New home priorities list

You’ve just arrived at your new home, boxes are being delivered any minute, and you start to wonder – what now? Unfortunately, the moving process doesn’t end when you step inside your new home. There are some things to do as a part of the adjustment period. It may be chaotic if you don’t know what to do and in what order. Luckily, we have a couple of tips on how to settle into your new home. Here is the list of what you need to do after the move – a new home priorities list.

new home priorities list
If you know what are exactly new home priorities, you can easily make a to-do list and settle to your new home

Check the main points of your new home as the most important step in the new home priorities list

As soon as you and your movers Maryland arrive at your new home, be sure to check where are the main electrical panel and water valves. This is one of the most important new home priorities. If anything happens, like a leakage, you need to know where you can turn off/turn on your water and electricity Furthermore, don’t forget your smoke detectors. Locate them and see if they need to be replaced.

Set up the utilities

Basic utilities like water, gas, and electricity are necessary to set up as soon as you arrive. Notify the companies about the relocation, so your bills can arrive at the right address, and your home can start functioning.  Same goes with TV and internet. Since it takes time for the provider to come and set them up, be sure to schedule their visit a couple of weeks/days in advance. In fact, you may want to start thinking about this as soon as you hire local movers MD – that way, you won’t forget about it in the chaos of relocation.

Check your appliances

To set up your new home and start doing some basic house chores, you need to have all the appliances ready. Check if all the appliances are functioning, or is there any damage that happened during transport.

Check other delivered items

If you hired reliable residential movers in Baltimore, there shouldn’t be any problems with the delivered items. Even so, you should check all the furniture and moving boxes that arrived with the moving company. See if everything is delivered and if there is anything damaged. In this case, it’s good to have an inventory list so you can track what you’re moving. This way you will be sure that everything is fine with your items. If anything is damaged or missing, you need to contact your moving company. Maybe it will be necessary to file a moving claim, so be sure to check everything in detail. To make the checking and unpacking easier, be sure to:

  1. pack items by rooms 
  2. use different-colored markers to label the boxes for different rooms. It makes it easier both for you and the movers when unloading the boxes.
  3. label the boxes clearly – write the contents of each box
  4. write ‘fragile’ on appropriate boxes – in big letters!

Update your address

Changing your address affects a lot of things in your life. Be sure to change your address so you can receive your mail, subscriptions, bills, deliveries, etc. You can change your address online, which is very quick and convenient.

update address as one of the new home priorities
Update your address as soon as you move in, as one of the most important new home priorities

Clean your new home – one of the most important new home priorities

Unpacking usually produces a lot of trash – moving bags, plastic bags, bubble wrap, etc. The first thing about cleaning your new home should be removing all the packing materials. It is maybe a good idea to recycle the packaging supplies and protect the environment. Also, if possible, you can save some of the pieces and reuse them once you are moving again. Next, you need to do is clean the rest of your home, before you place all the items in place. Provide yourself with a fresh, clean home – and be ready to adapt to the new surroundings much easier.

Get to know your neighborhood

Naturally, once you move in, it’s the time to explore your new neighborhood. Walk around, check out the local stores, supermarket, and restaurant. Also, be sure to say hello to the people you live close to – learn how to make friends with your new neighbors. It may be difficult at first, but as time passes you will become a part of your neighborhood and like it even more.

new home priorities for moving into a new house
Once you move in, it is a good idea to meet your neighbors – one of the new home priorities

Every new home priorities should include finding a doctor

One of the top new home priorities is finding a new doctor for you and your family. Be sure to do that before you really need it. Furthermore, you need to find a new vet for your beloved pet, too. Be sure to have all the old records and get recommendations and prescriptions from your old vet.

Moving to another state?

If you are looking for a new home in another state – you may be worried about the moving process as well. You shouldn’t be. Choose the right interstate movers Washington DC, and you can be sure that you will have a safe and enjoyable relocation. Choosing a trustworthy mover means your relocation will be safe and quick – at reasonable prices. Especially if you are moving interstate, you need to play it safe.

Babyproof your new place

If you have a baby or small kids, be sure to adapt your new home for running and playing around. Children are naturally curious and want to touch everything they see. That’s why you need to babyproof the house as one of the most important new home priorities. Safety goes first!

Changing the locks should be one of your new home priorities

You can never trust the previous owners/renters. Nobody knows what happened with the extra keys. Changing the locks on your new home is a simple, inexpensive task which is one of the key steps in new home priorities list. Be sure to do it immediately.

Welcome to your new home

The moving process is finally finished – and you still feel like a stranger. After you finish with the new home priorities, be sure to enjoy your new house. Make new memories and make that place your home. We know that sometimes it takes time, but don’t you worry.

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