Safety tips for storing temperature sensitive items

When storing your items you need to pay attention to details. That’s because of many problems that can occur when you don’t do enough research. That especially rings true when storing temperature-sensitive items during the winter or summer months. However, with a couple of tips from Allstate Moving and Storage, you’ll be ready to pick the right storage unit in no time. Take a look at some safety tips before you make your final decision.

Storing temperature-sensitive items requires preparation

Do your items need to be put in storage? Know that every single one of them needs to be in a good condition to avoid potential problems. That’s even more true for temperature-sensitive items that require certain conditions to be safely stored. Thankfully, if you have a reputable moving company with professional long distance movers Virginia, and storage units can protect your items from different temperatures and other environmental influences and impacts. The more you prepare your items the easier it will be for you to leave your belongings in the unit. Don’t let the items you store go bad or damaged. Following certain safety tips can make a big change for those items, so prepare them as best as you can.

A couple putting bubble wrap on a chiar
Storing temperature-sensitive items is easier when everything is protected

Find the right type of storage unit

When you have to store certain items, it’s a good idea to find the right unit to hold them. There are many ways to choose the right storage facility and unit. However, you need to pay special attention when you have items that are temperature-sensitive. Thankfully, there’s storage Virginia which has all the conditions needed to keep every item safe and sound, regardless of any type of special attention they might require. Maybe a climate-controlled unit might be the solution for your problems? Do you need a storage manager checking your unit from time to time? Decide on time what type of storage you need and if there are extra perks that will help keep your temperature-sensitive items safe.

Having good airflow when storing temperature-sensitive items is a must

Storing items that can get damaged from extreme temperatures can be very difficult. That’s why after choosing the perfect unit you need to have perfect conditions in it. Among them, when storing temperature-sensitive items you need to have or create good airflow. One of the easiest ways to create airflow is to lift every item a couple off inches of the ground. For that reason get your hand on some wooden pallets to help you to do so. Only by leaving enough space for a good enough airflow can you make sure that your items will be protected.

Wooden pallets
Make sure there is enough airflow in your storage unit

Cover up everything when storing temperature-sensitive items

What to do if you have a lot of things that can break in case of getting too much exposure from the hot or cold temperatures? If you’re having your doubts you can always cover them with materials that don’t create more heat and keep them safe from the cold. For example, our local movers in Virginia will always tell you to put leather furniture in climate-controlled storage, or at least cover it with a blanket. You never know how and when the weather can change so having a layer of protection can be crucial. Don’t be the person that needs to pay for reparations after taking their items from the storage unit.

Find the perfect location for your storage unit

Another important factor when it comes to storing temperature-sensitive items is the location of the unit. What is the climate like in the place that you live in? Are there extreme temperatures in the area? Does it get too cold during winter? Too hot during summer? All those questions will help you determine if it’s really smart to store your items in your area. Even the place where your storage facility and unit are might be of importance. For example, if your unit is in the shade during the hottest periods of the day it will be very useful to keep your items cool.

Make sure to respect all protocols when storing items

Even when storing items you need to make sure you follow all the rules. That’s why you need to be in contact with your company that will help you store your belongings. Are there any special regulations? Will your items be allowed inside the facility? There are many things you can communicate with the facility manager and the company itself before you put your temperature-sensitive items inside the unit. Having a company that is good at communicating is a great thing when facing such problems.

Little cubest with rules written on them
When storing items make sure to respect all rules and protocols

Find a good company that offers storage services

When you’re in a situation where you need to find storage units, it’s a good idea to search for the best company that offers such services. Thankfully you can always ask someone you know and have similar needs like you for suggestions. Even better, you can search it up online. For example, third-party websites like Better Business Bureau can offer you solutions to finding the best companies that offer storage services. Find the ones that fit your needs the most. Having a good storage company will make protecting your stuff much easier.

Storing temperature-sensitive items can be very difficult to do. There are many details to pay attention to when you find yourself in such a situation. But what can you really do when you find yourself at that point? We hope that some of our advice will be helpful and that you’ll be able to find a good company that will understand your needs. Make sure that everything is under some sort of protection. You don’t want to find yourself in a bad situation when it’s time to take back your items.