Most affordable Washington neighborhoods

If you are looking to do a long distance move to Washington, you will definitely be interested in most affordable Washington neighborhoods. Furthermore, you will be interested in our long distance movers Washington D.C.  This is only irrelevant to those that either already bought a place, or have enough money to not care. If you do not fall into this category, you will be pleased to know that there is a list of most affordable Washington neighborhoods. The list uses a number of criteria. However, the most important criteria used to make this list was:

  • The overall price of living
  • Cost of rent (compared to average income)
  • Home value (compared to average income)

These three combined actually determine which neighborhoods are most affordable. It is very important to know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into. Washington DC is a very expensive hotspot in the United States. Many would love to get a chance to relocate to it. If you are amongst the lucky ones you should know that there are ways for it to be a bit more affordable. Still, this does not make it super affordable as a whole. Just slightly more affordable than you’d imagine. After all, you’d probably rather pay 500 dollars per month instead of 1000. Especially considering that you, more or less, get the same quality of life. Also, even though the coffee is the same, some places you’ll pay two dollars for it, whereas at other places you might go as far as five dollars. Same city. So let’s get into it.

Most affordable Washington neighborhoods – 2019

There are places in Washington where your dollar can go a bit further. And in this day and age where every dollar is hard to come by, this could mean a world of difference. The entire suggestion is not based on public opinion, or rumors, but on actual researched facts. We are hoping to provide you with some relevant data based on which you can proceed to make a decision.

Most affordable Washington neighborhoods are not impossible to come by. You just need to be patient.
Generally speaking, there are affordable neighborhoods in Washington.

Deciding where to live is not a small decision to make, which is why we offered a list of most affordable Washington neighborhoods. Hopefully, this narrowed down your choices slightly.

Another thing to consider that in some cases you get what you paid for. Not all neighborhoods are fully exclusive, and some neighborhoods might not be the safest place in the world. But in order to save money, you are sacrificing luxury, crime rates or location. But some trade-off was due. It’s a clash of more free space and cheaper groceries versus crime rates and location. You can’t really have it all.

Takoma Park

Our undisputed winner is Takoma Park. We rate it with a solid nine out of ten. It has almost a perfect balance of safety, location, and prices. Again, you have to understand that this is not going to be the most luxurious place in Washington, but given the prices, it is not half bad.

The rent to income ratio is an astonishing 0.006 which ranks it the cheapest place to live in Washington. This is almost surreal, not only for Washington but for the entire United States. To put some figures into perspective, the average income in Takoma Park is at about 154 thousand, whereas the median home value is at about 751 thousand. This is a great ratio! This place is also highly sought after, as explained by residential movers Baltimore.

Catholic University Brookland

Coming in at number four of our most affordable Washington neighborhoods list is Catholic University Brookland. This neighborhood is located in the Northeast quadrant of Washington DC. To get right into it, rent to income ratio is at a whopping 0.014 which makes it a very close contender to Takoma Park.

There are neighborhoods in Washington where you wil have to sacrifice location, or safety for a cheaper price.
Affordability over luxury.

Compared to Takoma Park it is a bit safer and more accessible by the rest of Washington. Furthermore, it is connected to Washington Metro by Brookland-CUA which makes commuting a breeze for all of those that will be frequently travel for work. Low price, great connectivity, what more could you ask for?


Downtown is a neighborhood in Washington DC but is a name also used by the central business district in the northwest quadrant. It is generally very close to the Whitehouse, so you wonder how did it ever make the list?

In some bizarre way, the income here can match a lifestyle that is quite affordable. On the downside, it is a very busy place with a lot of noise and almost impossible parking and commuting. So, I guess it has its downsides. However, on the plus side, the rent to income ratio is at 0.019 which makes it not that worse than Catholic University Brookland. Highly affordable.

Glover Park

Not much to say about Glover Park. It did make our list of most affordable Washington neighborhoods, but it would more be something that is in the middle. It’s clean and safe and rather ok to live in. But it is also at spot number five, for good measure.

This place might be the perfect balance for you.
Sweet harmony.

The rent to income ratio is more expensive than downtown (0.017), but it offers a rather peaceful lifestyle. No stress, no noise, no rush but still very well connected to the rest of Washington. Maybe perfect for you.

Most affordable Washington neighborhoods for you

This list is not a definite one. It is just full of data relevant to your relocation. You should, however, research it further because there might be relevant criteria that we overlooked.

Be as it may, we really wish you the best of luck in finding your dream neighborhood. For everything else, Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is at your disposal!


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