Perks of tiny homes in Virginia

Tiny homes come in all shapes and, yes, even sizes. They are a perfect canvas to pour your creativity on and they make for the coziest of homes. Since people are opting for tiny homes in Virginia more and more, today All State Moving and Storage team will look at the most important perks of owning and living in one. For now, they are considered alternative home arrangements, but we are sure that we see a trend on the horizon that will soon become part of the mainstream.

What are tiny homes, and are they legal in Virginia?

Tiny homes are a relatively new concept of living focused on minimalism and “living with less.” It is not only an architectural movement of furnished homes in size less than 400 sq ft. It is also a social one advocating for a greener, more eco-friendly model of living. Some tiny homes are even mobile, so they give their owners a sense of freedom to hire long distance movers Virginia and move anywhere in the world. In Virginia, there is no special law regulating tiny homes. However, they are legal to live and dwell in as long as they have all the necessary amenities.

Woman sitting in one of the tiny homes in Virginia
Tiny homes in Virginia are popular among people who are trying to live more affordably and sustainably

What are the main perks of tiny homes in Virginia?

There are many perks to owning and living in a tiny home. If you are not in need of too much space, living in a tiny home in Virginia can be one of the best decisions you can make. Of course, there are some significant changes in our way of living and the real estate market that affect the popularity of tiny homes in Virginia. One of those includes the rising cost of living. When combined with the lack of affordability in the real estate market, it makes perfect sense why they are more and more sought after.

Some perks of tiny homes that we are going to talk about are:

  1. Tiny homes are cozy above all else
  2. They are a way to achieve sustainability through downsizing
  3. Your creativity will be challenged
  4. They make for perfect interesting homes that reflect your personality
  5. Lastly, perhaps most importantly, they are affordable

They are cozy

One of the best features of tiny living is the coziness you can achieve. Small spaces leave ample room for decoration that can achieve this. With lots of natural light, earth tones, and some pillows, your tiny home will feel like the warmest, most comfortable home. And who doesn’t want a home that makes you feel cozy and at peace? Size is not everything, and many people live comfortably in tiny homes in Virginia.

White Couch Near Glass Windows
Earth tones, and lots of light and fluffy pillows make any living room cozy

They make you downsize in an effort to live more sustainably

Since space may be somewhat limited, even if you are living alone, these types of homes will require some downsizing. Given the consumerist culture, all of us probably buy and have more things than we need. One of the perks tiny homes offer is they will force you to live more sustainably by not buying too much and focusing only on what you need.

Not only that, but tiny homes are more sustainable to build as they require less material to build but offer the same standards of living. With all of that, it makes sense that living in a micro home makes less of a carbon footprint. And did we mention that all of this makes it so easy to clean the entire home? So why haven’t you called local moving companies Virginia and moved into one?

They challenge you to think out of the box

With small living spaces, to achieve functionality but not at the expense of space, creativity is a must. Smart design is one of the best features of these homes. To achieve peak functionality in tiny areas, you need creativity and persistence. Because of that, your tiny home will challenge you to be more creative. Most micro homes owners do take advantage of storage units Virginia, which helps them use space more effectively. And you can do that too. Having a tiny home means you can much more easily renovate or redesign anything you want at a fraction of the cost, which is yet another perk of owning a tiny home.

Tin homes in Virginia are interesting

We already said that tiny homes challenge your creativity. Sometimes, owning a spacious big home is amazing. However, it’s easier to make a tiny home look interesting than a big one. Decorating a tiny home with smart features and fun, vibrant decorations will make your home interesting. It’s easy to put your own mark on it and really give it a personal touch. This is a great thing if you truly want your living space to reflect your personality, but it’s a great way to add to your home’s value too. Not to mention that you can get more interested clients on Airbnb if you own a tiny home.

A home with a lattice and lights on
A micro living will challenge your use of space and especially your creativity, making your home interesting.

One of the most important things -they are affordable

Compared to other homes, tiny homes are clearly the most affordable option. With less space and less cost to build, it makes for a great first home for young families. With an average home price in Virginia being around  $375,785, it is much more affordable to build your own tiny home at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, all of these amazing perks of tiny homes in Virginia only make sense if they fit into your lifestyle. If you trying to live more sustainably, and climb the home ladder sooner, then it just might be the right choice for you.



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