Packing and moving in a hurry

When you are moving, timing is everything. In an ideal world, you would have enough time to find the best moving and storage Baltimore, gather all the packing supplies, research your new neighborhood, etc. In addition to this, you would also have an opportunity to pack slowly without stressing too much. However, most people are short on time. Sometimes, you cannot choose your moving date as you have to move out for some reason. On the other hand, some people procrastinate and do not start packing on time. Whatever the reason or the situation might be, here are all the tips for packing and moving in a hurry. 

Organize your move when packing and moving in a hurry

You might be thinking that a last-minute move does not go together with the organization. The organization usually means the time that you do not have. However, you should make a moving checklist. Note down all the things you need to get done. This is extremely helpful, especially when you are in a hurry. Since you do not have too much time, running around without a proper goal in mind is not wise. Therefore, take a piece of paper. Write down the following things. 

  • Find last-minute movers – this can be challenging in the summer as people mostly move from May until September. For this reason, if you are moving during the winter or late fall, you should not have too many troubles finding movers. 
  • Gather packing supplies – if you have time.  
  • Packing schedule – make one. You will have an easier time surviving the whole ordeal. 
person looking at the laptop
Stay organized by making a moving checklist

Decluttering time! 

Since you are packing and moving in a hurry, make your life a little bit easier by decluttering your home. Do you really need to bring everything you own? Probably not. Most people do not use at least 40 percent of the items they own. These 40 percent is huge when you need to pack. Not only will you save time on packing, but money as well. What to do with your items? You have three options. 

  • Sell – you can either organize a garage sale. However, if you are really short on time, then list your items online.  
  • Donate/give away – ask your friends and family if they want to take something. Additionally, you can contact local charities or some major ones, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army US. They offer free pickups.  
  • Throw away – some items cannot be sold or donated. It is time to throw them away. 

Packing and moving in a hurry by making essential bags 

Packing should start with making an essential bag or two. It is always better to be prepared than sorry later. You should expect some unpleasant situations, such as your new house is still not ready, your movers might be late with delivery or you need to stay longer in the hotel due to canceled flight, etc. In addition to this, if you are moving with kids, you need to bring their toys and clothes. For this reason, pack an essential bag. It should include a change of clothes, toiletries, food, electronics, chargers, etc. If you are indeed moving with children, pack one essential bag for each member of the family. This way, everyone will have their own necessities with them. Also, it is not very functional to pack everything in one bag as you will have trouble finding things you need.  

Packing and moving in a hurry with your grey bag
Do not forget to pack an essential bag when moving

Packing time! 

Now, it is time to pack in a hurry. The important thing is not to panic. Here is how you should do it. First, skip sorting your items. Usually, when you have time, it would be wise to pack the same items together. However, since you are short on time, pack your items where they fit. Do not forget to pack properly. This means using bubble wrapping, or other protective materials. Do not overstuff your box. Make sure to seal the boxes. Label them quickly, especially when packing valuable or fragile items. If you do not have time to gather packing supplies, use old or new sheets, blankets, towels, clothes, and similar to protect your items. Additionally, you can skip washing your clothes, just pack them as they are now. If you plan to use storage Virginia, you can even repack your items before you move into your new home.  

Packing and moving in a hurry with help 

Since the whole point of your move is the lack of time, you need to organize everything quickly. For this reason, get help. Ask your friends and family members. Moving is a huge task that is both mentally and physically exhausting. Having your loved ones to help you is a great way to relieve stress. In addition to this, moving and packing will not seem so hard when you are talking and spending time with your friends. You can have a packing party! Turn on music, pack your items, order some delicious food, etc. You will finish quickly when you have help. This is also quite important if you are moving far away. This is your chance to spend time with your loved ones, make plans to meet again, talk about your new city, job, home, and so on. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help. 

two men fist bumping
Ask your friends to help with packing

Let your movers do something 

If you want to skip packing, you can hire professional movers. Most movers offer packing services. For this reason, when you are looking for movers, check if they offer packing services as well. If yes, then they can pack your entire household. Since movers are professionals, they know how to pack quickly and efficiently. Then you won’t have to worry about packing and moving in a hurry. If you living in the apartment, movers will need one or two days to pack everything. This depends on the number of items you have. If you want to know for sure, contact your movers. Ask for an in-house estimate. Then, movers will tell you all the important details about your relocation. 

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