Pros and cons of asking friends for moving help

Whenever people move, they try to cut their expenses as much as they can. It is only natural to choose to do something like that. Sometimes, they just want to hang out with friends while working. You can save some money and have a great time with friends so who wouldn’t choose that option? However, it’s not always the best idea to ask friends for help. Let’s see the pros and cons of asking friends for moving help!

Pros of asking friends for moving help

It’s a free deal

Deciding to ask friends for assistance in moving instead of hiring professional relocators could obviously save you a lot of money, depending on the distance of the move and the number of your possessions. Feel free to ask them for any moving tips as well. Your only expenses will be for packing supplies and a few cold beers. Asking friends for moving help can be efficient when the move is a small one and when you’re moving to a house nearby.

Two friends high-fiving after a succesful moving
If you ask friends for moving help you can have a lot of fun.

You will get additional help if you need it

Asking friends for moving help means you can have as many people as you require. And without having to worry about the amount of money each additional person helping you will cost. If you need five people to move that big bed from the bedroom to the truck, just ask a few more friends and they’ll jump on board for free.

Asking friends for moving help removes a time constraint

There are moving companies that charge per hour. That can quite easily get expensive if you run into any obstacles with the relocation process. Constant looking at the watch, sweating, and calculating how much money you will have to spend in addition to the price you planned beforehand. You’ll have more freedom and you won’t have to stress about being punctual if you asked friends for moving help.

There is no contract or abiding document to worry about

When your friends are helping you, you are allowed to make plans without being troubled by any kind of legal problems of breaking a contract. There are companies, especially fraudulent ones, which just can’t wait to find a legal loophole and sue you for breaking the contract.  That’s why it’s really important to find good, trustworthy movers who have a reputation for being understanding and willing to help you out on the legal part as well.

You know who you’re working with

When asking friends for moving help you essentially ask people whom you already know. You spent a lot of time together on many occasions and a big amount of trust developed. That is a big advantage compared to working with relocators. You can call your friends by their first name, feel casual and there is a strong bond between you. When working with professionals there is a big feeling of doing business and you have to behave in such way. There are boundaries – you can’t ask them to do some tasks which aren’t strictly connected to the job they came to do. It would be weird to ask someone from a moving company to go to the store and get you a beer.

Cons of asking friends for moving help

There is a chance you would be imposing on your friends

Relocation can be a hard, long, sweaty job. No one feels good when moving big boxes and heavy furniture pieces. They might accept your request however there’s a really big chance they would rather be playing their PS5 or doing basically anything else. So, you are basically putting pressure on your friends and making some friction which can be avoided very easily if you choose to hire professionals.

Two people are sitting on a car, tired after a move
Sometimes friends will help you out but it could be too tiring for them.

Friends aren’t as reliable as professionals

Some friends might have a fun personality but are just irresponsible and unreliable. They can be late or even not show up at all. Your friends can back out whenever they wish. This leaves you hanging and with no chance of getting your big queen bed into the relocation truck.

Even though professional movers usually cost more, at least you’ll know that you’ll get the move taken care of efficiently and on time. Good movers, like Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland, are reliable and you know that you will get what you paid for. Professional crew and the best equipment like a good truck and great supplies. Don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks more and secure yourself a good relocation.

There is no recourse if your possessions get damaged

Relocators like to take pride in securing customers’ goods and making sure they are taken care of in a proper way. They offer insurance policies to cover any amount of damage that could occur to property while in their care. Movers with high professional values, like long distance movers Virginia, take customers’ possessions safety as a top priority. On the other hand, when asking friends for moving help you can only sue your pal. And that could get really messy. Why make a problem when you can avoid it? Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck if they break your stuff.

Three duct tapes sitting on top of each other
It can be nice asking friends for moving help but professional relocators have the equipment and skills.

When you opt for asking friends for moving help, you’ll have no help once you are moving in

If your move is a long-distance move, for example, a relocation abroad, your friends won’t be on the other side to help you in the unpacking process. If you weren’t able to get your furniture into the moving truck alone, you will stand no chance of getting it out by yourself. Unless you are only relocating a couple of blocks away, you should seriously choose to hire professionals.

What do professionals have and friends lack? They have:

  • Tools – All kinds of safety equipment, for disassembly, packing supplies, vehicles, cranes. etc.
  • Skills – asking friends for moving help is simple, but friends’ efficiency is probably lacking.
  • Logistical equipment – All the things movers use for the loading and unloading process, all the items you intend to possess are probably not going to be at your disposal if you opt for asking friends for moving help.

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