Preparing for a fresh start in Washington DC

Do you need a change of scenery? Most people do at some point in their life. If you receive an amazing job offer, get accepted into a university of your choice or you simply wish to move, then do it. You will benefit a lot from your relocation. Maybe you need a fresh start in Washington DC. The capital of the United States attracts many young professionals each year. You can find everything you want in Washington DC and some more, from the rich history, great food, beautiful neighborhoods, and more. For this reason, find reliable movers Baltimore and start a new phase in your life in the capital of the US. 

cherry blossoms
Are you ready to move to the capital of the US?

Housing costs of your fresh start in Washington DC 

Living in Washington DC can be expensive. The population in the city is estimated at 681,170 while the metro area counts 6,097,684 people. Therefore, housing costs correspond to higher demand. For example, the average costs of monthly rental prices are the following. 

  • One-bedroom apartments in the city center for $1,600+ 
  • The same apartment outside the city center for $1,200+ 
  • A three-bedroom apartment in the city center for $3,000+ 
  • The same three-bedroom apartment outside the city center for $2,100+ 

In addition to this, if you want to purchase a house, it will be expensive. The price for a square meter or 10.7 square feet in the city center is $6,200 while the square meter outside of the city center is around $2,900. As you can see, it is quite expensive. You can always choose to downsize. In this case, find good storage Washington DC for your extra belongings.

How to prepare when moving alone, with a family or for a job 

It is different when you move alone versus moving with a family. For this reason, you need to prepare according to your situation. First, it can be quite scary to move to Washington DC alone. It is a huge city. Therefore, it can be rather daunting. There is no need to worry if you prepare well and on time. If you are moving to college, then there are many meetups for students. You can also attend many local activities, go to the gym, find a book club, and so on. It is almost impossible to feel lonely in Washington DC. 

On the other hand, moving with kids is different. Your entire family might need a fresh start in Washington DC. Therefore, it is time to move. Organizing a move with kids can be challenging. Some children might not be excited about the upcoming relocation. For this reason, you have to talk to your kids. Explain the situation. Get them involved in the moving process. Show them around the city. You can together pick the house. Plan your relocation together. Your kids should be responsible for packing their rooms. Family-friendly areas in Washington DC are DuPont Circle, Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase, Capitol Hill, and Spring Valley. 

Lastly, moving for work is usually the most common reason for relocation. As you could see, living in Washington DC is quite expensive. Therefore, you need to be financially stable. The good news is that salaries in Washington DC are high. You will have an easy time finding a job in banking, IT, education, healthcare, and government. 

a girl taking a photo
Even if you are moving alone, you won’t feel lonely in Washington DC

Activities for your fresh start in Washington DC 

In order to prepare fully for your fresh start in Washington DC, you have to know the city. Since it is the capital of the US, it has many attractions and parks worth visiting. In addition to this, Washington DC is surprisingly very pedestrian-friendly. This means you can meet most of your needs within walking distance of your home. Sounds pretty amazing. As you might know, walking is not only great for your body and health, but also for the environment as well. Washington DC has many beautiful parks, such as Rock Creek Park which is twice the size of New York City’s Central Park. Some of the activities to do in the parks include picnics, various sports, walking, etc. One of the most beautiful festivals that celebrate the Yoshino trees happens every spring around the Tidal Basin. It is worth watching cherry blossoms in their full beauty.  

Sports and museums 

The sports scene is amazing in Washington DC. You can find everything from baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, to professional tennis. For all the sports fans, moving to the capital with local movers Washington DC would be the best decision. Stadiums such as Audi Field, Nationals Park, and Capital One Arena host various games that all sports fans should watch. On the other hand, Washington DC has many museums and monuments as well. Everyone is familiar with the Lincoln Memorial. However, make sure to check the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Americana dot the District, and many more. As for the museums, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the National Air and Space Museum are just a few among the many you should visit.  

Lincoln Memorial at night
You can visit the famous Lincoln Memorial every day

Have a fresh start in Washington DC by exploring the city 

There is nothing more relaxing than using your day off to explore your new city. In addition to this, moving is stressful. In order to relax after your relocation, make a list of places to visit in Washington DC. There are many. You can start by visiting universities and embassies. Due to a large number of international students, many universities host international events that celebrate different cultures. On the same note, foreign embassies open their doors to promote their culture and tradition. If you are interested in learning one specific culture and language, follow the news from the embassy of that country. Apart from the cultural experience, the DMV region is perfect for a weekend getaway from your urban life. D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region has everything, from beaches, cabins, cottages, recreational trails, to hiking. Book your weekend trip! 

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