Renting an affordable storage unit in Carroll County

You can use storage units for many purposes. For example, when you are moving with movers Carroll County MD, downsizing, renovating, having guests overs, lacking more storage space in your home, etc. Basically, storage units are perfect for every occasion. However, it is not easy to find a storage unit that is close to your home, affordable, and safe. For this reason, here are all the tips for renting an affordable storage unit in Carroll County. You need to be careful, especially if you plan to store valuable items.  

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If you don’t have enough storage space, rent a storage unit

Different types of storage  

There are two most common types of storage, full-services and self-storage. What is the difference? When you are moving, you should search for moving and storage Baltimore. This means finding a company that offers both moving and storage services. Movers will transport your items to the unit. On the other hand, as the name suggests, you will need to organize everything when renting a self-storage unit, including transport. This option is more popular since it is cheaper. Which one should you get? This depends on your personal preference and financial situation. If you are short on time when relocating, it would be wise to use full-service storage. If you live in a big city where parking and traffic are a huge problem, let movers deal with transport. However, if you want to be in charge of everything and save money, use self-storage.  

What to look for in a unit 

Your items should be safe and well protected when stored in the unit. For this reason, here are all the features to look for when renting a storage unit. 

  • Climate control – extremely important when storing valuable items. Also, if you live in the area with the drastic weather changes, get a climate-controlled storage unit.  
  • Accessibility – see if you can access your unit 24/7. Then, check their working hours during the holidays. Can you get your items whenever you want? 
  • Security measures – these include video surveillance, in-person surveillance, number of locks, lighting, fence, etc. 
  • Reviews – make sure to read reviews to see if people are generally happy with storage units. You can use Yelp or similar websites. 
  • Sizes offered – your storage facility should offer units in different sizes. You should get a unit that is slightly bigger than your items.  
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Read reviews before renting a storage unit

How to rent an affordable storage unit in Carroll County 

Make sure to visit your unit before renting. Check everything mentioned above. In addition to this, see if your unit is clean and pests free. Then, see what you can store inside. Every storage facility has a list of forbidden items. You have to ask employees of your facility about this list since it can differ. Lastly, check insurance options. This is especially important when storing extremely valuable items. See if your storage facility offers one or you can extend your existing insurance. Make sure to get all the important information before renting a unit.