Reasons why moving to Baltimore will change your life for the better

It is a fact that moving to a new location, either in the same or different state, can bring a great change in your life. Sometimes people may ask is moving a good idea at all. Not everybody is ready for the stress that relocation can cause. In addition, sometimes people must make this change and move for example for changing or improving their business. Or they need to get closer to their elderly parents to take care of them. If you are a person that needs to move to Baltimore, then you need to learn more about it. Then, spend some time in search of reliable movers Baltimore. The better you get to know the options this city in Maryland offers, the greater are the chances that you will have a great new life there. In addition, in this text, read why moving to Baltimore will change your life.

buildings in Baltimore
Baltimore has a very rich history

The history of Baltimore, Maryland

Let’s get to know the city a little bit. Baltimore is a city in the state of Maryland. It was established in 1729, and since then has become one of the most important for American history. Famous writers such as E. A Poe, F.S. Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein called this city their home. This is also the largest city in  Maryland, about a two-hour drive from Washington DC. When you book moving services Baltimore, rest assured that you have chosen a great city to move to. In addition, you can visit E. A. Poe’s graveyard as well as his house which is now a museum as well. In addition, the city has 65,000 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. An interesting tradition is that on Fridays,  Baltimoreans wear purple to show fun fare to the local NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Moving to Baltimore will change your life in terms of living costs

Unlike other US cities, Baltimore is a politically independent city and therefore it has different taxes from the rest of the area. Taxes are the highest in the state.

petty cash box
Costs of living are higher than the national average

But compared to the prices and living costs in New York, Baltimore has up to 50% lower prices for consumers goods. The average cost of living here is more than the national average. The costs for housing are around $118,800. If for example, you are a college graduate moving to Baltimore, or your income cannot support these prices, then consider moving to some cheaper neighborhoods. In that case, discard living downtown. Instead, move to a more family-friendly area.  Baltimore has more than 200 neighborhoods, but the locals divide it simply as East or West Baltimore. Some of the best neighborhoods to live in are Gilford, Fell’s Point, Mount Washinton, and Canton.

Job and career options in Baltimore

If you plan to move to Baltimore and start a new carrier, there are many employers on the market. Some of the most famous branches are shipping, transportation, and steel processing.

people in the office
There are many great job opportunities in Baltimore

Recently, Baltimore proves to be one of the best tech start-ups in the state. Some of the most famous companies that you can apply for are Lockheed Martin, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Marriott International, etc. If you are a Baltimore newcomer, you should know that the average annual salary is $56,400. This is almost $7000 more than the national average. In terms of income, moving to Baltimore will change your life. For example, Fell’s Point is not only one of the most popular neighborhoods in Baltimore, but also a great place for young professionals. Extravagant Guilford has an income above $80,000. Therefore, students and young professionals have more job opportunities. Again, it depends on the industry you work for.

Moving to a nice neighborhood will change your life

Thanks to the popular TV show The Wire people think that Baltimore has a high crime rate. But that is certainly not the truth. Of course, there are neighborhoods that are not as safe for families with kids. That is why you should do thorough research before moving here. In addition, you must think about choosing a proper school, especially if you are moving with a teenager. Changing schools during this sensitive period can be tricky. Baltimore currently has 24 schools open. For example, Canton is one of the nicest neighborhoods in the area. It has a pretty diverse population of all ages. Residents enjoy art galleries, restaurants, especially activities on  Canton Square. Other popular places in Baltimore to move to are the following:

  • Charles Village- one of Baltimore’s finest row-house neighborhoods
  • Roland Park- a variety of historic homes
  • Old Goucher-in the city center

Things to do in Baltimore

The first on the list is the world-famous Inner Harbor. Then there are numerous museums and destinations such as Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, etc. This is the city of festivals of all kinds. Some of the most famous are the Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival, LatinoFest, Baltimore Pride. The most famous theatre is the Charles Theater together with Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. In addition, near the Inner Harbor is Power Plant Live!, a place full of bars, restaurants, and places with good music entertainment. Apart from that, there are numerous free activities. For example, each summer many people come to Artscape. There you can enjoy exhibitions, music concerts, street theaters, and also enjoy some arts and crafts. Baltimore’s Chesapeake Bay cuisine can offer a variety of shells, crab feast, or lobster rolls.

As you can see, there are many positive things that Baltimore can offer to its current and future residents. With great historical spots to visit, together with modern attractions, everybody can find something for their taste. It is essential that you do the research before choosing some of Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Since the rate of unemployment decreased, it is easier to find a job these days. Again this depends on the type of industry or job market you have an interest in. Finally, if you are a festival lover, here you can find lots of festivals in every season. One is definitely for sure-moving to Baltimore will change your life.