Reasons why moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career prospects

Everyone who has moved before knows that it’s not a small feat to relocate. Therefore, doing a good amount of research before making a decision is essential. But, don’t fret. Moving companies in Maryland have you covered. We will provide insight on why moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career. Let’s cut to the chase.

The 411 on why moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career

It’s no secret, we all constantly strive to improve our income, find better job opportunities or a better place for our future company. One of the most common ways to do it is to move into a bigger city. Naturally, large cities and towns are hotspots for companies, have more potential customers, and offer better infrastructure. Chances for success are simply much greater. However, it’s also good to keep in mind potentially higher rent.

Man holding a presentation in the office after learning that moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career.
Moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career and sharply increase your company’s income.

What you may be used to in Townson

Towson, with its population of 55,197 is usually not considered a large town. While living there has certain benefits, when business opportunities are a priority moving to a larger place is beneficial. If you’re considering moving from Towson, movers Towson MD provide all the help you need. Towson offers more of a suburban feeling compared to Columbia. Simply put, even though the town offers good schools and shopping opportunities among other things, it can get even better.

Moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career because Columbia is a great place

Columbia is located in neighboring Howard County and with its population of 104,681, it’s almost double in size compared to Towson. Of course, this also means the double amount of employers, customers, etc. Therefore, relocating from Towson to Columbia could benefit your career primarily for this reason. Similar proximity of both communities to Baltimore means that if your family members work there they won’t be inconvenienced by a move to Columbia. Here at movers in Columbia MD, we offer hassle-free and reliable moving services tailored to your needs and expectations.

How do Towson and Columbia compare economically?

Even though Towson and Columbia are located relatively close to each other, there are some differences regarding the economy. However, some of the dissimilarities can be explained by their respective sizes. Also, Columbia offers a dense urban environment compared to Towson. Here are some of the benefits of relocating to Columbia:

  • higher mean income
  • lower unemployment rate
  • low sales tax
  • the most important reason why moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career – better job market

Income comparison

One of the main things when comparing places is to look at the average income. Larger income not only implies a higher living standard but also a better quality of jobs. When it comes to average income, Columbia is ahead with its $47,232 a year per resident compared to Towson’s $39,010 a year. Also, Columbia boasts an impressive median household income of  $100,252 a year, which is almost double the national average. Towson is lagging with its $74,916 a year. As you can see, there is quite a gap between the two, and Columbia easily comes on top in this regard.

Unemployment rates

Towson is average when it comes to the unemployment rate, which is the same as the US average at 6%. Columbia has an upper hand with its significantly lower unemployment of 4.5%. Therefore, moving from Towson to Columbia should significantly improve your chances of landing a job. However, low unemployment may make it a competitive environment when looking for employees for your business.

Baltimore city skyline on a sunny day.
Proximity to Baltimore means that some Columbians easily commute to work there.

Moving from Towson to Columbia MD may boost your career because of taxes

Another important benefit when relocating from Towson to Columbia that can positively impact your career or business is the tax rate. Both Towson and Columbia have the same sales tax rate of 6% with is lower than the national average. Income tax rates are very similar too. Towson has an income tax rate of 7.6% while Columbia sits at 8%, which is a small difference. Essentially, this means that you can enjoy all of the previous benefits while your obligations remain mostly the same.

Job markets

Job market growth is great in Columbia, its booming economy is predicted to grow by 34.2% in ten years, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%. This is great news and another amazing benefit of relocating from Towson to Columbia and increase of your income. Towson’s job market has a smaller amount of predicted growth of 30.1%. Simply put, you can expect much more in the future from Columbia.

Working for the government

The U.S. federal government employs many in Columbia. U.S. Department of Defense has many research and development and other facilities in and surrounding the city. Further, many Columbian workers and contractors commute to other government jobs in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area.

There are many companies based in Columbia

Because of its location and favorable conditions, many large companies operate in Columbia. Public employers and private businesses offer jobs in various industries. The most notable industries are cybersecurity, IT, health care, and public administration. Some of the companies that operate in Columbia and vicinity are Tenable, Maxim Healthcare Services, MedStar Health, Columbia Association, W.R. Grace and Company, and more.

Hire a moving company

When it comes to relocating, hiring professional movers is the method that is second to none. If you need help relocating from Towson to Columbia when looking for better career opportunities consider hiring a moving company. It can also be an affordable solution, especially if you’re in a hurry. You can just sit down and relax while movers take care of everything.

A moving van with two moving professionals inside.
Hiring a moving company is a tested and proven method to make your relocation as painless as possible.

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