Pre-sale home improvement tricks

Selling your home can be quite scary. There is always a fear of not knowing whether you will sell your home or not, then at what price it will be sold, when someone will buy it, etc. In addition to this, you might worry about your new home, how to finance the relocation, pay long distance movers Virginia, get another mortgage, and so on. As you can see, there is a lot of things to think about. In order to be less anxious about the whole ordeal, you can renovate your home. A large-scale renovation will certainly raise the value of your home and shorten the selling period, but it will also drain your budget. For this reason, here are a couple of low-cost pre-sale home improvement tricks 

Pre-sale home improvement with neat and elegant exterior 

People usually say “don’t judge a book by its covers”, and you should not. However, when you are selling your home, you need to have a wow effect. For this reason, impressive landscaping and exterior can leave a good first impression. When a potential buyer sees a house with a clean and neat garden, they will get excited about the house. Therefore, it is your job to give your house a curb appeal. In addition to this, make your front garden and backyard something to die for, and here is how. Plant a few trees, such as the tulip tree, red oak tree, and similar. Remove weeds from your yard. Your grass should look green and healthy. Mow the lawn regularly. Lastly, add seasonal flowers and shrubs. Your buyers will want to say to their moving company Baltimore to deliver their items to the beautiful house with a lovely garden. 

white and red house
Make your house attractive from the outside

Paint the walls inside and outside 

As mentioned, you have to give your house a curb appeal. Fixing up your garden and backyard is the first step. However, a beautiful garden will not distract buyers from dirty walls. For this reason, you should paint your walls if they look old and dirty. You can also scrub the walls with proper tools. It is important to choose the correct color for your walls. People are usually drawn to colors such as light shades of blue and gray. The same thing applies to your walls inside the house. Take a tour around your house to see which room is the most critical. Usually, it would be either the kitchen or the bathroom that require new paint. Let’s not forget that buyers mostly pay attention to these rooms as they are deemed the most important parts of a house.  

Pre-sale home improvement with the upgraded lighting 

No one wants to live in a dark house with horrible lighting. Having said this, not every house has a large source of natural light. If your house is one of them, do not let this discourage you. You can make your house irresistible with proper lighting around your house. Invest in lamps and place them around your dark rooms. You will see the upgrade almost immediately. Your once dark and dull room will appear much lighter and spacious. In addition to this, you should change the old light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs. This is a smart investment as it will attract many potential buyers. Pay attention to your curtains and blinds as well, especially when people come to check your house. Let the natural light in. Lastly, do not forget about exterior lighting and make a lighting path. 

Pre-sale home improvement by having a big white chandelier
Install lights so your room will look bright and spacious

Kitchen makeover 

The kitchen is the heart of the house. For this reason, make your kitchen shine! First, clean your kitchen. It is important to declutter your home, especially the kitchen as home buyers prioritize it over other parts of the house. If you upgrade your kitchen, the selling price will be higher. Therefore, here are some suggestions for your kitchen. 

  • Depersonalize – take off all your photographs, artwork, political and religious posters, etc. Instead, place neutral decorations, such a picture of flowers, fruit or interesting cups, and similar. 
  • Refresh the paint – paint kitchen cabinets, baseboard, entryways, and anything else you deem paint-worthy. Remember, choose a neutral color for your kitchen. If you wish to add some color, do it with decorations.  
  • Kitchen appliances – replace all the old kitchen appliances. 
  • Replace kitchen cabinets – or door hinges on your kitchen cabinets.  

Pre-sale home improvement for floors and carpets 

If you plan to have your home purely vacant, home buyers will pay attention to the flooring. Your floor will start to look old and beaten up over the years. For this reason, you have to make it look fresh and new. Luckily, flooring stores and home centers have a solution. You can buy water-based products for your floor. However, these products do cost a couple of hundred dollars. Still, it is a better solution than changing everything. In addition to this, you should change your old carpets. Again, choose the new ones in neutral colors. Lastly, make sure to clean your home. In if you do not have time, hire a professional cleaning company. This will reduce stress since cleaning the entire house thoroughly will take time and energy. 

white wooden side table beside white wall
Pay attention to your floors if your house will be empty

Renovate your bathroom 

The last important room in your home is the bathroom. Many home buyers are looking for a beautiful bathroom where they can relax and escape from everyday chores and problems. For this reason, make your bathroom a safe haven. For example, change your faucet. Choose granite or marble countertops. Buy a mirror with lighting. Heated floors are a great addition. Focus on your bath area. It would be best if you can have a shower and a bathtub. Lastly, clean your bathroom and make sure to keep it clean. All in all, make sure your house is clean and tidy before the showing. Change the critical parts of your house. You can hire a home inspector or ask your real estate agent for advice.