Pros and Cons of Moving to DC

The time has come for you to move. You have made the decision that you want to relocate, but have you thought about where to move to? This can be one of the most difficult decisions at the beginning of a move. There are so many places that are good options and many movers that you can hire. The ones we recommend are Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland. From so many options you have been thinking about Washington D.C. If you are thinking just about visiting, you don’t need to think much. But if you want to move to a certain place, you should invest more time in researching it. Learn about the pros and cons of moving to DC to help you make up your mind about your upcoming relocation.

What are the pros and cons of moving to DC?

The good sides of living in DC

Starting positive in this article about the pros and cons of moving to DC, we will first list the good sides of this city below.

Woman carrying a box for moving after learning about the pros and cons of moving to DC
There are both good and bad sides to every decision

Great public transportation

The public transportation in this city is often ranked as the best in the country. Considering how busy the city is, having the title of one of the best is not a small thing. People mostly like it because it is efficient and gets you where you need to go quickly. Believe it or not, Washington has the second-fastest commute time in the whole country and some of the best storage units Washington DC. With that said, if you don’t have a car, you can rely on public transportation in this city to get you where you need to go.

Great place for millenials

Washington is considered the third best city for Millenials in the country. The main reasons why so many Millenials move to the capital are many job opportunities and various entertainment options. Millennials make up 23% of this city’s population, and the number is rising every year. Don’t hesitate to contact a local mover Washington DC and be part of this amazing city as a millennial.

The bad sides of living in Washington DC

As with everything in life, there are good and bad sides. To make a decision, you also need to know the cons of moving to this city.

High cost of living

Living in Washington DC won’t be cheap, since it is ranked as the city with the highest cost of living in the country. The high cost of housing makes most people rent houses after moving with some interstate movers Washington DC. Because of that, buying a house feels almost impossible in this city. Following the high living costs, the average household income is $85,200, making life reasonable.

Weather can be a problem

If you are not a fan of hot humid summer, then this city might not be for you. Temperature can sometimes exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity can take a toll on your health. Another problem with the weather is also allergies and bugs that are present during the hot season.

Picture of wooden cubes on a stone
High temperatures can be a health risk

Final thoughts on the pros and cons of moving to DC

We hope that our article on the pros and cons of moving to DC will help you make a final decision. Just make sure to think about it well, so that you don’t end up regretting your decision. We wish you a successful relocation!