Moving on holidays – pros and cons

It is hard to organize a relocation. There is an endless list of tasks you have to do. You have to find good long distance movers in Maryland,  get all the packing supplies, and pack the entire household. Apart from this, there are many things that can affect your relocation, such as weather, traffic, time of the year and so on. Moving is always complicated no matter when you move. However, moving on holidays can be extra tricky. For this reason, here are all the pros and cons of moving on holiday. Maybe this article will help you in making your final decision on when to schedule your move.  

christmas decorations
Should you move on a holiday

First, find a good moving company 

Moving on holidays or any other day is difficult without professional help. For this reason, you should find a reliable moving company. However, this task might not as easy as it seems. Unfortunately, not every moving company has the best interest. That is why you should know how to make the final decision. When you are searching for long distance movers Baltimore, check out several companies. Then, make sure to read moving reviews from the previous customers. People like to share their experience, especially the negative ones, so you can avoid fraudulent and sketchy companies. In addition to this, when you make a selection of two or three companies, then it is time to call them. Ask all the questions about the moving fees and their additional services. Make sure to understand everything before you sign the contract. 

Advantage of moving during the holidays – it is cheaper 

The best reason to move during the holidays – you will save money. Winter is the least busy month for movers because not many people want to move when it is extremely cold outside. However, this can be a huge advantage if you are on a tight moving budget. In addition to this, many moving companies offer various discounts in order to attract customers. Another great advantage would be the amount of moving companies at your disposal. Since summer is an extremely busy season for movers, you can hardly find a company since most of them are already booked. You then need to hire a moving company for at least 8 weeks in advance. However, during the winter months, you have the freedom to choose. You do not have to worry about your favorite moving company being completely booked. 

Disadvantage – you might skip the holidays 

Skipping the holidays might be a disadvantage or not depends on whether you like to celebrate that particular holiday. However, it certainly stops you from spending the day with your family. Instead of decorating your Christmas tree, you will spend the day packing your items. In addition to this, organizing a move is a long process. You cannot just take one day off and pack everything. You have to dedicate at least 8 weeks to packing, which is not an exciting activity to do for the holidays. In addition to this, since moving is also not cheap, you might need to skip the celebration and presents this year. This depends on your budget, but organizing a celebration and a move can be extremely difficult. For this reason, if you do not want to skip celebrating a holiday, then do not schedule your move during the holiday season. 

a woman decorating a tree
You might skip decorating a Christmas tree

Moving on holidays offers a fresh start  

You know how they say, new year new me. This also applies when you are moving. Some people move because they need a fresh start. Even if you are moving for some other reasons, you will still start from scratch. Combining this with holidays, you can truly start a new year at your new home. In addition to this, as moving on holidays can be stressful, it will be a great feeling of finally reaching your new home, knowing that the move is over. Another advantage can be the change in weather. For example, if you are moving to California, you can avoid freezing temperatures and snow. You can spend your holidays on the beach. For this reason, moving on holidays can be exciting for a person who hates snow and cold weather. 

Disadvantage – weather can be a problem 

Contrary to the previous advantage, in this case, weather can be an issue. Moving during the winter brings its own set of problems. You can never know for sure if the roads are slippery or not, whether the snow will cause trouble or not. This is all very important when you are transporting your items. No one wants to have their items delivered later than originally planned due to road conditions. In addition to this, it is not pleasant to move to the area where it is extremely cold. Unlike in the previous paragraph, when you are moving from sunny state to freezing one, you have to prepare properly. This means buying winter gear and clothing. For this reason, be sure to have everything that you need for a cold winter day. 

moving on holidays means driving when the roads are covered in snow
Weather conditions can be a problem when moving on holiday

Packing tips 

Since you are moving on holiday, you need to pack your items well and these are all the packing supplies you need. 

  • Sturdy moving boxes – get as many moving boxes as you need for your items. It is important to protect them well. 
  • Protective material – use old sheets, clothes, bubble wrapping and wrap your items in them. This will offer additional protection against water and damages. 
  • Tape – seal the boxes well so nothing can fall out of the box. 
  • Labels – do not forget to label the boxes so movers can know if something contains valuable and fragile items. 

All you need to know about moving on holidays 

As you can see, there are the most important pros and cons of moving on holiday. If you think it has more advantages than disadvantages, then find a good moving company and organize a move. If not, then wait for better weather. 

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