Safety tips for a rainy moving day

Planning a move is not an easy task to do. If you don’t hire professional movers such as movers in Maryland, you will have to do all by yourself. Between all the packing and sorting, the last thing on your mind is weather on moving dayMany people choose spring or autumn for moving because of the mild temperatures. However, rain is the most common in those two seasonsIn addition to this, you shouldn’t forget that in the summer unexpected downpour could happen. All you have to do is to prepare well if a rainy moving day happens. You don’t have to buy expensive rain-specific moving materials and boxesYou probably already own a good amount of materials and boxes suitable for rainy days. Here some safety tips when your moving during the day. 

Preparation is the key for a rainy moving day 

It all depends on where you live and in what season you will move. In some parts of the country as well in seasons, rain is more frequent than in others. If you live in these parts, you must take measures for the rain. It will be good to ask for advice from your Virginia local moversFirst, prepare yourself for the rain. Keep your rain gear unpacked in case of need. Items like shoes with good traction and gloves will protect you from slipping. 

Once you are sure you will have a rainy moving day, don’t forget your carpets on the moving checklist. You should buy tarps that can be stretched from the moving truck to the entrance of your home. This will keep your floors and carpets clean from dirt and mud. 

kids with umbrellas
Rain can make everything much more complicated

Choose the right material for packing your items 

Before packing, check the state of your cardboard boxesThe old cardboard boxes may already be compromised from previous use. For this reason, they will easily get damaged when they are wet from the rain. Because of this, it would be better to get new cardboard boxes. Also, first put your items in plastic bags before packing in cardboard boxes. Spare yourself unnecessary stress and protect your items properly.

If you want more protection, use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxesPlastic bins will provide the best protection from the rain. All through the drive, your items will be protected. Just remember that lids should fit tightly. 

bunch of boxes
Make sure to pick only quality boxes

Don’t forget to wrap everything  

When you are done packing all your items, use plastic wrappers for others. Also, do the same with large furniture, electronics, and bulky items when preparing for a rainy moving day. As for wrapping materials, you can use the following. 

  • Moving blankets 
  •  Old towels 
  • Other similar materials 

After this, wrap everything with plastic wrap, sheet, and tarps to keep the rain awayTo keep everything in place, use packing tape or straps. This way, everything will be secured and ready for the move.