Pros and cons of moving and living on your own in Washington

There comes a time in your life when you have to start living on your own. This act of independence will help you create a better future for yourself and allow you to learn to manage to live on your own. Because of that, today we will focus on moving and living on your own in Washington DC. We will discuss all the pros and cons you will face while living on your own in this big city and what to expect of it. Moreover, if you want to ensure a positive relocation experience, you can hire a professional moving company to help you with the relocation process. All the pros and cons can easily be disregarded if you have a bad relocation experience. Therefore, you should strive for it to be the best possible.

Everything you should know about moving and living on your own in Washington

If you’re moving to Washington DC, you need to be ready for the fact that it is a big city. It is a federal city full of tourists from around the world and a cosmopolitan center with a small-town vibe. Apart from it being the capital city of the United States of America, it attracts many young and educated people from around the country and the world. However, this does not mean that everyone can find what they are looking for when moving to this city. That is why we will talk about the pros and the cons of moving here. That way, you will have an easier time deciding if this is the right place for you.

a picture of tourists in front of the White House with an Obelisk in the background
The city of Washington attracts a lot of tourists from around the world and there is a good reason for it


  • Many employment opportunities
  • A lot of green spaces for nature lovers
  • Diverse people, culture and cuisine


  • The high cost of living
  • Bad traffic experience
  • It can be overcrowded

Pros of living in Washington DC

Living in the capital city of the United States will come with different perks. Because Washington DC is a city that never stops expanding, we are sure everyone can find what they search for in it. If by any chance, you require assistance with moving, you can rely on your local mover Washington DC to help you.

Many employment opportunities

Moving and living on your own in Washington is a great opportunity for you to find a good job. If your goal is to move there to pursue your professional career, you can rest assured that you will find it. However, the city is a paradise for those who picture themselves in politics. Being the capital of the US, the city has 176 foreign embassies, as well as the headquarters of many different international organizations. On top of that, the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland house many different companies which are within a commuting distance.

A lot of green spaces for nature lovers

Living in a capital city might leave you craving for nature. Worry not, because Washington has it all. In the springtime, thousands of cherry blossoms bloom, making the whole District pink. Moreover, the US National Arboretum has a large collection of bonsai trees and miles of trails that are perfect for those who enjoy hiking on a regular basis.

two men pushing skateboards in the local park as something you can do after moving and living on your own in Washington
Because the city has so many different parks and things to see, nature lovers and outdoor activity enthusiasts will surely find their peace there

On top of that, you can enjoy a variety of different parks scattered across town that are perfect for either a family activity or for enjoying them alone. More importantly, these parks can offer a great jogging experience to anyone who enjoys such activity.

Moving and living on your own in Washington means meeting new cultures, people and cuisine

As a melting pot of different cultures and people, Washington boasts its diversity. Because the city has so much to offer, there is no wonder why it attracts many people from around the world to live there. This has led many different parts of the city and neighborhoods to offer a unique experience when it comes to cuisine, restaurants and other cultural events. You will, without a doubt, encounter something new each day in this city.

Cons of living in Washington DC

Now, every city you go to will probably have something that does not suit you. Whether it is the life pace, higher costs or the mentality of the people, not everything is perfect. If you are, by any chance, unsure about living in DC and want to move temporarily to see what it is like – opt for storage units Washington DC to store your items there.

The high cost of living

The first thing to pay attention to is the higher cost of living in the city. Washington DC is the third most expensive city to live in in the US. However, this does not mean that there are no affordable options in the city – you just have to look harder to find them. With an average paycheck of $73.000, you will pay about $2.300 on rent. Moreover, the median house price is about $580.000.

Bad traffic experience

Moving and living on your own in Washington will probably mean being in rush-hours very often. About 700.000 people commute to work every day. So one can say that these rush hours and traffic jams are expected.

a picture of a traffic jam in the evening
Heavy traffic jams and rush-hours are some of the main disadvantages of living in this city

Actually, commuting is one of the main reasons people are leaving Washington more often. Heavy traffic is usually the first complain of the residents living in the city.

It can be overcrowded

Yes, Washington DC does have a small-town vibe to it. However, remember that it attracts about 22 million tourists a year. With many sights and places to visit, you can expect to run into crowds of people wherever you go. The issue extends so much that many areas and businesses had to adjust and evolve in order to cater to a larger group of people. However, Washington DC is one of the safest cities in the US. So moving and living on your own in Washington won’t leave you unsafe. But you will have to deal with large groups of people on a daily basis.