The pros and cons of working in Washington DC

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be working in Washington DC, we have a few pointers! Usually, people who are reading this are those who are considering whether or not to accept a job position in Washington DC. The fact of the matter is – those who pursue a career should not have the appeal of the city in their forefront. Of course, it is important for the place to be nice, but it should not be the determining factor. Your career is what you are after. A position in Washington DC is almost always a good step up, and it should not be something to drop so easily. It doesn’t matter if this is international moving, or you are within the states, Washington DC is the place to be in!

Working in Washington DC means moving to Washington DC which is never a bad choice. The streets are colored with entertaining things to do!
Washington DC remains to this day one of the most entertaining cities in the US!

However, whether or not the city is nice still remains a factor. Perhaps not a make it or break it one, but still a relevant one. So, is working in Washington DC going to bring you to a nice place? We strongly believe that the answer is yes. We believe that Washington DC is a nice place to live and work in, and we will give a few reasons why. However, this will depend a lot on whether or not you personally liked it. I can tell you honestly – I loved it.

Working in Washington DC – the good and the bad

Just like any other city in the world, Washington DC has its ups and downs. It is no perfect place, but then again which one is? No place is perfect, but each place has something that makes it a home. To me, it was always the people. People were the ones that made one place feel special and appealing. Aside from people, there are other elements that make one city nice, or less much so. I loved Washington DC, but it is arguably everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who like it far less than I did, and if you read other commentaries on it online you will find rather mixed opinions.

I will share the good and the bad. The things I loved and the things that I didn’t. To you, hopefully, it will be eye-opening in one way or another. Frankly, it should not be a career step you should miss. It is very nice and you should do everything you can to not skip it.

There are plenty of things to do

If you are going to be working in Washington DC, you will be amazed at just how many things there are to do. Unfortunately, when I was there, I worked so much that I did not have time to explore 50 percent of what the city had to offer. Hopefully, your experience will be different. Als0, to help out with the shopping, there are numerous storage Washington DC solutions.

Washington DC is one very famous hotspot for numerous cultural activities. There, you can find anything from entertainment, shopping, festivals, countless types of recreation and most importantly good restaurants. My God the restaurants are good. The food is simply amazing! You can find any international cuisine that your heart can desire. I took my sweet time exploring as many restaurants as I could since the prices are not that steep. Ok, there are places that are insanely expensive, but most are quite decent and very affordable. Can’t remember the day in Washington DC that I had to cook.

Four seasons! Mild weather!

It is perfect! I mean, to me at least. If you are one of those people who prefer Dubai weather, then you might not find this to be to your liking. This Mid-Atlantic region offers impeccable and nice weather with little to no natural disasters when compared to many other parts of the United States. The seasonal change is amazing. You get to enjoy the colors of autumn, with a chance to wear something warmer in the winter. The summers are quite nice too, however, I prefer when it is colder.

Washington DC enjoys four seasons which is the best thing you can experience.
Four seasons – four experiences!

Still, there will be at least one part of the year that you will most definitely enjoy. So, this should be a pro, more than a con.

City position

Washington DC is in the center of everything. This means that, when working in Washington DC, you will have a chance to make getaways as often as you can imagine. Just a few hours away you can find either the mountains or a beach, depending on the season. It could be a one day trip, or it could be a weekend getaway, both of which are excellent for relaxation and rest.

A few examples of locations you can plan to get away to are Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia as well as New York. All of these are locations you should never avoid visiting at least once.

People diversity

One of my favorite elements of Washington DC is the diversity of people. You can really stumble into all sorts of people. The bigger the diversity the more alive the place is to me. Working in Washington DC will mean working and living with countless nationalities and cultures. You will learn a lot! The ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions and economic levels are so different that you could learn something new with each day. This one makes it quite incredible! The best part is the fact that the population is highly educated, overall, and this will make it one extremely interesting place to live in.

Washington DC takes pride in its people diversity.
Every city is as diverse as its people.

Overall, Washington DC offers plenty. One thing is certain, you will not be bored. The only downside that was a deal breaker for me, long term, was the high cost of living and housing. But this is Washington DC, so this hardly comes as a surprise. Our humble opinion? Go for it. You will not regret it! If you need help with anything else, local movers Washington DC are at your entire disposition!