Organizing a yard sale 101

Whether you want to declutter your home or you need to move, there are several ways how to lower the number of your items. You can either sell them, donate, or throw them away if they are not in good condition. If your plan is to sell your items, then you can either do it old-style or post the sale online. However, since selling your items online can be tricky and not always reliable, you should opt for a yard sale. Organizing a yard sale does not have to be stressful or time-consuming. For this reason, here is how you can successfully organize your yard sale. Movers Baltimore will have fewer items to deliver after your sale. 

General preparations 

Organizing a yard sale should start with setting up your sale date. You should give yourself enough time to plan everything. Also, you should give enough time to people to find out about your sale. Therefore, several weeks in advance would be the perfect time to start organizing a yard sale. In addition to this, try to aim for the first weekend of the month. The reason is quite simple. This is the time when people receive their salary, which means they will have enough money to spend. Once you decide on one day, ask for a permit. This depends on the city. Some require that you should have a permit, some do not. So, make sure to check with your local officials. Lastly, make a checklist, so you can tick off the task as you finish them. 

woman holding a calendar
Decide on the date of your yard sale

Sort your items when you are organizing a yard sale 

When you want to do a yard sale, you should decide which items to sell. For this reason, start by sorting your items into two piles first, one to stay, one to leave. Then, sort out the second pile into three smaller piles, one to sell, one to donate, one to throw away. This is also a quite good way to prepare for the move as well. Then, you can pack properly your items and wait for movers Towson MD to come and pick them up. As for items you are not sure about, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • Will you regret selling them 
  • Can you replace them 
  • Do you care who buys them 
  • Would you buy those items if you did not already have them 

Pricing your items – Part I 

You will need some stickers and a permanent marker so it will be easier to see the price. If you have not been to any yard sales before, go and visit one. Pay attention to prices and watch other people. If they just walk around without buying anything, it means that the prices are too high. After this, go to your home and start pricing your items. Make sure to write down a price for every item. Some people will not bother to ask for the price and then they will not buy the item if they do not see the price. If you are selling something a little bit more valuable, and you are not sure how much to price it, do the research. eBay is the place where you should check the prices, but price yours for a little less since it is a yard sale after all. 

Pricing your items – Part II 

It is important to be objective when it comes to your items and not to overprice it. You will not get the same amount of money you spent on those particular items. This is more an opportunity to earn extra money on the side while at the same time decluttering your home. If you wish to earn more money, then sell it at auction. In addition to this, decide on the minimum you are willing to take for your stuff. This will give you some room for negotiation. Lastly, for certain items, you do not plan on negotiating, write the word “firm”. This way, people will know that the price is written is not up for change. 

Collection of wine bottles
Price your items fairly

Organizing a yard sale – advertise it properly 

You have to advertise your yard sale if you want to attract people. For this reason, you can advertise it in several ways.  

  • Place your ad in your local newspaper in both the web and print versions. 
  • Start your Craigslist ad several days in advance. You can list your merchandise here and make sure to add your address, the date, and the hour. 
  • You can also use Facebook. Maybe your neighborhood or even town has an official Facebook page so you can post it there as well. 
  • Lastly, do not forget about the old-fashioned way of advertising your yard sale. Put up a sign in front of your house, as well as at the main intersections near your neighborhood. Make sure to add several arrows so people can find your home. 

Setting up your yard sale 

If the weather is nice, set up your yard sale several days in advance. Fold tables, display your items. Make sure everything is visible. Arrange your items logically. This means all the books on one side, clothes grouped together, all the dishes on the other side, and so on. In addition to this, your valuable items should be placed close to the house so no one can steal them. If you are holding your yard sale in your garage due to bad weather, make sure to put Not for Sale” signs. Have several one-dollar bills ready. After the yard sale, all the items you did not sell, you can donate. Look for some local charities, or you can donate to Goodwill.  

hanged clothes on the street
Properly display your items for a yard sale

All the tips and tricks of organizing a yard sale 

As you can see, these are all the important tips and tricks when you want to organize a yard sale. Make sure to start on time and advertise it properly. 

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