Safety tips for moving house in bad weather

Not everyone enjoys it when it’s raining. Some people just like to watch it from the inside of the warm home. When we add bad weather to the move, it seems like these two things just don’t go together. Nevertheless, the weather is something we can’t choose or change. We try to predict it, but if we fail, the services of moving companies in Maryland are sometimes hard to reschedule on short notice. It’s best to go with the flow and ensure you are safe while moving house in bad weather. Here are the safety tips so try and remember them to keep your possessions and yourself safe.

Prepare accordingly before moving house in bad weather

Or we can suggest including these tips in either way. You never know if the weather will change on your moving day. You can apply some things from this list to keep everything and everyone safe and damage-free. We know it’s hard to keep your helpers motivated, but when you ensure everybody will have a great time, it should be like that no matter the weather.

paper boat in the water
Water or moist can really affect the condition of your belongings.

Create a to-do list before the day comes. Having professional movers in Columbia MD will make you scratch something from the list below, but better safe than sorry: 

  • If your vehicle is transporting everything, ensure your wipers are in good condition. Also, clean your windows, windshield, and side mirrors for a clear view. 
  • Checking everything else on the car is just a plus. That includes tires, or even tire chains and first aid kit, brakes, and engine.
  • Have someone to take care of your kids and pets. They need to be warm and safe during the whole relocation.
  • Have your mobile phone fully charged. Memorize all of the emergency contacts and necessary apps, like the one for the traffic condition.
  • Leave earlier and add extra time either way. You never know when the weather can change or what can happen in traffic. Whatever the circumstances, you will be happy to have some extra time.

Dress well for moving in bad weather

You are aware of the fact that extreme heat can be considered as bad weather, too. Since those times are just right behind us, let’s talk about upcoming situations. That means that you need to adjust your wardrobe for the appropriate season in front of us. You will need to have additional layers of clothing. That will also protect you from bad weather situations.

 a woman in the car moving house in bad weather
It is really important to dress accordingly for moving in bad weather. Also, remember to pull up your long hair to avoid injury.

It is the best solution to wear layers. By doing so you can easily layer up or down depending on the action you’re having. Remember that your body needs time to adjust and that temperature fluctuates during the day. Movers Howard County MD have the tip to not wear loose clothes, and have the right equipment to stay dry and warm:

  • Winter hat and gloves, if needed
  • Warm socks and winter/rain non-slip boots
  • Raincoat or a thick winter jacket
  • Umbrella

Also, you can have some extra of these items for your friends or family. They will be happy to see you thought of them, too.

Protect your belongings from bad weather

We assume you know how to protect your possessions from getting damaged. If you know how to pack, adding an extra layer rule applies here, too. Nevertheless, if you are moving in a particular season, you also must protect your items from getting moist and water damage. You should cover and seal everything, from your bulky furniture to some small items. Use waterproof plastic bins and add an extra layer of bubble or plastic wrap.

Furthermore, keep in mind to prepare extra rugs and old towels to prevent damage if something gets wet. We know it takes a lot of time to pack a house, but taking some extra steps will keep your items perfectly safe. If any accident occurs, you can instantly wipe away all the water/snow. Take everything out the moment you arrive at your destination.

How can bad weather affect your move?

Whatever the weather, you must believe that it can’t be that bad to move in the rain. Just remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast. If light rain surprises you, that is almost nothing. Most of the cardboard boxes can take a few drops. On the other hand, heavy rain is serious. First, try to wait and see if the rain will stop. Park the truck as close as possible to reduce the exposure time. 

heavy rain on the umbrella
Heavy rain can be a serious problem on a moving day. Try to postpone the move if possible.

In case of snow or ice, you should know that most of the movers are available. That is certainly due to the safety protocols. On the other hand, if you scheduled the move, think about the health of your temperature-sensitive items. Those are plants, wood pieces, furniture and all of them require a warm extra layer. Ensure that the path to the truck and back to your house is cleared out with no ice on it.

Another pro tip is to prepare hot non-alcoholic beverages for everybody. Those will keep your body warm and mind happy.

Protect both of your indoors, too

Remember to protect everything, including your present and future house. Place an absorbing doormat in front of the entrance. Protect the floors with towels throughout the home to keep everything dry. Especially in your new house. You don’t want anything to be wet and muddy. Get utilities connected before you arrive to have the heating on once you arrive.

However, be prepared to hear bad news. Strange circumstances can happen so save yourself in advance. We hope we helped with these safety tips on moving house in bad weather.No matter the conditions, safety always comes first, so save these to have just in case.

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