Organizing a business move to Washington DC

Organizing the relocation of your business is no small feat. You must plan well in advance to stay on track with all the details. There are many hardships along the way, but if you set up everything appropriately, you’ll relocate successfully. Therefore, let us cover your employees, budget, packing, and moving plan. We will help you with your business move to Washington DC. Let us begin!

When should you move?

Everything begins with a moving date. In a moment when you decide to take on this journey, you must think about the steps along the way. The best is to assemble a moving checklist and the inventory list. You and your employees will have to write down all the inventory and all the steps ahead. This is best done by upper management and kept between a couple of people for better coordination. Then you can spread those tasks along the chain by assigning certain jobs to your employees.

Make sure that everyone is informed on time and kept in the loop. Then simply cover and complete your tasks according to schedule. And keep in mind that for such a huge project you’ll need 6 to 12 months to complete. Make sure that all your employees start performing in the same direction to be ready on a moving date. Then, your business move to Washington DC will be on the right path.

Have you planned the layout of your new offices?

While you are planning on how to empty your current offices, you must think about the new ones as well. Layout a plan and setup of all the equipment required for everyday work. Also, communicate this part with your employees and listen to their requests. Of course, not all employees can place their desk next to a window, but all desks must have a place. Therefore, collect all the information about your new offices. You must know how many floors, rooms, hallways, restrooms, and garage spaces there are. Along with all the infrastructure, utilities, plumbing, etc.

Be sure to obtain the blueprint of your new offices so you can make the desired setup.

Communicate this part with the facility manager in your new building. You should have all the relevant information tied to the blueprint of your new building. This was you can organize, pack and relocate IT equipment and get all your systems up and running. This way you won’t have any downtime to your business. Moreover, you’ll keep everyone happy and they can continue working uninterrupted. Of course, they’ll have to adapt, but that will come eventually.

Coordinate tasks for a better business move to Washington DC.

Of course, you can’t do this alone. Such a big project will require several people to coordinate and execute tasks in due time. Therefore, assign tasks to your coworkers and engage them in your relocation. Any help is highly appreciated. Firstly, send an email to all your employees and staff members to inform them about the decision you made. Appoint team leaders that will carry the message and tasks further down the ladder. If you do not have enough people assigned, ask for volunteers.

Coordinate and organize for a better business move to Washington DC
Assign tasks and priorities to your employees. Everyone should help as much as possible.

Eventually, you’ll have teams within teams that will coordinate and inform others. In a matter of weeks, you will have all teams organized and ready. They should pack their offices, label moving boxes, and personal equipment. Everyone should follow their assigned schedules and provide a weekly report on the status. As long as everyone takes responsibility and takes care of at least of their own belongings, you are halfway done. Communicate further on meetings and via emails to be sure everyone is up to date.

Have you calculated your moving budget?

As soon as you decided to move, you should calculate the moving budget. This is a sizeable relocation that will ask for proper moving teams, dedicated movers, and special moving services Maryland. Not to mention all the packing costs and other bills tied to any relocation. Therefore, put everything on paper so you can realize the moving costs and prepare a moving budget. Also, you should call your movers at some point to visit your offices and inspect the equipment you are relocating. By providing an onsite estimate, movers will realize the complexity of your move. They will know what size of a moving truck you need and how many workers to assign to your moving project. Also, if any special equipment is required.

In case you are moving to a smaller office, or you have outdated equipment you want to replace, consider renting storage space. We will recommend Allstate Moving and Storage as the best corporate storage providers. Do not hesitate to call and communicate the details.

Seek additional moving help for a business move to Washington DC.

We already mentioned that you won’t be able to transport all your equipment without a reliable moving company. And we are sure that you’ll find one in a matter of days. But keep in mind that you can book your move a year in advance. This will give you the edge and cut the moving cost significantly. Also, moving companies provide all kinds of perks and discounts for businesses. It won’t be hard to find a company that will accommodate all your requests. But do not be hasty, you have enough time to browse all your moving options with your moving date so far ahead.

Browse moving companies and moving services until you find a match. And once you contact your movers, be sure to ask if they have all the equipment and enough skilled workers to undertake this project. And here we can recommend long distance movers Washington DC as the best solution there is. They have a moving team specialized in corporate relocations that will relocate your business safely and professionally. Give them a call and you are all set.

Take care of legalities and inform all parties involved.

Regardless of the move you have, there are many legalities you should cover. Especially when you have hundreds of employees and corporate/business laws involved. Therefore, be sure to cover all the legal aspects of this situation. You must cover your payroll team, medical department, human resources, billings, etc. Also, all the documents, personal and business-related should be transferred in due time. Furthermore, all parties involved in your business should be adequately informed and kept in the loop. Your telephone and network providers along with all vendors, partners, and respected customers. Keep in mind that some of the documents and services take up to a month to transfer and set in place. Therefore, schedule your transfers on time to keep your business move to Washington DC safe.

Conference room
Cover all the legalities and services tied to your business. You should be able to set up your systems without obstructions.

There we go, now you have the basic knowledge of how to organize a business move to Washington DC. It won’t be too hard if you are all working as a team and keep up with the schedule. As long as you listen to all your employees and try to accommodate all requests, you’ll have zero downtime. But more importantly, you must keep your business flow intact, along with all partners and customers involved. Keep your business and business of others healthy, by executing a seamless transfer. Good luck, we wish you a successful relocation.

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