How to make moving easier for dogs

Can you imagine life without your dog? How would you feel to come home after a stressful day at work if that cuddle bag of yours didn’t wag its tail welcoming you? How many times has your dog made you feel better? What about all those disappointments and heart-breaking moments your furry friend has helped you going through? Do you really want to give up on and leave it behind? Of course not. It is thus worth it to do everything it takes to move your dog no matter what. For that reason, here is a handful of ways to make moving easier for dogs.


Come up with numerous ways to facilitate relocation for your dog
If you’re having a hard time moving, your dog is having it just as much

How not to deprive your dog of play time when moving

Your dog worships you. Time flies by when the two of you have fun. But, moving steals the show more often than not. That’s why you need to find a way to entertain your dog so that it doesn’t feel neglected due to relocation. The unhappy dog is problematic because it’s desperate for your attention. On the other hand, you can’ t spend as much time together, as usual, owing to a bunch of tiresome moving chores. That’s why you need to come up with a solution that will do the trick.

Benefit from using dog toys to make moving easier for dogs

One of the most efficient ways to amuse your dog while you’re dealing with movers in Maryland  is to get toys it will enjoy chasing and fetching such as

  • plush squeakers
  • rope toys
  • bone chew toys
  • flying discs

This ensures a win-win situation.

Act normally

Dogs are incredibly emphatic. They can read your emotions conditioning their behavior. If you ’ve been under a lot of stress due to moving, rest assured your dog has, too. It might not be negotiating with movers in Baltimore County per se but it can sniff how tense you are while doing so.


Dog toys are great when it comes to how to make moving easier for dogs
Use dog toys to make moving easier for dogs


Stick to a daily routine to make moving easier for dogs

It is all-important not to break the routine despite moving. There’s no better way to cool your jets than going for a walk with your beloved dog. The more time you spend outdoors, the less bothering the move is going to be eventually.

Playtime is a must

Even though relocation is time-consuming, don’t leave your dog bereft of play time. Having compiled a moving checklist, enjoy together for a few minutes. It means the world to the pup. Similarly, it helps you recharge your batteries after tackling moving-related paperwork.

Give your dog space

What you need to prioritize when moving is your dog’s wellbeing. Like some people, dogs don’t like changes. As they protect your entire household notwithstanding how cuddly they are, the dogs have a hard time adjusting to the new territory. Correspondingly, you need to give them some space so that the idea can sink in.

Provide them with their own personal spot

How do you feel when a change you’re not exactly over the moon about is taking place? You need to be left alone, right? Well, let your dog process the information on its own. Pick a corner of your home where your dog can chill out as you’re as busy as a bee decluttering, packing, storing your possessions and negotiating with movers. It goes without saying you need to provide your dog with food and water at all time. Also, keep it shady on baking hot days.


Involve your dog in moving

Dogs crave a sense of belonging. They want to share every single moment with you. So, you should do the same. Instead of letting a dog feel lonely, engage it in moving preparations. For example, allow it to check the cardboard boxes interior prior to packing your kitchen. Let’s say it’s due diligence when relocating. If you let your dog take part in moving, it won’t find the move scary. Moreover, it won’t perceive it as something separating you two. On the contrary.

Make storing a purposeful walk

In case you’ve opted for storing your possessions on the moving company’s premises, grab the leash and take your dog for a long walk. As a result, you’ll store your items safely due to being accompanied by the dog and you’ll make the pup tired at the same time. To put it differently, you kill the birds with one stone.

Petting is one of the very best methods you can think of

To make moving easier for dogs, you ought to pet them as much as you can. Dogs can feel your energy. If you are anxious and agitated due to being exhausted or moving over the budget, odds are your dog will pick up your negative vibes. Consequently, it will misbehave copying your behavior. One of the ways to avoid this is to take five and pet your dogs. Why don’t you give up on obsessively reading movers online recommendation for a few minutes and cuddle your pawesome friend?

Besides, petting your dog dramatically reduces your stress level that would otherwise skyrocket. On the whole, it decreases stress-induced adrenaline rush. Then again, the dog will feel calm and comforted hence it won’t cause you any problem while moving. Get a large container to relocate your pet and enjoy the new environment together once you’ve settled down. Having a dog might also come in handy in case you’re wondering how to make friends with new neighbors.

Give petting a dog a try when moving
Petting is one of the most effective ways  to make moving easier for dogs

To summarize

Playtime with your dog is the reason you haven’t cut all the ties with certain people, quit your job and vanished into thin air. At least haven’t done that yet. Since you can’t stand your dog not being a part of your family, you are willing to go through great lengths to relocate it. But, what you need to be wary of is how to make moving easier for dogs. To begin with, do your best to make the relocation as stress-free for the dog as possible. Enjoy the playtime in spite of the relocation chaos. Next, make use of dog-friendly toys your pet can focus on while you are otherwise busy. Also, do not forget to take a break every now and then and have playtime with the fluffy pup that only wants to belong you until the end of time.

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