, on the day of the move, you get really nervous. It happens all the time and it usually happens to thorough people who are actually prepared. So, even though you are in no danger of being unprepared, make a list to check all the stuff so you don’t feel stressed on moving day. Do whatever it takes to make your move stress-free.

An empty schedule in a notebook.
Once you check everything on your list, you will feel prepared.

Physical labor is not a laughing matter, and can take a toll on you mentally and physically

This is the most obvious one. Relocation is a whole day of hard work. If you are into cardio and would like to have a good training exercise, go ahead and call your friends for moving help. However, if you want to avoid unhealthy stress, call a good moving company. Movers will do all the heavy lifting. They will relocate your piano, fridge, and your sofa. Allowing a reliable company to do the job will give you a lot of space to rest and relax. Forget about all the problems and realize that relocation is not a nightmare.

With good movers, being worried on moving day will be a myth

Of course, the main causes of stress on moving day are all entirely valid. Fear, anxiety, and an overall step out of your comfort zone will make you feel awkward on moving day. In fact, feeling sour on moving day is very common and normal. You are moving out of what was once your forever home, after all, and will go through a massive change and lengthy process while doing so. However, with some of the best professional long distance movers in Maryland, there’s no reason to feel stressed. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland will happily help get rid of all that moving day tension. With a free moving quote and a call, we can start planning your stress-free moving day today!

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