Tips for selling your D.C. property

Whether you are considering to move across the country or you simply want to give your budget a boost, selling property in D.C. can sometimes be tricky. As with any property sale, there are important things to consider. Will you sell it on your own or hire an agency? How can you attract buyers? When should you expect the sale to go through? How to move your things to a new property? How to hire long distance movers Washington DC if you want to move to a different state? All these things quickly make you feel overwhelmed! But with a few easy tips and tricks, you will be able to handle the process without any hurdles.

Decide whether you want to go the independent or the agency route

The first thing you should decide on when you are thinking or planning on selling your is whether you want to do this on your own or if you want to hire professionals. This is much like the decision between a DIY move vs hiring movers. To make a smart and informed decision on the matter, you should consider the pros and cons of each approach.

Home in DC
Decide who should handle the sale of your home

Selling your D.C. property on your own

Many people initially want to tackle the task on their own. Handling the sale of your home on your own gives you more independence and you get to pull all the ropes. It may even be cost-effective in certain cases as it avoids the payment of a realtor fee. However, it also comes with a host of issues you would have to individually decide on. This will impact the time it takes to sell your property and the price you can negotiate for it.

If your goal is to move across a long distance and you are on a schedule, the independent route may not be the one for you. It can be very long and new things popping up all the time regarding the sale of your home can ruin your move. Why take time off work to show your home to potential buyers or worry about the quality and appeal of your home’s photos?

Selling your DC property through a realtor

Most people end up hiring professionals both for the sale and the move. This is usually the more efficient approach. If the realtor fee or any other fees are an issue for you, take some time to look through what the market has to offer. You do not have to settle on a price or company you are unhappy with. At the same time, know that extremely low fees often signal a lack of effort. This is why it is important to get a general idea of how the market works and what the standard rates.

The standard commission rate for realtors in DC is around 6% of the sale price. If this sounds like a lot and you can just keep that fee in your bank account, think again. The commission is divided between your realtor and the buyer’s realtor. This means that even if you decide to handle the sale on your own, you would still have to pay a percentage of the final sale price to the buyer’s realtor. It is also important to find real estate representatives that are confident yet realistic about selling your D.C. property.

Know your rights and responsibilities, regardless of who is selling your D.C. property

Hiring professionals to handle the sale of your home doesn’t mean that you will not have to lift a finger. They do take care of things like listing your home and showing it to potential buyers. However, before any of this can begin, you should make sure you know what rights and what responsibilities you still have. These include disclosing any defects your property may have. Anything from trouble with pests to kitchen appliances that don’t work should be reported. In addition, make sure you have all the legal documents relating to your ownership ready for the sale process. These can include maintenance records, sales, and purchase agreements. Failing to prepare such documents can delay the sale or even make it impossible.

Prepare your legal documents for the sale


Don’t neglect the other aspects of your move

Aside from rummaging through the paperwork necessary for selling your DC property, you will also have to rummage through your home. More specifically, you will have to remove any clutter from visible spots. Potential buyers don’t like to see a messy house! Also, don’t pack them all into one closet because the last thing you want is for your clutter to explode on a potential buyer. Throw away the things you don’t need and store away the belongings you want to take with you. When deciding on what to keep or remove, remember that the buyer has to be able to envision living in your home. But be careful not to make them feel like they are in someone else’s home. Include some necessities but also leave enough room for them to add their personal touch.

Clean home
Get rid of clutter is one of the best real estate tips you can implement on your own

Prepare for the move!

Now that that is done, and you have a plan for what to keep and what to kick out, you should look up potential moving companies in DC. For example, moving and storage Baltimore will ideally bring you closer to transporting your belongings into a new chapter in your life. Even though you don’t know how long selling your property in DC will take, it would be a good idea to start researching what the moving process entails as soon as your house is listed. Here too, it is important to do some digging before you settle on your final choice. Make sure to pay attention to things like:

  • Whether the moving company is licensed to handle the moving process
  • Is their approach to your inquiries is professional?
  • What other people have said about them in online reviews
  • Is their price and time estimate in line with your goals?

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