Pros and Cons of moving to Harford County this fall

Harford County is a beautiful and charming county in Maryland. It is very welcoming and a great place to live. But like any place where people live it has its pros and cons. For that reason, we at Allstate Moving and Storage have decided to make a list of the pros and cons of moving to Harford County this fall. Obviously, everyone has their own personal preference and you could have your own positives and negatives if you live there. These are just the most common things that a person that has been living in Harford County would mostly tell you about.

Pro #1 of moving to Harford County this fall – Centralized position

If you are a person that likes being near to everything in your area, Hardford County is for you.  Imagine being a three-hour drive away from some amazing beaches. Locals are aware of this circumstance so they take advantage of it. Or if you prefer mountains like our local movers MD, it takes the same amount of time to drive to visit the mountains and take up the ski gear. Any way you look at it, if you move here you’ll be able to enjoy everything Maryland has to offer.

Con #1 of moving to Harford County this fall – The traffic

At times the traffic can be unbearable. Especially when holidays come along.  Whenever there is some time for people to relax it seems like the whole county and state go to or the beach or the mountains. For that reason, a three-hour drive can be doubled at times. As of Harford County, there usually isn’t any problems considering traffic in the county itself.

Cars stuck inside a traffic jam
Around holidays traffic jams get bigger

Pro #2 – Schools and Education

The county has some amazing schools. Maryland, in general, is a big educational hub so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some great schools are located in Harford County. They really proud themselves of the high level of education they provide. For that reason, it should be on top of the list of the pros and cons of moving to Harford County this fall.

Con #2  – The cost of living

Because a lot of people know about the high level of educationm there are a lot of people who come to Harford County. For that reason, renting and housing prices have risen over the years. More and more people have been complaining to moving companies Harford County MD  that the area has become a bit pricey. Even if the price is a bit steeper the quality is also there.

Pro #3 of moving to Harford County this fall – Job Market

The job market is one big opportunity for everyone. The biggest employer in this area is the army with public schools and medical centers coming slightly behind them. With all these opportunities finding a job will be made easy. But before you start packing for a move, you should know that the competition for these jobs will be big. Make sure that when moving to Harford County this fall you get a new job to appropriately start a new chapter in your life.

Soldier saluting the flag
In this area, the army is the biggest employer

Con #3 – Artificial earthquakes

If you live near the Aberdeen proving ground you will from time to time feel the Earth shaking. Harford County doesn’t really experience earthquakes so you don’t have to worry about them. Even though the US army is the biggest employer in these parts it also does the most damage too. As the Aberdeen proving grounds are a testing facility for the army it’s not strange to experience some consequences of the testing. Nothing to be worried about, you are completely safe. The only negative is that you might experience some minor ground movement.

Pro #4 of moving to Harford County this fall – Small towns and townships

The County is full of small towns that all have their little small events organized. From an ordinary 5k race to special events for occasions like New Year’s Eve, the community really does a great job of coming together. If you are in the neighborhood visit some of these events as there are many and they are well organized. They really know how to create an event in those smaller townships.

Con #4 – Taxes

If you are living in the area of Bel-Air or Aberdeen you will be subject to the town tax. So if you bought a home, be prepared to pay a bit extra. As a renter obviously this doesn’t apply to you. You could say that you’ve dodged a bullet. But still, all these parts of Harford County are amazing to live in and have a lot of soul to them.

Little board with taxes written over it on a bunch of dollars
In some places, you have to pay an extra town tax as a homeowner

Pro #5 – Outdoor recreation

Whether you are just biking or hiking or just loving to get into a boat and catch some fish, Harford County has it all for you. Places like Rock State Park attract many people to climb and hike around. On the other hand, if you feel better in the water, then Mariner Point Park is the place for you. If you are more of a sports type, then recreational centers will catch your attention. Sports are a huge part of the lifestyle in these parts.

Con #5 – Weather

The weather in the whole of Maryland is pretty wild. During the summer the humidity and the temperature can skyrocket. So don’t be surprised if you break a sweat just by walking down the street. In other seasons, the weather gets very unpredictable. A sunny day can change into a rainstorm in a matter of minutes. For that reason, stay prepared for every type of weather when you go out of the house.

Making a move especially in these hard times is a big challenge. But you’ve made up your mind about changing your location. Now it’s only the question of where do you move. Let’s hope that our tips on the pros and cons of moving to Harford County this fall can help you out in that decision. There are many positives to moving to Harford County but it also comes with some negatives. Try to find out if it is the place that fits you the most.

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