Reasons why people leave Washington DC

Moving to a different city is a large step in the life of one who decided to go down this path. Depending on the point of view, a person can be moving to or out of a certain city. The reasons are pretty different. Either way, leaving a city comes with a dose of sadness. Arrival, however, is something that people expect with excitement and joy. While we like targetting our attention to the positive aspects of life, sometimes it is necessary to take a look at the negative side as well. Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at why people turn to long distance movers Washington DC to help them with their move. In essence, we are going to share with you the most common reasons why people leave Washington DC. If you are thinking about moving here, you should know why locals move away, right?

White House
If you are into politics, Washington DC is the place to be in.

Why would you ever want to leave the nation’s capital?

This is a question that many people living in other cities would ask. After all, this is one of the most important cities in the country. The administrative center of our nation surely has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. However, not all are happy about their lives there. Some of them wish that they could live in a different setting. Others simply do not enjoy the conditions under which they live. A certain portion of Washington DC residents probably lacks living space. Investing in storage Washington DC? A fine idea, but often too pricy.

Still, let’s not make any assumptions. Following are the most common reasons why people leave Washington DC:

  • Too expensive housing
  • Better job offer
  • Easier commute
  • College

How surprised are you with the first reason on our list? If not much surprised is your answer, then you are aware of what the situation is like in DC. Now, let’s cut to the chase and get down to details.

Housing is the primary reason why people leave Washington DC

As all of us feared, housing represents the main reason why people decide to move out of Washington DC. 

Just like with the other major cities throughout the country, obtaining affordable housing represents a feat in Washington DC. The wave of gentrification that has been splashing the shores of Manhattan and New York City in general, LA, San Francisco and other major cities on either coast has not avoided making a statement in Washington DC as well.Under the pressure from gentrification, more than half a million people left DC in the past ten years. If this kind of social migration continues, the consequences will be felt throughout the city. In the case that you are thinking about completing a residential move to Washington DC, you should look for this kind of information.

A similar thing happened in San Francisco for instance. The price of rent skyrocketed so much that today, the working class can hardly find a place to live in the city of San Francisco itself. Hopefully, the local government will address this issue sooner rather than later. It would be a pity to see the same things start happening all over the country.

Better job offer as one of the reasons why people leave Washington DC

Traffic jam
People are leaving DC in order to shorten their commute times

Job opportunities are plentiful in Washington DC. However, not all of them represent the dream come true of the up and coming generations. Sure, in the case that you are into politics, Washington is the place to be at. However, if you are into agriculture or IT, there are better-suited locations where you could go looking for a job.

Therefore, the next in line among the reasons why people leave Washington DC, sometimes even with the help from professional packers Washington, are job opportunities that can come from any corner of the country. After all, the migration of people has never been easier. With the internet available any time any place, contacting a person of preference on the other side of the country is just one click away.

Easier commute

Spending time in traffic is one of the worst things that can happen to you. It is such a waste of time. So, if you could cut it out of your life in favor of spending more time with your family, would you do it? The most probable answer is yes. Consumerism is all around us and what used to represent conformity is considered a necessity today. Half a century ago jammed streets as we see them today would never have happened. Today, there are so many cars out there that it is sometimes much faster to take a bus than to drive around. This is why people leave Washington DC – they look to work closer to their homes and spend less time in traffic.


The last reason why people leave Washington DC that we are going to address today. This time, it is the young people that we are going to focus on.

Better college opportunities are why people leave Washington DC
There are quality colleges in DC, but there are some better ones around the country

The selection of colleges in Washington DC is pretty good. However, some of them are expensive for the local community. Others may not be as good or as suitable for a general young man or a woman living here. Therefore, those people look to make the future for themselves. On certain occasions, they need to do it away from their hometown and the nation’s capital.

Do you understand now why people leave Washington DC?

If you have been with us from the very beginning till the very end, you have understood the reasons why people leave Washington DC. Migration is something that has always been happening. It is going to keep on taking place as long as the world lasts. Still, let’s hope that every city, Washington DC included, will find a way to provide every one of its residents a chance to stay in it and create a future for himself and his or her family.

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