Pros and cons of raising a family in Washington DC

I was never the one to advocate raising a family in a city. In my humble opinion, families are to be raised in small, suburban regions where there are a lot of parks, no crime and plenty of schools. However, not everyone can afford this luxury. Sometimes life or work binds us to be in a big city, and there is no escaping it. One such example is raising a family in Washington DC. This is not a bad thing, per se, but it will never be as good as being in some small neighborhood enjoying peace and quiet. Still, of all cities you could end up in, Washington DC isn’t that bad. I mean, New York City is twice as bad, at least. Also, Washington DC is a great hub for many things.

Even though not ideal, raising a family in Washington DC is not all that bad. There are a lot of upsides to it and one major downside. The downside is – Washington DC is not a family friendly place. But the good thing is that you can turn it into one. I guess, at the end of the day, it’s all about perspective and how you approach it. So, let’s discuss some elements of Washington DC that turn it into a friendly, nice place.

Raising a family in Washington DC – pros

Of all the large cities you could end up wandering in, Washington DC has the lowest crime rates. Not sure if this is because of the White House lurking about, or it’s simply boring for crime, but the fact remains. You are going to be safer in Washington DC than in many other huge cities. Also, this is usually the element that pushes me away from it. So, it is highly fortunate that Washington DC has this one going for them. You will need the help of professional moving companies in Maryland if you are going to move here. Other than that, this place will offer the benefit of any other major city in the US. You will have access to a very wide range of schools and you will grow up having many friends as it usually turns out in the cities.

Also, there are a lot of kindergartens in Washington DC so you will have that one going for you. Furthermore, there are a lot of educational and social events for you to attend with your children that would have incredible value for them. All in all, you are very liberated in the city in terms of things you can see, learn and do. But you are also overexposed to the commodities of the 21st century which I don’t think are healthy for the child. Smaller places and smaller communities teach your kids different values, but I guess there is less room for that in the fast-paced environment we live in today.

Kids in a kindergarten
One of many benefits of Washington DC are the excellent kindergartens!

A lot of schools – a lot of options

The city will have an insanely large amount of options for your kid while he or she is growing up. When raising a family in a small place, you usually have one school and that’s it. Raising a family in Washington DC will have a very large number of schools for you to choose from. You can ask your local movers MD about them, as well. You can have so many choices that picking the best school for your kids will be children play. This is possibly the biggest strength of raising a family in Washington DC. Later on, when the time comes for college, their options will be vast because they did not go to any old school. They went to some of the best high schools in the land.

While we are on the topic of education, Washington DC will offer some of the best libraries and knowledge centers that you can find in the entire United States. This is something that has immense value if your kids develop an interest and curiosity for such things. Museums and other cultural buildings are going to be found left and right, feeding the curiosities and growing the mind. If they develop a sense for art, art galleries and shows will be happening weekly, and there will be something for anyone. In this sense, raising a family in Washington DC is going to be an amazing experience.

Universities are one of the major pros of raising a family in Washington DC
Universities in Washington are among the best ones in the entire U.S.!

Exposure to modern technologies

Another very important element will be the exposure to the 21st century that no small place can offer. This can be a good thing and a bad thing and is something that needs to be monitored by you as much as possible. But, this will give your kids an edge in the upcoming times, since the times that are coming are going to wait for no one to adapt. Everyone is going to have to be super fast because the competition will be unforgiving.

Pile of modern equipment on a desk
You can obtain any equipment you might need in Washington DC!

Raising a family in Washington DC – cons

However, in spite of all of the advantages, the main problem is that it still is a city. A big, dirty steam machine that operates 24/7. It instills the 24/7 mentality into your kids. They are much more exposed to crime, drugs and all the other bad stuff one can come across in life. They are exposed to concrete and not trees. The breath they take in is not as healthy as it would be in some suburb. There is a lot of traffic and everyone is in a hurry. Crime is much more present. Also, it is not exactly cheap living in Washington. There are some affordable Washington neighborhoods but they are few and far between.

These are all the elements that I wish not to expose my kids until they are a bit older. But, I understand some don’t have a choice, so try to make the best of it.

Good luck!