Pro tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia

You’re moving out of Baltimore and your next stop is Virginia? Well, you’ll find that many things both places have to offer are very similar. On the other hand, both areas have differences that make them amazing places to live in. For that reason, we at Allstate Moving and Storage decided to give you some pro tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia. You need to check out some of the changes that will wait for you in Virginia. As for the reception, you should know that you’ll have a good reception from the locals in Virginia. For everything else, you can take a look at our tips to feel more prepared for the move.

Tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia: hire quality movers

Wherever and whenever you’re moving one thing is a necessity – professional and quality movers. The fact that you are moving from one state to another, calls for help from experts. This isn’t your move down the block. We can always vouch for our local movers Baltimore to get the job done. Above all, taking your move seriously and hiring moving companies can actually save you a lot of money and nerves. From packing everything to renting a moving truck and unpacking your items, hiring the right people can save you from a lot of stress. Certainly, a long-distance move like this one will be extremely simplified by using pros for the job.

Mover packing his truck
Hiring professional movers is extremely important

Tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia: The economy

Virginia has a low unemployment rate, far under the national average. That is mostly thanks to the military and medical institutions that operate in the area. On the other hand, the average cost of living is 4% higher than the national average. Many people that are moving long-distance will soon find out that they will need to give out more money for housing than in some other states. Whether it’s renting or buying a house you’ll need to spend more. The prices of food and other groceries are more or less the same as you would get in an average store in the country. When it comes to other important costs there is healthcare. It’s not significantly more expensive than the average for the US, but the positive thing is that Virginia is full of prestigious medical facilities.


If you’re accustomed to sudden changes in weather in Baltimore, we have good news for you. Obviously, it depends where in Virginia you live, but in general, the climate is pretty mild and all four seasons are present. You can put your umbrellas away into your storage Virginia units until fall, as you won’t be having to watch out for a potential rainstorm out of a sudden like you had to while living in Baltimore. You’ll be happy to find out that every season of the year will be the same standard you would expect in a mild climate zone. When it comes to climate hazards as storms, hurricanes, and other forms of extreme weather are rare.

The sky
You can expect a mild climate in Virginia


If you are moving from Baltimore to Virginia, we got good news! The state taxes in Virginia are among one of the lowest in the entire country. The same goes if you want to open up a business there. You’ll be making more money, and be able to save up a bit more than you could in Baltimore. Trying to open up a business will be far easier here knowing that there are more opportunities to make money. For that reason, don’t be afraid to jump in Virginia, because even if it can get expensive at some points it can also create an opportunity for you to create wealth.

Pro tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia – Pros and Cons

When moving from Baltimore you’ll be saying to some perks you had there. On the other hand, there are certain things you’ll be happy to say goodbye to. The same goes for Virginia. You’ll have some annoying changes that will be part of your life but at the same time new changes that will facilitate your life.

A list of things
You’ll have pros and cons to moving to Virginia from Baltimore


Moving to a new state is difficult, but there can be ways to help you out with getting accustomed to a new environment. Virginia is a state that has a lot of positives. Here are just a handful of them that you can expect when you move there:

  • The stunning nature – Virginia is a small state but has everything to offer. From sunny beaches to snowy mountains you’ll find everything you desire in your vicinity.
  • Historical importance – Virginia is one of the original US states. It has a huge part in the countries history. From military cemeteries and places of important battlefields to the home of George Washington’s house, it has a lot of historic places to offer.
  • Top-notch education – The state has a plethora of high performing schools. It’s also the host to Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. A good education is assured for you or your family if you move here.


Do you think that moving to Virginia will be sunshine and roses? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The state has its problems and here are just some of them:

  • Traffic jams – Certain parts of Virginia will be very problematic if you move by car. Baltimore is a state where traffic jams don’t present much of a problem. On the other hand, in Virginia, you’ll pass some time in the car.
  • Cost of living – As we already mentioned the cost of living is a bit high. Renting and housing prices are pretty high. Be ready to have your salary eaten up by your rent.
  • Public transportation – If you’re not in certain areas of the state, then you might have a problem. If you add that you could have problems getting by with the car it’s obvious that you’ll have problems with mobility.

Changing up your location can be hard, especially if it’s an interstate type of move. There are many things that will change up and we talked a lot about things that you can expect in your new home. For that reason, our pro tips for moving from Baltimore to Virginia can be a real game-changer to adjust to your new home. We hope that you’ll settle in Virginia quickly and smoothly. Good luck exploring your new home state.

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