Qualities of a perfect storage unit in Virginia

Do you want to rent a storage unit? It is quite easy to find storage Virginia. However, not every storage facility is a good one. You need to be careful when renting a unit. It should provide the necessary protection for your items. In order to achieve this, it needs to have all the qualities of a perfect storage unit in Virginia. If you don’t know what one storage unit should have, make sure to read until the end.  

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Find out what makes a storage unit perfect

A perfect storage unit in Virginia should come in various sizes with good security 

When you are contacting Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland, you should see whether the storage units on offer are in multiple sizes. A storage facility should have more diverse options. This depends on the number of items your plan to store. Sometimes you might want to store the items from only one room. Other times, you might want to store items from two or more rooms. You should be able to pick the size of a storage unit based on the number of items. In addition to this, your items should be well protected. This means the following. 

  • Video surveillance – the storage facility should be monitored 24/7 via video surveillance. 
  • A security guard – a security guard should check if all the units are closed and intact. 
  • Fence – the entire premise of the storage unit should be surrounded by a wire fence. 

Climate-controlled storage units to rent

A climate-controlled storage unit is a perfect example of a perfect unit. The reason is simple. Most items will get damaged if they are exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. For example, if you plan to store your electronic devices, you should know that humidity affects your electronic gadgets. The same thing applies if you want to store wooden furniture, fragile items, art pieces, and so on. If you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you can keep the temperature and the level of humidity in check. This is the best way to protect your often quite expensive items. For this reason, make sure to find a storage facility that offers this type of storage. It might be a little bit more expensive but it is better to pay a little more than to buy new items.  

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You should rent a climate-controlled storage unit

More features to have 

A good storage facility should offer pickup and delivery services. This is not exactly common, but you are reading about qualities of a perfect unit, or rather storage facility in this case. If you can find one that offers these services, make sure to use them. In addition to this, your future perfect storage unit in Virginia should be clean and pests free. There is no excuse for finding your unit dirty and infested for the first time. If they want to attract and keep the customers, storage facilities will keep their units clean in every sense. Lastly, a storage facility should offer insurance for belongings against human or environmental factors.