Post-moving checklist

Moving causes a lot of stress. However, if you are well-organized, you will have no problems. Even so, the relocation process can be truly overwhelming and we want it to finish as soon as possible. That’s why you should know the move doesn’t end when the boxes come to your home. Don’t worry! We have a post-moving checklist to help you out with the period after the move. Be sure to follow all the steps and be ready to settle to your new home as soon as possible.

post-moving checklist
We have a post-moving checklist ready to guide you through the post-relocation period

First thing on the post-moving checklist – check your boxes

If you hired a moving company, a logical thing to do is to inspect the moving boxes. It would be best if you had an inventory list of items that the moving company loaded to their vehicle. This way, it will be easier for you to track the number of boxes and items. Check the number of boxes the moment they are carried into your new home. If there is a box missing, check with the moving team what happened right away. After the moving team leaves your home, you can go through the boxes and see if any of the items are damaged or broken. If there is any damage, contact the company and if it is necessary file a complaint.

moving boxes
The first thing on your post-moving checklist -checking your moving boxes

If you worry about your items, be sure to hire one of the reliable and experienced residential moving companies Baltimore in your area. It is important to hire somebody you can trust, so be sure to choose wisely.

Unpack the most important boxes

It is impossible to unpack all the boxes on the first night in your new house. Furthermore, you are probably tired and can’t wait to go to bed. That’s why one of the first items on your post-moving checklist is to unpack essentials only. This means your bedroom and bathroom need to be ready for the first night sleeping at your new home. Unpack the bedding, pillows and assemble the bed. When it comes to the bathroom, you will need basic cosmetics, a couple of towels, your favorite sleepwear. This way you can order your favorite food, and go to bed to take some rest and prepare for the next couple of days of cleaning and unpacking.

Extra tip: to unpack easily, be sure to read our moving tips. You can learn about an easy and quick move.

Check your utilities

Your utilities need to be up and running when you arrive at your new home. If you haven’t done it already, be sure to make sure your home has a working connection to the power, water and gas/heating. After arranging the most important utilities, now is the time to set up the phone, internet connection, and TV.

Important: You need to think about safety, too. One of the first items on your post-moving checklist should be checking the ways to turn off the power, gas, and water in your home. Be sure to find the fuse box, propane or oil shutoff, main water valve, and similar things and be ready if anything unexpected happens.

Update your address

For many different reasons, people need to know about your change of address. Be sure to update your address with:

  • The Post Office – you need your mail and bills to arrive at the right address. You can update your address online at the official USPS website.
  • Social Security Service – this is important only if you receive any social benefits from the SSA. You can also update your address online.
  • Tax Agency – you need to change your address with your state tax agency. You can do it by filling the IRS online form.
  • Utilities, cable, phone, and internet – update your address with your internet/cable provider, as well as gas/electricity company. Don’t risk unpacking in dark, or in a cold home.
  • Tell your employer – let your employer know that your address is now different. This is important so that they can pay stubs and taxes with the correct information.
  • Bank -it is probably possible to update your address by phone or online, just be sure to contact your bank (or a credit card company).
  • Magazine or any other subscriptions – you don’t want your favorite book, magazine or any other items to arrive at the wrong address.
  • Online shopping websites – this is the most common item on the post-moving checklist that people forget. If you don’t update your shipping address at shopping websites, you risk losing or waiting for your items for a long time.
Updating your address should be a top priority on your post-moving checklist

Register your car

If you are moving to another state, be sure to check the driver’s license and car plate rules. Maybe it is necessary to get both the new license and register your car. Not all the states have the same policies, so be sure to check that as soon as you arrive.

Find your new doctor

Be sure to transfer your medical record to the care provider and find your new doctor. Don’t wait to actually need it, so, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Find a vet

If you moved far away from your old home, your pet probably needs a new vet. Therefore, be sure to get medical records and medicine recommendations from the old vet, and give them out to the new one.

dog in a mailbox
If you are moving, be sure to put your pet’s needs on the post-moving checklist

Moving? You need a trustworthy moving company!

Before you even come to the post-moving checklist, you need to arrange a safe and successful move. It is hard to do it by yourself, that’s why we are there for you. Be sure to contact Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland for a safe moving and storage services.

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By using our services, you have the chance to save money, too. So, if you hire us and use our moving services, be sure to take our coupons that can save you some cash during the move.

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