Reasons to rent climate-controlled storage in Frederick

Whether you are moving or you just need more additional space in your home, renting a storage unit is your best option. However, you have many options when it comes to renting a storage unit. For example, you can rent a self-storage unit, full-service storage unit, a climate-control storage unit, and so on. It is important to know which storage you should rent. You can always ask your movers Frederick MD to advise you on this topic. In order to help you with this decision, here are the reasons to rent climate-controlled storage in Frederick. 

thermometer in the grass
When it is too hot or cold outside, your items will be safe in climate-controlled storage

Rent climate-controlled storage in Frederick because of extreme temperatures  

As the name suggests, you can control the temperature inside a climate-controlled storage unit. Why is this important? Extreme cold or heat can cause serious damage to your items. In addition to this, drastic temperature changes can also cause damage. The weather in most places quite often fluctuates. For this reason, you should tell your movers Baltimore to deliver your items at a climate-controlled unit. This is the best way to protect your items. Which items should you store in this type of storage?

  • Household appliances 
  • Wooden furniture 
  • Clothing 
  • Artwork 
  • Documents 
  • Photos 
  • Musical instrument 
  • Electronics 

In addition to this, in a climate-controlled unit, the temperature is always constant. This means it is below 80 or 90 degrees. 

Humidity is another reason 

Humidity levels can also change drastically in some parts of the country. As you might know, humidity can also cause damage to your items. The reason is simple. Mold and mildew grow in a humid environment. If you plan to use cardboard boxes, your items may not be safe in this case. Cardboard cannot stop moisture from reaching your items and potentially damaging them. In addition to this, mold and mildew will emit a bad smell after some period of time. On the other end, the lack of humidity is also a problem. For example, wood will dry out, sell your wooden items might get damaged. However, not every climate-controlled storage unit comes with humidity control. For this reason, you should rent a unit where you can control both temperature and humidity levels. 

laptop on the table
Wooden furniture will get damaged due to low humidity

Air quality, pests, insects, dust and debris 

Climate- controlled units are located inside the facility. For this reason, there are much cleaner than ordinary self-storage units. As you might know, dust and debris can also cause damage to your items. Although it is impossible to have a unit free from dust, the amount that can find its way inside the unit will be harmless. Pests are also one of the major problems when renting a storage unit. Cardboard boxes cannot offer proper protection against mice and insects. Lastly, air quality is also important when renting storage. All these problems mentioned above can be solved by renting climate-controlled storage in Frederick. For this reason, it is better to pay a few extra dollars for this type of storage.