Moving with children 101

Moving with children is not easy at all. There are people who say that it is better to delay moving as much as you can. It especially worth for small children. The main problem is not the packing and moving process itself, but the preparation and adaptation for moving. As a psychological claim, there are many problems that may arise:

  • Anxiety – many children could be anxious during and after moving;
  • Depression – if you do not notice anxiety, it could easily grow in depression;
  • Hyperactivity – this is common among small children and kids in school;
  • Children can become extroverted or introverted – as the matter of fact, those two types of characters children cannot create during their life, but those two behaviors become stronger and intensive after stress or problems in life;
  • Chronical stress – this particularly worth for children that had not proper help when problems occurred.
Moving with children and their toys
Children consider home as a place where are safe.

However, this does not mean that every child will be depressed after moving. You can help them to avoid anxiety and stress with proper preparation. The moving process could also be easier and should not harm the child’s privacy and security. It is also important to understand your child.

Psychological preparations for moving with children

It is most important to have proper preparation before moving starts. As always, moving is very long and difficult for every part that is involved. It is very important to make that process as easy as possible. On the other hand, for children, this is a change in the life that they cannot accept. Children love stability and routine. Older children have their friends, favorite parts of the house or yard. That is why is important to prepare yourself for this step months before.

Do not show negativity

Many parents understand that moving with children includes their disapproval of the moving process. However, they choose to ignore it or even forbid that behavior. It is harmful and negative for the children’s self-esteem and stability later. Accept it and prepared yourself for a real drama during moving.

Make schedule

This is a part of the routine and discipline that children need. It would be much easier when you can organize moving with children so every part knows what to do and when will something happen. In that way, they will be prepared without surprises.

Give them a certain form of control

People actually do not want to lose control over their lives. It particularly worth for children. Even though they are small, they understand how things go. Moving with children would be much easier when they take part in the moving process. Give them to pack their room, or make a schedule. You can find a destination on the map together. Research neighbor or interesting destination nearby, too.

Physical preparations for moving with children

Even though you have everything in the notebook, it is important to organize preparation for moving properly. It includes leaving the furniture and resolving problems with pets. Moving which children are particularly hard because of small memories in every part of the house that are so important for them.

House from fairy tales
For children, home is where family is

Organize yard sale with children

If you have decided to sold old furniture do not dare to do that without children. Even old chair could be important for them so removing it from the home is very painful. Make sure that you have listed everything that is important for them. Let them make a list of favorite furniture and sell with you. Of course, keep everything that they do not want to get rid of.

Pack boxes with the children

Make sure that they are involved in packing, too. Moving with children could be seriously stressful when children do not know where their stuff is. Label boxes so they will make sure that everything is there. If children are small, pack boxes when they are sleeping. Especially when their toys are about. You can use those attractive color tapes so every child can put on their boxes. You can also allow them to label or draw on their boxes as they want to.

Pack one suitcase for every member of the family

It is very important to separate your things from children’s. They will feel important in that way. However, pack one-night-box for children. In that way first night in a new home will not be stressful. Make sure that you have packed favorite toy or pajama. Pack favorite snacks and water in the bag. If you are planning to travel for a long time, use a tablet with favorite cartoons, too. Be prepared for problems if moving company travels separately from you. Ask Allstate Moving & Storage Company for advice.

After move

It is very important to make one more tour through the old house. Many children find it important, like the last goodbye to the house. It will be emotional, but moving with children is emotional trough whole process.

Ginger house
Make new home as soon is possible after moving

Repack all stuff as soon as possible

Delaying of repacking could cause serious problems and prolong drama. However, many people simply cannot repack things immediately. When moving with children you do not have time for delaying or being sad. You should start with a new life as soon as you arrived. Involve children in that process. Let them remember where their stuff is, and which color they used to label box.

Find a new organization, groups, schools and churches

Many people find their life easier when they are surrounded by people. When moving with children you had to find new groups as soon as possible. They will be sad because of old friends and neighbor so find the new one. It will make you more comfortable and you will feel as you belong there.

The family must stick together

Moving with children is especially hard for them because they feel as they lost part of their lives. It is very important to make them comfortable even though they are not at home. These first days after moving are the most important. Organize picnics or camps with the family. It must be moments only for you. Make sure that your children know that you are still there for them. Help them to go through this process easily.

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