Mistakes to avoid when researching storage units in Baltimore

There are many reasons why people rent a storage unit. It is very convenient to use a unit. For example, when you are moving, renovating your home, having guests over, and similar reasons. You can rent it short-term or long-term depending on your situation. However, it can be difficult to find decent moving services Baltimore that offer storage units. For this reason, here are all the mistakes to avoid when researching and renting storage units in Baltimore. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you do not have to waste your money and time on bad storage units. 

pink storage units
It can be complicated to find the right storage units for you

Renting the wrong unit size 

Do you know how many items you want to store? Have you measured them? You should as this is one of the most common mistakes – renting the wrong unit size. Take a look at these two scenarios. First, you rent a unit that is too small. You will have to cram in all your items. This can result in damage to your belongings. You might have saved money but you will spend it on replacing damaged pieces. The second situation is where you rent a unit that is too big. Your item will have more than enough space but you will pay for your comfort. This way you will be wasting more on the extra space that you are not using. Both situations are unfavorable to you. For this reason, measure your items. See which unit size you need and rent it from reputable moving and storage Baltimore companies.  

Getting the wrong type of storage units in Baltimore 

Standard storage units are perfect for most people. However, if you plan to store valuable items, standard self-storage options might not be enough. These items include 

  • Electronics 
  • Art pieces 
  • Instruments 
  • Documents 

All these items are sensitive to extreme cold or heat. They can easily get damaged but they are not easily replaceable. For this reason, you have to find the special type of storage units or in other words, a climate-controlled unit. Just as the name suggests, you can control the temperature. In addition to this, you can get a dust control option. Dust control is important when storing furniture or clothing. As you can see, you need to choose the right type of storage units in Baltimore. If you are only storing solid furniture and belongings placed in plastic bins, you can rent standard storage units without special features.  

silver iPhone 6s near cup and MacBook
Rent a climate-controlled unit for your electronics

Choosing storage units because they are the cheapest 

Price is always an important factor when choosing a storage facility. For this reason, many people are looking for the cheapest option. Even though it is very tempting to rent these storage units, find out why they are so cheap. Usually, most storage facilities offer their units within the same price range. As you might know, price depends on the size of a storage unit, special features, type, and similar. In addition to this, sometimes storage facilities offer limited-time specials or in other words, discounts. Again, do not blindly rent a unit just because there is a special offer. You have to see the state of those storage units. Go and visit them. Maybe a storage facility is giving special discounts because no one wants to rent those particular units. Make sure to know all the details before signing a rental agreement.  

Make sure to visit storage units in Baltimore before renting them 

Just as mentioned in the previous paragraph, you need to visit a storage unit that you plan to rent. There are several reasons. A storage unit must be clean. Check for any signs of mold, dirt or dust. Next, check the lock of your storage unit. Ask about the key. Who will have access to your unit beside you? Then, check their security measures. Do they have surveillance cameras installed in all the facilities? If it is an open area, do they have a fence around the facility? What about a guard? Make sure your items are well-protected. After this, ask about their rules. Can you access your unit 24/7? Is there any specific time when you can pick up your items? Lastly, check their policy regarding late payments. Do they organize auctions? Do they give out a notice before the auction? Find answers to these questions. 

two women facing security camera
Check security measures of your storage facility

Researching storage options during self-storage and moving season 

Moving season is in the summer. Why is this important when researching storage units in Baltimore? Well, people who are moving usually rent a storage unit as well. The reason is simple. Their new house is still not ready, they are downsizing or moving from a house to apartment, and similar. In addition to this, people usually go on vacation during the summer. That is why they dedicate their time renovating a house which again is a good reason for renting a storage unit. For these reasons, there is a higher demand for storage units. If you plan to rent a unit during the summer, prepare yourself for the competition. Do not start looking for a unit one week in advance. Give yourself time to find the best available option. This will help you to reduce the stress of renting a unit.  

Mistakes regarding pickup of your items 

You need to decide about your pickup. If you are hiring movers, they can take your items to your storage units. However, you should ask about the type of vehicle movers use. Your items need to fit inside the moving truck so either ask movers about the size or notify them in advance. In addition to this, make sure to inform your movers about fragile items. You should label your boxes for storage but it will not hurt if you tell your movers again in person. Lastly, check the insurance policy of your storage facility. If you are not satisfied with their options, you can get additional insurance. It is always better to get better insurance just in case something bad happens. 

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