If you have ever moved yourself or your business you probably know that properly packing, wrapping, boxing and taping up all your belongings is at least as difficult as moving them. Allstate Moving & Storage offers packing services Baltimore and can do it all for you, making your moving experience that much easier. Our packing experts arrive with all the materials necessary to box your stuff so it’s optimized for safe, efficient transport. Get your moving quote today and book our expert movers and packers Baltimore to take care of all your moving needs.

With our packing services Baltimore, everything will be packed and secured with minimal risk of damage.
We offer top packing services Baltimore – quick, efficient and reliable.

Reasons to use our packing services Baltimore:

  • We will pack all of your loose items into boxes, which is the single most important step in making your move quick and cost-effective.
  • We pack you the day before you move, so your belongings are ready to roll and you are ready to relax.
  • Packing could easily take one or two people a week, whereas we do it all in just one day.
  • We bring all the materials to your door, so you don’t have to dive in the grocery store dumpster for banana boxes or make multiple trips to get materials.

We offer:

–  Friendly, prompt, reliable service  –
–  Polite, well-presented packing experts  –
–  Competitive pricing at a per-box rate (not hourly)  –
–  All materials, from boxes to tape and everything in between  –
–  Boxes clearly labeled for fragility and destination room  –

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