Moving to Baltimore – what should you know?

Baltimore. This place is called Charm City for nothing. It’s full of lovely neighborhoods, attractions, and people that bring its nickname to life. Sports fans, history buffs, and seafood aficionados will all have a bliss here. Check out our little guide for moving to Baltimore.

Ask the weather guys

Baltimore has all four seasons, so be prepared for snow, rain, sunshine, and everything in between. Winter months are cold, with a snowfall. And when the flakes do fall, the city completely shuts down. Summer sees brings hot weather, sunshine, and some thunderstorms. But the city is mostly kept reasonably cool by the harbor. From late spring through the entire summer, the humidity might make your hair frizzy and make you sweat. A lot. Luckily, Baltimore also offers snowballs. Snowball is a cup full of shaved ice covered in sweet syrup in the flavor of your choice. And don’t forget marshmallow cream on top for a traditional treat.

Moving to Baltimore, the port of Baltimore.
The Port of Baltimore.

Let’s go on a tour

First of all, you should catch a professional baseball game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. But before the game, stop by the tailgate party in front of the Oriole, and inside, the local-favorite Pickles Pub. And then, take a walk through the historic Lexington Market. While you’re there, try some of the city’s best raw oysters and crab cakes at Faidley Seafood. You should also visit Edgar Allen Poe’s gravesite. Explore the stunning George Peabody Library. And for the end, catch some of the 20 annual festivals that take place throughout the city.

The city of neighborhoods

Baltimore is a city dissected into more than 200 neighborhoods. Hence, where you choose to live will probably be key to your experience here. Also, local divide the city simply to East and West Baltimore. Charles Street or I-83 is a dividing line. Sometimes they divide it into North or South using Baltimore Street as a dividing line.

Baltimoreans really enjoy their crabs

People in Baltimore look forward to spending summer days eating steamed crabs surrounded by friends and family. To pick crabs properly, the only tools you need is a seafood mallet and a butter knife. If dissecting your dinner is not your cup of tea, no worries. Crab also comes in a soup, dip or a crab cake form.


When moving to Baltimore, you will notice many different styles of rowhouses. Pay attention to the scenes painted on window screens. That is something residents tend to do so they can see through the window without passers being able to see inside their homes.

Moving to Baltimore. Row house captured.
You will see different styles of rowhouses.

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins is one of our biggest employers in the area. Consequently, when moving to Baltimore, there is a possibility you will work for them. Between the university and the hospital, you will meet John Hopkins doctors, medical residents, administrators, professors and students in the area. Interestingly, the doctors usually have to live within 20 minutes of the hospital, so they can arrive fast when necessary.

Costs of living in Baltimore

  • An average cost to rent a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,400 and $1,610 for a 2-bedroom. These rates make Baltimore the 24th priciest place to live in America. Hence, have these numbers in the mind when moving to Baltimore and before hiring residential movers Baltimore.
  • Monthly transit passes for public transportation will cost around $70 average.
  • For the nutrition costs, you will spend around 12% of your household budget. This is similar to the national average.
  • Finally, the sales tax in Baltimore is 6%. 
Moving to Baltimore. Building, grass and trees.
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Commuting in Baltimore

The Maryland Transit Authority (MTA) is the easiest and most convenient way to get around the city. You can use buses and light rail trains. They cover all the neighborhoods in Baltimore. Parking can be very limited, especially in the Inner Harbor and Federal Hill. Therefore, if you are planning on moving to Baltimore with a car, make sure to check these options.

Edgar Alan Po, the local hero

Baltimore is home to many influential writers. H.L. Mencken, Emily Post, W. E. B. Du Bois, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Ogden Nash, and Frederick Douglass all called Baltimore home. However, the most famous literary connection is to Edgar Allan Poe. He has mysteriously died in Baltimore after being found delirious and incoherent. You can visit his grave and his house, that has become a museum. Also, you will often see dishes and drinks named after him around the city.

Who wants a beer?

Interestingly, Baltimore is home to the first bottle cap. Also, it’s a place where the first beer was canned. And luckily for the beer lovers, craft beer is making a comeback. There are many taprooms and brewpubs you should check out. Therefore, don’t miss Waverly Brewing and Union Craft Brewery in Hampden, and Diamondback Brewing Company in Locust Point. National Bohemian has been a Baltimore favorite since it was first brewed here in 1885. Today, Pabst Brewing Company owns it. Finally, it’s easily recognizable by it’s one-eyed, handlebar-mustachioed mascot, Mr. Boh.

Free activities in Baltimore

The great news is that having fun in Baltimore doesn’t need to be hard on your wallet. Local calendar is full of free events and festivals. In the summer, there are free film screenings and musical performances throughout the city. Also, every October, Free Fall Baltimore offers free arts and culture activities.

George Peabody Library. 3 floored library captured.
George Peabody Library in Baltimore.

Water is everywhere

The Inner Harbor is the historic seaport-turned-sightseeing hub of Baltimore. Catch some of the historic ships docked here. Don’t miss visiting the museums, such as the National Aquarium. Also, check out the googly-eyed Mr. Trash Wheel, water- and solar-powered water wheel that removes trash from the water. Baltimoreans have managed to turn cleanup machine in touristic attraction. Bravo!

Moving to Baltimore

These are just some things that Baltimore offers you. But the best part is the people. Its friendly, hard-working people will make you feel like home in the blink of an eye. And its lifestyle, thriving arts scene, sports, and food will make you fall in love with the city. Therefore, don’t wait too long to call on professional moving companies Baltimore. Moving to Baltimore will blow your mind. So, make sure to enjoy it as much as possible.

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