Relocating to Baltimore as a single parent

Moving to a new home can be difficult with a partner, let alone if moving as a single parent. That’s why we as one of the best moving company Baltimore are here to help you. However, there are ways you can minimize the stress during this time and prepare your kids for a smooth move. Relocating to Baltimore as a single parent should be all about efficient planning. Managing your time and money, as well as spending quality time with your kids should be a priority. Take a look at some simple guidelines to help you move to Baltimore as a single parent without complications.

Make plans in advance when relocating to Baltimore as a single parent

The best thing you can do when moving as a single parent with kids is to plan your move. Whether you have help from friends and family members, relocating to Baltimore as a single parent is not an easy task. So, making a moving plan is more than recommendable. It’s the first thing you should do. This list should have all important tasks, contacts, and a timeline for your moving preparations.  The sooner you start the better as local movers Baltimore would like to say. Just make sure to contact movers as soon as possible because this way you’ll be able to negotiate a lower price. Haggling is an option in all businesses only if you call in advance, also since inflation is on the rise it’s better to call soon because prices might change in the future. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget to write down:

  • Organizing moving assistance (hiring movers or calling friends to help)
  • Getting packing supplies
  • Organizing a garage sale/online sale
  • Planning the packing process
  • Organizing children’s daily routine during the move
A notebook with written Today and 1,2,3,4 on it;
Planning is everything so plan well and ahead.

The most important thing here for starters that needs to be done is decluttering because it’ll take you a lot of time. There are several ways how you can do this. The simplest one is called the 20/2 0rule where you’ll simply throw away, give away, or recycle items that are worth less than $20; this is usually done if you’re in a hurry. Also, a 1-year method where you’ll throw away, give or recycle items that you didn’t use for a year. Finally, the favorite method of residential movers Baltimore is to divide your list into six (more or less) categories such as: sell, recycle, donate, move, store, or throw away.

Talk to your kids about the relocation

If your kids are old enough to understand the upcoming change, you should make sure to talk to them about the move. Most children don’t like the idea of changing the environment, especially when moving after the divorce. However, there are some easy ways to prepare kids for the relocation process and minimize the negative effects of moving. What you should do is focus on the positive side of the move. Also, if your children are not toddlers or younger, you can organize a game of packing. Choosing their favorite toys and pieces of clothes to pack can be fun for them. Moreover, your kids will feel like they have a saying in the entire process if they feel involved.

Mom talking with her daughter about relocating to Baltimore as a single parent;
Relocating to Baltimore as a single parent is tough.

Taking your children to Baltimore before the relocation might help them become enthusiastic about the new location and ease the transition. They may feel more at ease when you arrive if you explore the various areas and nearby landmarks. Try to preserve your children’s regular habits, such as bedtimes and dinner times, during the relocation to keep them feeling normal. It might help the adjustment if you bring along familiar objects like their favorite blanket or toys. Finally, finding other single parents in Baltimore through community groups and online discussion boards may be a great way to get support and guidance for adjusting to life as a single parent in a new city. That’s when it comes to kids, but when it comes to moving services Baltimore, you can count on us.

Get all the help you can when relocating to Baltimore as a single parent

Before relocating to Baltimore as a single parent, you should make sure to get all the help you can. If you are a busy parent working a full-time job, you will need some help to prepare for the move. Ask a friend or a family member to spend some quality time with your kids. Going to the park or taking a walk after school will help your child avoid the stress of moving. In case this is not an option for you, hiring professional movers can be the solution. While movers take over the packing and transportation of your household belongings, you can spend more time with your kid. This is so important because kids will be confused more than you will be; and trust us you’ll be in a tough situation, especially if there is no one to help you out.

A kid giving a high five to an adult;
You’ll need all the help that you can get.

Having a solid support system in place is equally as crucial as spending time together. This can take the shape of friends, family, or even hired movers who can assist with the packing and moving of your home items. Having a support system can help you and your kid transition more easily and reduce the stress and anxiety of relocating. So don’t be reluctant to seek assistance. Creating a support network is essential for a smooth and successful transfer. As long distance movers Baltimore we can assure you that in most cases you can only count on a couple of people such as your friends (but the closest 1 or 2) and your parents or close relatives. There is also an option to hire a nanny or something but that’s if you have enough money in your overall budget.

Enjoy packing with children

Most commonly, packing is not an easy or fun process. However, this process can be beneficial to them. Kids love to be involved in major happenings, and packing for the move is not an exception. On one hand, moving to Baltimore as a single parent might be stressful. However, this might also be the time to reconnect and spend quality time with your children. So you should just relax and start decluttering with them. If you can’t handle the packing we’ll do it for you or ask someone to help you out. But if you let your kids decide whether they want to recycle their old toys or if they want to donate their empty notebooks it can be a great way for their development. They’ll also get a sense that not everyone is blessed with a present and fortune as they are.

A woman talking with her daughter while packing and thinking about relocating to Baltimore as a single parent;
Kids are great packers but if you need real help think about hiring professionals.

If you have too many items to pack or don’t want to relocate all of them, there is an easy solution. You can always consider putting those items in one of the many storage units Washington DC has to offer. Storing inventory during the move can save you time and space, but also simplify the moving process. As real estate and rent prices are skyrocketing in 2023 and late 2022 you should think about “storage investment”. Once you start decluttering if you can’t sell some items or you don’t want to throw them away think about storing them. But if you’re a person who needs downsizing you can use the store too even in the upsizing phase this is an option. Prices of storage haven’t gone up that high since last year so get your storage before storage inflation kicks in.

Hire professional movers when relocating to Baltimore as a single parent

Not every relocation is too big or too complicated to handle without professional movers. However, moving with children to Baltimore can be difficult, especially when it comes to time management. If you need to move last minute or you don’t have a close person to help with the kids, you might need to hire professional movers. Besides actually moving your belongings, professional movers in Baltimore can also help you pack and handle oversized items. It’s not just about the help it’s the overall moving process. You’ll have to load and unload boxes on a truck and you’ll have to drive it from point A to point B. Plus you could use all of that time that you would waste on packing and doing extra hours at work or something else to make more money.

Two movers loading a truck with boxes while thinking about relocating to Baltimore as a single parent;
Real pros will move you in no time.

On the other hand, you could spend that time with your kids, or say goodbye to your friends and family. Anyways everything is easier than going from one Home Depot to another to finding the right boxes, tapes, markers, packing peanuts, and after that doing it all properly. Did you know that professional movers can pack an entire 3-bedroom house in less than 4 hours? Not only that but they can load or unload a full truck in just about 80 minutes. If that isn’t fast we don’t know what it is. Not to mention the fact that they’re well-trained highly focused individuals who know what they’re doing. They also know what goes in first and what needs to go last. Plus they’ve got different types of insurance so if something goes wrong you’ll get paid for that too.

Minimize the stress while preparing for the move

Even with the best moving plan, relocating with children can be full of obstacles. Besides packing everything and handling everyday chores, you will need to spend some quality time with your kids. No matter how much time you have left before the move, you should try to avoid stressful situations. Moreover, your children shouldn’t feel the stress of the move. If you are feeling stressed one week before the moving day, you should make a list of the remaining chores and tasks. Keep in mind that having a plan and adapting to the changes will be the best way to cope with moving stress. While relocating to Baltimore as a single parent, you should focus on the positive changes that are about to come.

A woman typing on her laptop while thinking about relocating to Baltimore as a single parent;
In order to reduce the amount of stress you should plan ahead and talk with friends.

Enjoy your stay in Baltimore

Once you reach your beloved Baltimore you’ll have a lot of things to do there. Enjoy the Inner Harbor’s busy activities by taking a stroll around it. Popular tourist destinations including the National Aquarium, Maryland Science Center, and Port Discovery Children’s Museum are available for you and your children to visit. The variety of displays and activities accessible to your kids will astound them. By walking or riding a bike along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park, you may get some exercise and fresh air. This beautiful route gives you and your kids the chance to enjoy the outdoors while providing a beautiful perspective of the city. Consider taking your kids to the Maryland Zoo, where they may interact with a variety of intriguing creatures, such as lions, giraffes, penguins, and monkeys.

Visit the American Visionary Art Museum, which features the creations of self-taught artists, for another entertaining choice. The unusual exhibits on display will stimulate your children’s imaginations.

Help your kids adjust to the move

Before you set the moving date, you should let your children more about the upcoming changes. When it comes to changing schools and moving away from friends and family, children cannot see the bigger picture. It will be your task to help them see the moving process as something fun. Talk to your kids about the move and the exciting new adventures that will happen after moving into a new home. Relocating to Baltimore as a single parent doesn’t have to be stressful if you focus on the good sides of the moving process.



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