Organizing a move from Baltimore to Washington DC

If you’ve moved before, you probably already know that moving requires organization and that you must prepare like a pro. And you know it will ask for a significant amount of time and a bit of money too. But, if your move from Baltimore to Washington DC is your first move ever, there are things you should know.

Good preparation is the key to successfully move from Baltimore to Washington DC.

Let us begin with a moving date. As soon as you know about it, you must choose a moving date and contact your long distance movers in Maryland on time. You shouldn’t wait for the last moment before contacting your movers because you might miss out on the best ones. The best moving companies are usually booked weeks and even months in advance. To secure the service you deserve, you must call in at least 3 weeks before the moving date. Therefore, check your schedule and contact your movers. This way you will pick the date you desire, get a proper moving price, and the best service in the area. Then, you should assemble a moving checklist. A simple guide with all steps you must take.

A guy talking on the cell phone
Contact your movers on time and schedule the best moving service that you deserve.

Your list should cover the item and environment inspection, legalities, valuables, moving company, moving services, decluttering, shopping, packing, etc. Guided by your prerequisites, set your goals and make it happen. Solve your tasks gradually and you’ll be ready a few days before the moving day. You should rest a bit as well.

Let’s search for movers!

Finding a reliable moving company will take some work. But you can find your movers in 3 hours of dedicated research. Therefore, go online and begin browsing until you find several viable choices. Then, compare services, prices, and read reviews. This way you’ll find the balance between quality of service and the price. Most importantly, you’ll know how they treat their customers. It is important who will handle your precious cargo. So, narrow down your choices by reading comments on the company’s website and if possible find external sources as well. The best outcome would be to obtain a referral from a friend or a coworker. A word of mouth is the best way to find superb service.

But to save your precious time we must recommend checking interstate movers Washington DC as one of the great choices in the area. Here you can find moving expertise, reliability, experience, and customer dedication. All in one. Give it a try and you’ll be most pleased.

Become a detective for a day

Presumably, you won’t choose your movers of the bat. You should inspect the moving company you are about to hire. Once you have obtained all the information available online, give them a call. There are certain questions you must ask to be sure that your choice is a legit one. Of course, you can add a few questions of your own. It won’t hurt. Check out the following:

  • License – Check if your movers are properly licensed and if they have all permits required.
  • Contact info – Your movers should have their contact info displayed on their website along with the logo of the company. A physical address you can visit is a must.
  • Knowledge and experience – You will figure this one out while reading comments and reviews. Find positive and negative reviews if possible. It will help you paint the whole picture.
  • Tools and equipment – Make sure your movers possess all that is necessary to perform a safe and successful relocation.
Find honest movers to take care of your move from Baltimore to Washington DC
Inspect your movers further. Make sure they have all perks you seek.

Packing tips you should consider

There is no moving process without a packing plan behind it. You should have one as well. Start by inspecting all areas of your home to figure out how much stuff you have. Also, check out the environment and figure out if you can move through your home unobstructed. It will be much safer for you and your movers. Once you know your packing path and how much packing materials you’ll need, you should go out to get some. Check out your nearest hardware store or order your batch online. You will need at least 20 cardboard moving boxes. Or you can use plastic bins, metal containers, and wooden crates. Whatever you can get your hands on.

Furthermore, you’ll need any combination of Styrofoam, packing peanuts, blister pack, or any kind of cushion you can think of. A great substitute is a simple cloth, blankets, sheet, or old t-shirts you have at home. And finally, you need some packing tape, packing paper, and labels. Make a cushion inside your boxes using one of the already mentioned solutions. Place your items inside and use crumpled packing paper or old newspapers to fill the gaps between items. Close your box, apply a couple of layers of tape, and label each box. Make sure everyone is aware of the fragile content inside. Now you are ready to move from Baltimore to Washington DC with a proper packing plan in place.

Move from Baltimore to Washington DC with honest onsite estimates

The best way to determine the complexity of the move and your final moving price is to obtain a moving quote. You can get free moving estimates online or utilize free onsite estimates. Whatever suits you best. But we strongly suggest scheduling a visit from your moving representative. This way they can inspect your cargo, figure out the number of robust furniture pieces, number of boxes, and the overall weight of your stuff. Then, they can provide you with the final price and form a moving contract.

Two people signing a contract
Communicate with your movers. Obtain a moving quote and let them help you form a moving contract.

Also, more doors will open after realizing your moving costs. Your movers will point out where you can invest and where to save money. Furthermore, movers can suggest which moving services Baltimore are viable for your situation. You shouldn’t neglect this part, especially if you have special requests and items that are delicate to handle. Movers offer packing, unpacking, storing, and many other special services. For example, if you have a safe, aquarium, a piano, pool table, or any antiquities and valuables, there are teams specialized for it. Think about this lucrative opportunity and calculate your moving costs adequately.

Important papers and documents

You should move from Baltimore to Washington DC with all your valuable papers, documents, IDs, and licenses taken care of. Do this at least a month in advance to give all relevant parties time to document the change. Make sure your school and medical records are transferred along with all internet and cellphone services. Visit your bank and all government facilities that require updating the change of address and contact info. And make sure to gather all your important moving documents as well. Sort it out and you should probably carry all those hard copies yourself. Pack it in a bag and carry yourself or transport using your car. Avoid losing this one, it is too valuable.

And there we go, now you know how to prepare your move from Baltimore to Washington DC. It won’t be as easy as you thought. Hopefully, after reading this guide it is a bit easier and you’ll be able to organize better and secure a seamless relocation. We wish you the best of luck.