Secrets to moving large furniture by yourself

Relocation, hard as it is, requires a lot of planning and organization. That’s why many people are not prepared and never think about things like carrying and moving furniture. Even though it is much easier to hire a moving company to help you – moving large furniture by yourself is possible. However, you need to be ready for such a task and do everything to ease up the process. Don’t you worry, we have some great tips for you about moving large furniture by yourself – you can do it!

 Think twice before moving large furniture by yourself

Yes, it is possible, and yes, we have some excellent tips for you. However, think again is it worth your time and money to do everything by yourself. It is always much smarter to hire a moving company in Baltimore and let professionals do the work. The reasons are many. First of all, by moving large furniture by yourself, you risk your health. Many people hurt themselves by carrying cumbersome items – they are just inexperienced and don’t know the right techniques. Next, your furniture can damage easily. And finally, you will spend more time and energy on carrying and packing, so think again is it worth it and consider the reasons for both DIY move vs hiring movers.

Step number one – get the right equipment

Since you are moving large furniture by yourself, you need to prepare in terms of packing supplies and tools. Sometimes, the right material is the job half done. So be sure to invest in high-quality items to avoid damage and loss of your valuables. Here’s what you will need:

  1. A furniture dolly – this one is a must. As you are moving large furniture by yourself, you will need something to help you move it from your home to the moving truck. This way you will not need to carry everything in your hands – which is impossible with some of the heavy items.
  2. Furniture sliders – rubber or plastic, furniture sliders help you move heavy furniture across the room with the help of only one person. Furthermore, they will protect your floors from scratching, which is the last thing you want when moving into your brand new home.
  3. Work gloves – as you are going to lift heavy items, it is vital to protect your hands by using some heavy-duty gloves. Remember, you can easily cut yourself in this carrying process!
  4. Lifting straps/harnesses – these moving straps are not just about moving heavy items smoothly – it makes the whole process a lot safer, as well!

Plan the process

It may sound too much, but it’s essential to plan your moving process. You need to know where you will be moving particular heavy objects. Think about your new home and consider where each item should go, to avoid unnecessary carrying of the heavy things around. The best way to do this is to compare the floor plans of your new and old home, so you can easily see where each item should land. Having the measures of the furniture pieces is also a great help in this process!

floor plan
Compare the floor plans and decide where each item goes if you plan on moving large furniture by yourself

Ask for help

Moving large furniture by yourself is very hard. That’s why you should ask for help. Think about a couple of strong people from your friends and family, and ask them to help you out.

Ask your friends to help you when moving large furniture by yourself – it will be much easier

Protect your home

It is effortless to bump into a wall or a door when carrying a bulky item. That’s why you need to protect your doors or remove the molding, so it is easier to go in and out. Furthermore, you can cover your furniture with some blankets, so the sharp corners don’t damage anything if you bump them. Also, be sure to learn how to protect your furniture when moving, so you can relocate with zero damage and stress.

Prepare your home for carrying the furniture

Since you will be carrying big pieces of furniture around, it is essential to clear the way. Remove anything that can block your way so that you can have a clear path in and out your home.

Make the heavy items lighter

Yes, many of our items are heavy, but some of them could be a bit easier. When moving a wardrobe and drawers – empty those furniture pieces. Remove the clothes and books, and you will have a much easier task to do. Relocation is also the perfect excuse to declutter your home. Think about whether it is necessary to move everything, and recycle or even sell the items you don’t need.

Lift and carry the heavy items carefully

When moving large furniture by yourself, be sure to think about the right techniques, to protect yourself from getting hurt. Be sure to:

  1. wear cozy clothes and closed and comfortable shoes (never wear slippers or sandals!)
  2. work’ from your legs and knees – never band at your waist.
  3. save your back – lift from your legs
moving large furniture by yourself back pain
Moving large furniture by yourself can cause health problems, so be sure to do it carefully

Other tips for moving large furniture by yourself

Here are some extra tips on moving large furniture by yourself that can help you out:

  • Carrying the chairs – turn the chair into the “L” position and ‘hook’ it through the doors.
  • Carry the couches vertically – to move them quickly through any doors; you should stand sofas on their end, and ‘hook’ them vertically.
  • Disassemble – if you can easily disassemble some of the items – be sure to do it. It will be much easier to carry the heavy furniture – part by part.

DIY doesn’t mean cheap

You should know that if you are moving large furniture by yourself, it doesn’t mean you will not spend any money. Apart from buying special supplies, there is also the risk of damaging the items, and hurting yourself – which means increased costs. So if you are not sure if you can do it by yourself – think about professional moving services Baltimore.

moving large furniture by yourself
Even though it is possible to do it yourself, moving large furniture by yourself should be helped by a professional moving company

Safety first

When doing the heavy lifting and carrying, you need to think about the safety first. Be sure to do everything carefully and slowly and protect yourself first. Nothing is worth your energy and health so always put yourself in the first place.

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