Moving to Baltimore County as a young professional

Moving as a young professional has its challenges, but is very exciting. Above all, opening a new page of your life as a young person is appealing to everyone. Baltimore County is a good place to get your professional skills put to the test. That’s why we at Allstate Moving and Storage decided to give out some tips when moving to Baltimore County as a young professional. We are sure that every young person that strives to reach high levels of the professional ladder won’t have problems adapting to their new home. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Hire professionals when moving to Baltimore County as a young professional

As a professional yourself you know you need to hire professionals for your moving job. You can’t expect to have the time to organize everything for the move while having a schedule you have. But how to do it? It’s simple. When hiring local movers Baltimore you can be assured that everything that was arranged is going to be fulfilled. And to bring you even more positives to hire movers, let’s talk about the budget. When you try to pack things and try to rent a truck it will cost you money and time. And if we know that for a real professional time is money, it’s a no-brainer that you need movers. It’s easier to have professionals on the job you don’t know much about while you do your job on the top level.

A mover moving boxes around
A real professional will hire professional movers when relocating

Choose the right area

Even before you move you should pick the right place and area to live in. And Baltimore County has a lot to offer. There are many peaceful neighborhoods that have an amazing feel to them. You’ll pick the best one according to you, but we will give you a couple that fit young professionals the most.

  • Towson – One of the most popular places to live in Baltimore County. It has a suburban feel to it and most people here are homeowners and not renters. It has a lot of coffee shops and parks in which you can relax after work.
  • Mays Chapelle – The local parks and restaurants give you sparse entertainment, but this neighborhood is extremely quiet and peaceful. It is also connected to some major roads to the area so it makes it living here even more valuable.
  • Pikesville – One of the neighborhoods that have a big population of young professionals and younger families will lure you with their openness. As everywhere in Baltimore County you can enjoy nature, but also a hot cup of coffee in the local shops.
  • Hampton – Even if this area has a rural feel to it and is mostly populated by older people it’s nicely connected to other parts of Baltimore County. Also, its peacefulness is a huge plus, and it hosts many restaurants that will amaze you.

What you can leave behind when moving to Baltimore County as a young professional?

Any type of move is just a big chance to declutter. This one is no exception. Your new life in Baltimore County is about to begin so let’s get ready. People usually or bring stuff with them or throw them away. There is also the option of renting storage available to you. Obviously, you’re the best judge of what needs to go where, but still, it can be a difficult process. That’s why the best thing when packing is for you to label three different boxes. Each box for each option. One for items that you’ll take, one for the items that you can donate or throw away, and the third one for the items that will be in the storage unit.

Young couple looking at their checklist
Make a list of things you’ll surely need

How to get around

As a newcomer to the area, you need to find out how you can get around. Obviously, the first thing is to find out how to get from your house to the job. But fortunately, Baltimore County is very car friendly, as it doesn’t have as much traffic as Baltimore City. On the other hand, public transportation has its limits. Even if you don’t drive a car we’re sure that you’ll quickly adapt to public transportation and find the best route for your needs. Clearly, this goes only if you don’t drive a car.

Moving to Baltimore County as a young professional is easier with a first-day box

Moving can be very exhausting, and especially the unpacking part. For that reason, we suggest that when you move pack one box that has all the essentials with which you can operate for a day. That may include clothes, utensils, your work laptop. Anything that you think could make your life easier when the time to move in arrives. And even if you get movers in Baltimore County on the job it could still be a good idea to pack a first-day box so you can be ready at any time to start your new chapter.

An opened moving box
Put all of your essential items in one box that is ready the moment you arrive in your new home

Check your connectivity

A young professional can’t survive without an internet connection in today’s world. For that reason, it’s important to check out all the possibilities you have in Baltimore County when it comes to providers. Don’t wait until moving day to start doing these tasks. Many companies will tell you that it takes them days or even weeks to bring you online so try and negotiate with your provider as soon as possible. Especially in the times of the pandemic and online work you need to stay connected at all times.

Moving gives people ample opportunities to change their life in different ways. It’s nothing different in the case of young people. Furthermore, they have even more possibilities available to them and especially in Baltimore County that is an extremely welcoming area. For that reason, moving to Baltimore County as a young professional is a great idea. We hope our tips helped you adjust better to your new home. We wish you success and wellbeing at your new job and in your new home!

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