Reasons to spend retirement in Virginia

After years of hard work, you deserve a great place to spend your retirement. Sure, you could go for some of the most well-known retirement states like Florida and Arizona. But, there might be a better place for you. We at Allstate Moving and Storage have compiled a list of reasons that might convince you to put Virginia on the top of your retirement destination list. With vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, historic architecture, and beaches, this Mid-Atlantic state has something for everyone. Read on to discover whether these reasons are enough to persuade you to spend retirement in Virginia.

Spending retirement in Virginia is tax-friendly

Taxes can sneak up on you rapidly, and it’s no wonder people are often basing their decision regarding retirement on tax benefits different states offer. If you’ll be living on a fixed income, it’s a good idea to choose where you’ll retire wisely. Virginia has some of the lowest overall tax rates in the country. Therefore, it’s very attractive to retirees.

Spend your retirement in Virginia's stunning nature, like the lake in the photograph
Virginia’s stunning nature attracts many retirees.

Virginia perfectly combines city and country lifestyle

If you decide to spend retirement in Virginia, you’ll never be far from the city buzz, country leisure or beautiful beaches. For example, you can have a wonderful time living in an urban city like Richmond and decide to take a day trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This portion of the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia is one of the most beautiful and iconic parts of the American landscape. In case you’re looking for a beautiful beachfront retirement, there are plenty of options for you, as well. For many people, these reasons are enough to choose Virginia as the perfect retirement spot. If you are one of them, contact some of the best long distance movers Virginia has to offer and plan your move!

Spend retirement in Virginia if you’re a history buff

This Mid-Atlantic state was one of the original 13 United States colonies, founded in 1607. As an important part of U.S. history, Virginia has an abundance of historic landmarks. Thus, there are many places for history buffs to visit and explore in Virginia. Retire here and introduce yourself to your new neighbors and maybe you’ll find a guide or simply a friend to explore Virginia with you.

Mild climate

A decent climate year-round is what brings many people to Virginia. There are 4 distinct seasons to enjoy, unlike some other popular retirement states such as Florida. Although parts of Virginia can get very hot during the summer, there are oceans, rivers, and lakes to provide cool relaxation.  The fall is beautiful with colorful foliage across Appalachian and Piedmont foothills. The winter is mostly moderate. Ski resorts can still be found. And of course, in the spring Virginians can appreciate beautiful flowers and budding trees. If all this sounds amazing to you, start the process of relocating. If you happen to need storage for your precious belongings, choose the best storage Virginia residents love to recommend and your items will be safe while you’re moving into your new home.

Lake in West Virginia during fall
Enjoy the many colors of fall in Virginia.

In Virginia you’ll have easy access to medical care

Virginia might be a smaller state, but it has 89 hospitals, so residents have access to quality health care systems across the state. Many of these hospitals are high-performing or nationally ranked in specialties such as oncology, geriatrics, and orthopedics. If you decide to spend retirement in Virginia, you’ll be living in a great state for staying healthy as you age.