Self-storage safety features to consider

Renting storage Washington DC is great for several reasons. First, when you are moving, then you can store your items in a unit. Then, when you are downsizing, you might have some items that are still in good condition and reusable for some special occasions. If you need additional storage space in your home, you can rent a storage unit. These are just some of the reasons to rent a unit. However, if you are worried about the safety of your items, then you should consider these self-storage safety features when looking for your unit. 

three cctv cameras as Self-storage safety features
See if your storage facility has CCTV cameras installed

The first set of self-storage safety features 

You can always ask your local mover Washington DC if they offer storage units. If not, they might give you some recommendations. However, pay attention to the following measures. 

  • Alarms – your unit should come with an alarm system. This is the best way to protect your items from robbery and theft. In addition to this, you can monitor some alarm systems via apps.  
  • Gated access – your potential facility should have a fence around its property. In addition to this, the facility should have gated access so it would prevent random people from entering the premise.  
  • Good lighting – it is important to have high-quality lighting. The reason is simple. It is easier to detect thieves when you can see them. 
  • On-site management – you should have a good relationship with employees. Your potential facility should have quality management. This means the willingness to help their customers. 

The second set of measures 

There are even more self-storage safety measures to consider. 

  • Video surveillance – this is expected in this day and age. The entire facility should be covered in cameras. This is necessary so do not rent a unit if the storage facility does not have video surveillance. 
  • High-quality hardware and Software – you should also check hardware and software that your potential facility uses. This is connected to the alarm system. As mentioned, this is important if you want to protect your items from uninvited guests. 
  • Pests control – humans are not the only intruders. Pests and rodents can also cause damage to your items. For this reason, check if your facility uses the best pest-proofing practices 
  • Insurance – this does not fall other safety features per se, but still it is a good way to protect your items. Usually, you can either get storage insurance from the facility or from a third-party provider. 
sign that says TRUST
You should be able to trust your storage facility

Do your research and properly organize your unit 

Make sure to do your research about Baltimore movers and storage units. This means not renting the first unit. Rather, check your options. Visit storage facilities before you decide on anything. In addition to this, all these safety measures listed above will not help you if you do not properly organize your items. You should document everything before storing it. Put boxes vertically, heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on the top. Make an aisle so you can move freely.