Moving day safety tips

Moving home is a stressful event in your life. You must organize many things, spend money, and your valuable time. On top of it all, if you do not organize adequately you might have a moving mishap or two. Some unfortunate events will cost you more than just money. Moving injuries can be a serious thing and you should give your best to prevent them. Therefore, we bring you a moving day safety guide in the hope to make your relocation safer and more bearable.

Work on your moving day safety plan

Good planning is imperative for a successful relocation. If you organize well enough and cover all the moving aspects, you’ll be relaxed and everything should be smooth. So, let us begin with a moving date. As soon as you know when you are going to move, you should begin assembling a moving checklist. Write down all tasks you must complete and act accordingly. Contact your residential movers Baltimore to secure the best possible service in the area. Communicate about the details of your move and figure out the moving price.

Movers provide great moving services at reasonable prices so you won’t have to worry much about it. And finally, set a moving budget. Once you covered the basics, you can start inspecting the whole household to realize how to organize the packing process better. More importantly, you’ll figure out potential hazards and dangers that might occur.

Maximize moving day safety with a reliable moving team by your side

If you want to be sure that your relocation is safe, you must consider hiring a professional moving company Baltimore. Movers provide the highest levels of safety using the right tool and equipment for the job. Not to mention all the rules, regulations, and safety measures that you might not be familiar with. But, you should take it slow and never pick the first moving company you find. Another safety aspect you should think of is the assurance that you hired a legit and honest moving team. Therefore, inspect your movers further.

Moving truck on the road
Find a reliable moving team to transport your precious cargo.

Compare moving services, prices, and take a closer look at customer dedication. Read comments and reviews and try to find a referral. If you find someone who already hired your movers for the job, that would be the best option. It is another way to work on your moving day safety, simply by avoiding fraudulent movers. It is not enough to secure yourself and your cargo. Think about the moving budget as well. You shouldn’t pay more in the end if not agreed beforehand.

Be careful when packing

You should never pack in a hurry even if you have only several days before the moving date. The packing process is something that should be done correctly. If you do it right, you will prevent at least half of unfortunate moving events that might occur. Hence, prepare for it like a pro and secure easy transport. Start by obtaining all the packing materials required. Firstly, you’ll need a lot of carton moving boxes of all shapes and sizes. You can use bins, crates, and any kind of container you have access to. But make sure that you have enough. You should buy enough packing materials to cover the whole process without having to run out in the middle of it to buy more. Then, make sure you obtain the following:

  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Blister packs
  • Labels
  • Corner pads

Corner pads that will strengthen your boxes even further adding an additional layer of protection. The packing process comes easy if you have all that is necessary. Start by making a cushion inside your box and place items inside. Fragile and delicate items should be wrapped individually to avoid colliding in transport. Fill in the gaps between items and cover everything with packing paper. Close your box, apply packing tape, and label everything. Labels are extremely important to raise awareness of the content inside. Especially for the box containing fragile, expensive, or unique pieces like art and antique.

Make sure that the path is clear

You can’t apply all moving day safety measures if you are not familiar with the environment. Especially your movers that are visiting your home for the first time ever. So, you must let your movers perform onsite estimates. It will give you insight into the complexity and the price of your move. Then you can plan according to the situation to achieve the best possible outcome. But first, you should inspect everything yourself. Visit all areas of your home and figure out where to start. You must note down all the items you should pack and pack room by room.

Environment affects moving day safety greatly.
Inspect the stairs and handrails. The environment should be safe for work.

Also, this is the best moment to declutter and downsize. The pre-move purge will lower the number of items you are moving and make it all easier and cost-efficient. But the most important thing to look out for is the environment your movers will work in. You should inspect all the stairs, handrails, doors, windows, etc. Make sure that everything is working as intended and that your movers know what to look out for. A thorough inspection is something that will raise the safety level and make everyone more comfortable.

Get additional help

Movers charge by the hour and if you have several workers involved, it can be pricey at times. But if you have robust and heavy furniture that needs more people to move, you have no other choice than to ask for additional help. You can ask for an extra worker or ask your friends to help out if their schedule allows it. And whatever you decide, you must be sure that everyone involved is protected and secured. Most importantly, they must know what they are doing because you cant keep an eye on them 24/7. So, for example, if you are moving a pool table or a similar robust item that requires four people to transport, then you might want to ask for an additional worker.

Two friends talking
Check your friend’s schedule and ask them to accompany you on this journey.

But if you just have more boxes and smaller furniture to handle, than your friends and coworkers can jump in and help out. Just make sure that everyone is carrying enough, but not more than they can handle. Show them how to lift moving boxes using their legs and not their back. Help is much needed but make sure to avoid unnecessary injuries caused by negligence and ignorance. Make sure everyone is on the same page.

And what about you?

It won’t always be easy to keep everyone safe. Maybe if you only move around and supervise the whole process. But something similar is achievable if you take a few precautionary measures. Note that moving during a hot summer or a cold winter day requires of you a few things to prepare. While moving during winter, you must pave the concrete with salt to melt the ice and inside your home place cardboard and old rags to soak all the mush. Avoid slippery situations at all costs. On the other hand, for the summer move make sure that everyone is wearing protective hats, light, and bright-colored clothes, and it won’t be bad to use sunglasses and sunscreen. And for both situations make sure you bring out hot/cold beverages and some snacks. Give people a chance to refresh and recuperate a bit.

Also, you can assemble a homemade first-aid kit in case if someone needs immediate medical assistance. Be the best host possible and take care of your helpers. But do not neglect yourself as well. It is of the utter importance that you are in good shape, physically and mentally. Otherwise, you won’t be able to endure the whole process. Therefore, take enough sleep, eat healthily, and drink enough fluids at least a week before the move. It will help you focus better on the tasks ahead.

We reached the end of the story about moving day safety and how to maintain it. It won’t be hard at all if you stick to the rules that are set in place for a reason. Do not attempt anything if you are unsure you can do it correctly. And do not hesitate to ask for help or advice if needed. Better safe than sorry!

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