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Regardless of the size of your relocation, it usually becomes a stressful experience. Whether you are moving to Harford County MD from the other side of the US or from the same state, relocation can also get quite expensive. When renting a truck, gas expenses, pro movers, and supplies add up, you start feeling overwhelmed. We trust that attempting to take care of everything yourself is a very daunting task. Ours is one of the best moving companies Harford County MD has on offer and we have decades of experience in relocating families. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to move your family.

Family moving to Harford County MD with our help

Harford County, Maryland is in the Greater Baltimore Region. Being so near the I-95, it’s strategically placed in the heart of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic markets. This location, skilled workforce, business-friendly market, and high quality of life provide the ultimate environment for growing businesses and families. Read on to find out what places you need to check out if moving to Harford County MD.


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A rural and charming small town nature loving appeal, yet growing community with business developing opportunities create a mecca for millennials starting families.

Moving to Eastern Bel Air

  • Median sale price: $295,000
  • Median days on the market: 52 days

Blossoming in the heart of Harford County, Bel Air offers big-city feel in a small town environment. Charming parks, passionate Victorians, a feel-good local pub that has all the gossip, and lovely boutiques invite visitors from the street. Trendy stores and restaurant chains interlock with farmers markets and local craftsman. They offer a plentiful variety of cuisine, artisan products, and souvenirs. Let one of the top moving companies in Maryland take you to the town picturesquely located between modern suburbs and scenic pastures. Main Street Bel Air is vivid with cultural activity throughout the whole year. Popular annual events are the Festival for the Arts, the Farm Fair, and the Maryland State BBQ. Many original homes dating back to colonial days still adorn the town. Many new residential developments are happening, in addition to family houses of the 1920s era to the present.

If you have school kids, focus your home search on the Ring Factory Elementary School district.

The school’s Blue Ribbon status and top-notch rating can be a promising district for a young family. But you should know that Bel Air’s educational system is only part of the appeal. Its variety of single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments, mixing new development with slightly older homes, has many options for homebuyers. The town is used to catering to young and growing families, and you even have an opportunity to commute to Baltimore. There are some cultural happenings constantly organized by the communities, from parades to concerts. The Eastern part of this charming municipality provides plenty of activities for adults, too, with new restaurants and breweries opening all the time.

house keys
Now a residential property in eastern Bel Air is selling almost twice as fast as five years ago.

Fallston, an outstanding community center to consider when moving to Harford County MD

  • Median sale price: $389,450
  • Median days on the market: 70 days
  • How much influx of new residents does Fallston get: Residential property here in Fallston is selling for close to a quarter more than it was five years ago. And at a rate that’s almost twice as fast.

When people are relocating with a family, the number one condition they consider is schools. Fallston rates are high with its great schools and an impressive recreational and parks program. All its charming features make Fallston one of the top places for families in MarylandIt really has a lot to offer families. The area is convenient to Interstate 95, making commuting to the city easy.

Fallston has had a major influx of new development, from large single-family homes to commercial construction.

All of this fuss and buzz includes a new movie theater and cool restaurants opening along Bel Air Road. In addition to all these conveniences, compared with nearby Baltimore County suburbs, buyers in Fallston can find larger lots and homes at more reasonable prices. And, the practical benefits of Fallston are not all that makes the appeal of the county grow each year. Everyone who visits Fallston says that people are the town’s real draw. In times of need, the community really comes together.

Aberdeen’s convenient location appeals to families moving to Harford County MD

  • Median sale price: $140,000
  • Median days on the marke: 59 days

Aberdeen’s convenient position by the I-95 corridor has produced one of the fastest development among the county’s communities. The location and booming development have created a high demand for business and tourist services. Nestled in the northeast of the county, Aberdeen is a diverse municipality successfully nurturing a balance between a growing technology sector and the charm of a small town. Moving to Harford County MD may be right for you because of Aberdeen’s unique hometown energy.

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Find your perfect home today!

The unique atmosphere here comes from the synergy of high-tech companies with family-oriented communities

You should know what all the options in your surroundings are if you are moving your business to Baltimore. Companies like Battelle and APG come together with communities to build more attractive neighborhoods and advanced educational reforms. Such is the University Center – Northeastern Maryland, with its numerous leisure activities, just one of them being the beloved Cal Ripken Stadium. Aberdeen is big among the first time home-buyers. It also appeals to commuters because of its close proximity to APG and the Amtrak station. New residential development ranges from single family homes to townhouses and condominiums. Quaint older bungalow-style property is also on the market.

Living costs overview for families moving to Harford County MD

Harford County offers a unique cost of living experience, particularly when contrasted with neighboring areas and the national average. When examining property taxes, residents find a noticeable difference. In 2023, Harford County’s property tax rate stood at 1.07%, comparatively lower than nearby Baltimore County’s rate of 1.14%. This difference, while seemingly small, translates into significant annual savings for homeowners, especially for properties valued in the higher range. For instance, a home valued at $300,000 in Harford County would attract about $3,210 in property taxes annually, while the same valued home in Baltimore County would incur approximately $3,420. Hire your local movers in Baltimore County to help you move!

tax papers
Moving to Harford County MD? Better be aware of the numbers that come with it!

Utilities, a crucial component of household expenditure, also depict a favorable scenario in Harford County. The average monthly utility bill, encompassing electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage, rests at around $175, which is slightly below the national average of $180. This marginal difference, however, contributes to the overall affordability of living in Harford County. Reach out to local movers MD based today!

Groceries and transportation: Navigating daily expenses

Delving into daily expenses, groceries in Harford County exhibit a pattern that aligns closely with the national average, yet with notable variances in certain items. For instance, a gallon of milk generally costs around $3.50, which is in line with the national average.  However, local produce like apples, which are widely cultivated in Maryland, tend to be cheaper here, selling for approximately $1.50 per pound compared to the national average of $2.00. These small savings on everyday items gradually accumulate, easing the financial burden on families residing in the area. Additionally, the costs of moving services Maryland companies provide should also be taken into account when moving.

Transportation costs in Harford County also warrant attention. The area is well-connected with efficient public transportation systems, and the average monthly pass costs about $70, slightly less than the $75 national average. For families relying on personal vehicles, the average gas price as of early 2024 hovers around $2.80 per gallon, which is marginally lower than the national average of $2.85. The county’s strategic location near major highways also aids in reducing travel times and fuel consumption for daily commutes, making it an economically viable option for many residents. In case you’re moving from far away, our long distance movers in Maryland are here to make the move a breeze!

Harford County: A Closer Look at Safety and Public Security

In Harford County, the sense of safety is a cornerstone of community life. The crime rate here is notably lower than the national average, which is a testament to the effectiveness of local law enforcement and community initiatives. In 2023, the county reported a crime rate of about 2,000 incidents per 100,000 people, significantly lower than the national rate of approximately 2,580 incidents per 100,000. This statistic, while reassuring, is further bolstered by the proactive steps taken by both law enforcement and community members.

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Harford County MD – where agriculture meets technology. Additionally, its one of the safest places you could choose!

Moreover, Harford County’s police department actively collaborates with neighborhoods through various community policing initiatives. Programs such as Neighborhood Watch have seen a substantial increase in participation, enhancing the collective vigilance against crime. This joint effort has resulted in a notable reduction in petty crimes such as vandalism and theft, creating a more secure environment for residents. Additionally, Harford County invests in youth engagement programs, aiming to foster a strong sense of community and deter juvenile delinquency. These initiatives include after-school activities and mentorship programs, which have positively impacted the youth, evidenced by a decline in juvenile crime rates over the past few years.

Harford County’s Education System: A Closer Look at Schools and Programs

In Harford County, the education system is distinguished by a range of exceptional schools, each with its unique strengths and specialized programs.

  • Bel Air High School: Renowned for its Biomedical Sciences program, part of the Project Lead The Way initiative, which has garnered acclaim for its innovative approach to science education
  • C. Milton Wright High School: Offers an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma program, allowing students to engage in college-level research projects.
  • Harford Technical High School: Vocational and technical training in various field, providing students with hands-on experience in fields like carpentry, cosmetology, and automotive technology.
  • John Carroll School: Private education with a focus on a rigorous curriculum with a focus on developing leadership and social responsibility in students.

Moreover, the county’s commitment to education is reflected in its investment in STEM initiatives across various schools. Havre de Grace High School, for example, has an impressive STEM-focused curriculum that prepares students for future technological advancements. Patterson Mill High School is another stellar example, offering diverse AP courses and maintaining high graduation rates.

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Moving to Harford County MD with eyes wide opened

In recent years, Harford County has seen an increase in new citizens and speeded development. But still, the area has large parts that retained their rural character, and small-town charm is also very alive. They have an award-winning public school system as well, which must be attractive to younger families. Add easy access to Baltimore and Philadelphia, and it’s easy to see why the county is experiencing an influx of home buyers. Some neighborhoods are, of course, more attractive than others. With the mix of old and new, rural and suburban, busy and quiet — moving to Harford County MD is the best decision you can make.

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