Local Moving

Moving locally can be just as stressful as moving across the country, but not with Allstate Moving & Storage to back you up! Let our movers Baltimore trusts do all the work while you kick back & relax.

Long Distance Moving

We know what it means to move to another state that is 100s of miles away. Let one of the finest movers Baltimore offers make your long-distance relocation stress-free, quick and efficient.

Storage Services

You are leaving the area but not moving into a new home yet... Finding the proper storage for your belongings is so important. Call Allstate Moving & Storage to rent a safe and secure storage unit.

Residential Moving

Moving a household requires time and energy – planning, packing, loading, transporting… Why go through the ordeal alone when professional movers in Maryland can help you? Leave the hard work to us.

Commercial Moving

As one of the best moving companies in Maryland, we know how difficult it is to run a business, let alone relocate it. No matter how big or small, we will relocate your business with ease!

Packing Services

Preparing your property for relocation is a challenging task, one that requires quality packing supplies and expertise. We have both – our movers in Maryland can pack safely and efficiently.

Are you planning a move across town? We have got you covered. At Allstate Moving and Storage, we help people and businesses with their local moving needs for a completely stress-free moving event. Our seasoned team can assist you in planning your move, including determining the optimal timing and strategy. It can be very risky trying to move by yourself, and you raise the risk of personal injuries or damage to your possession. So, why not let Allstate Moving and Storage take care of the details, from your fine china to your large appliances? To book some of the best moving services Maryland has to offer, all it takes is one phone call! Reach out today, and let us take care of your relocation from start to finish!

buildings int he city
Book moving services Maryland residents recommend the most and enjoy your moving experience.

Local moving services in Maryland

If you are planning your local move soon, take a look at our offer. Local moving does not include only a 20-minute drive to the next city. Our local movers Maryland residents trust the most can move you to Ocean City, MD, or down south to Hampton, Virginia. In fact, we will move you to any city in the states of Maryland and Virginia. Our goal is to help people and businesses with their local moving needs for a completely stress-free moving event. Our experienced and professional crew will hear you out and suggest the best moving plan for you.

Allstate Moving & Storage will be happy to take care of all your belongings, from your fine china to your large appliances. Also, the good news is that our moving services in Maryland are budget-friendly. Therefore, they are cost-competitive with other local movers. This means that our Maryland moving services suit every pocket. Each is packed with value, and everyone will find what suits them best.

Local moving services we provide

Here’s what you can anticipate from our services:

  • Full-Service local moving
  • Partial local moving pack
  • DIY Pack
  • Furniture Shrink-Wrapping
  • Pad-Wrapping
  • Home Protection
  • Storage Options

Long distance moving services

Are you, by any chance planning long distance move? Whether you are preparing for an international move or you’re coming from some other state, you will need a hand. If you want someone experienced, reliable, and trustworthy, take a look at Allstate Moving & Storage Company. Our long distance moving services in Maryland assist individuals with relocation, whether across the ocean or from other regions, on a daily basis. We take immense satisfaction in our ongoing efforts to improve both our expertise and efficiency in delivering this service.

Moving, especially long distance can be followed by many procedures and is very stressful. Therefore, you need someone who is aware of the regulations and knows how to handle them in the best possible way. Hence, our professional team of moving specialists, packers, and drivers will guide you from top to bottom. From packing, supplies, and moving checklist to the actual moving day, we’re there for you every step of the way. Also, we know how important your belongings are to you. So our crew will take special measures to load and pack them in the safest and most secure way.

Storage services

Whether you require storage for your belongings during a move or you’re simply decluttering your home, we offer suitable solutions. If you are moving to Baltimore, you can store your belongings until you settle down. The same goes for downsizing as well. We maintain safe and hygienic storage units specially designed to protect your belongings until you are ready for delivery. Our facilities are made from high-quality good industry materials and meet rigorous standards.

two men int he storage facility talking about the best moving services Maryland offers
Storage is very useful when moving house in Maryland.

Understanding your busy schedule, we are prepared to take charge of transferring your items for you. Your belongings will be securely loaded into our Baltimore storage facility, where they will remain sealed until delivered to your new home. We provide various unit sizes for both short and long-term needs. Rest assured, our high-security system ensures the utmost safety of your items.

Residential moving services in Maryland

Moving to a new home in Maryland? Whether you’re relocating to a cozy apartment in Baltimore, a spacious house in Annapolis with the help of movers Annapolis trusts, or a charming condo in Ocean City, Allstate Moving and Storage is here to help. We understand that moving can be a complex and emotional journey. That’s why we offer comprehensive residential moving services tailored to your unique needs. Maryland’s diverse landscapes present various challenges during a move. Navigating through busy traffic, dealing with narrow roads or finding suitable parking for moving trucks can be daunting. Our experienced team is well-versed in handling these challenges. We meticulously plan each move, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

people moving their home
Whether you’re shifting your home or relocating your business, Allstate Moving and Storage offers unparalleled moving services Maryland residents trust.

We take special care of your belongings. Whether it’s delicate china, hefty furniture, or precious personal items, we handle each piece with utmost attention. Our team packs, loads, and transports your belongings with professional care, ensuring they arrive at your new home just as they left the old one. Understanding the unique demands of different residences, our services are highly customizable. We provide specific solutions for apartments, houses, and condos, considering factors like elevator access, narrow hallways, and parking restrictions. Our aim is to make your move as stress-free as possible. Get your free online moving estimate today!

Commercial moving services in Maryland

Are you planning to relocate your business within Maryland? Whether moving your office to bustling Baltimore, tech hubs in Bethesda, or commercial centers in Annapolis, Allstate Moving and Storage offers unparalleled commercial moving services. We understand that commercial moves come with their own set of challenges and require a different approach compared to residential moves. One major challenge of commercial moving is the handling of sensitive office equipment and electronics. Our team is trained to meticulously pack, move, and set up all your office gear, from high-end computers and printers to bulky furniture. We ensure that your equipment is secure and ready to use in your new location, minimizing downtime.

a man moving an office with the help of moving services Maryland
Moving your business? Our Maryland moving services can prove invaluable for your commercial relocation!

We also prioritize the safety and confidentiality of your documents. With secure packing and careful handling, your files and records will be safely transferred to your new office. We understand the importance of keeping your business information confidential and handle your documents with the utmost care. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your business operations. We offer flexible scheduling, including after-hours and weekend moves, to ensure that your business remains operational with minimal downtime. We plan every aspect of the move, from logistics to execution, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Why Allstate Moving and Storage should be your choice?

As one of the most reliable providers of Baltimore moving services, Allstate Moving and Storage strive to create powerful solutions for your moving needs. Years of experience in the moving industry help us in delivering high-quality moving services in Maryland. Our secure and affordable services are designed to meet your needs fully. Our mission is to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Are you wondering what is the secret of our success? It’s passion. At Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland, we do our job with passion. Our team is full of talented, enthusiastic people doing their best to help you because the most important part of our business is you. When you are satisfied, so are we. We aim to fulfill your every request successfully, making us a top choice for moving services in Baltimore.

Change is the only constant in the world. Therefore, we are keeping up with the improvement of the moving industry by delivering modern and efficient services. Give us a call and book the best moving services Baltimore residents recommend.

Baltimore calling

Baltimore often evokes thoughts of feasting on crabs and exploring the Inner Harbor, making it a popular destination for those seeking moving services Baltimore has to offer. However, Charm City extends far beyond these offerings, boasting a wealth of attractions. This major city in Maryland has a long history as an important seaport. Its famous Fort McHenry was the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Food markets have sprouted throughout the city as people crave local flavors at affordable prices. Lexington Market, a historic site dating back to the 18th century, is home to Faidley’s Seafood, renowned for their exquisite crab cakes. You can also savor peanut brittle from Konstant’s Candy and indulge in the iconic Berger cookies from Berger’s Bakery. Also, one of the world’s most famous beer brands, Guinness, opened its first US brewery near Baltimore. Get in touch with our trusty residential movers Baltimore relies on today!

Art and history

The American Visionary Art Museum is one of the most unconventional museums.  All of the works there are done by self-taught creators. Also, you can enjoy the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.  This amazing competition of human-powered artworks traverses both land and sea. For more classical art, step by the Baltimore Museum of Art or the Walters Art Museum. You should definitely tour the already mentioned Fort McHenry.  Also, do not miss visiting the house where the original Star-Spangled Banner flag was sewn.

Experience top-tier moving services in Baltimore with Allstate Moving and Storage

As providers of top-tier moving services Baltimore residents trust, Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland is well-equipped to help you make this vibrant city your new home. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland takes pride in what we can offer our customers.

To secure some of the best moving services in Baltimore, give us a call today! We’re here to assist you with every step of your move, ensuring a stress-free transition to your new home in the charming city of Baltimore.

Baltimore, MD
Count on Allstate Moving and Storage to meet all your relocation requirements in Baltimore.

Customized moving plans in Maryland

At Allstate Moving and Storage, we excel in creating customized moving plans and moving tips, ensuring every aspect of your move, whether local or long distance, residential or commercial, is meticulously tailored to meet your specific needs. Recognizing that each move is unique, we focus on providing personalized solutions. Our expert team in Maryland works closely with you to understand your individual requirements, crafting a plan that aligns perfectly with your expectations and timelines.

  • Tailored Planning: From the busy streets of Baltimore to the serene landscapes of rural Maryland, we design moves that suit your exact location and situation.
  • Residential Customization: Whether moving a one-bedroom apartment or a multi-story house, we adjust our services to fit your household size and moving distance.
  • Commercial Precision: For businesses, we plan around your operational needs, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Specialized Equipment Handling: Extra care for delicate or high-value items like pianos, antiques, or technical equipment.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Options for weekend and after-hours moves to keep your business running uninterrupted.
  • Long-Distance Expertise: Detailed route planning and coordination for moves across states or across the country.
  • Storage Solutions: Short-term and long-term storage options in secure Maryland facilities.
  • Packing and Unpacking Services: Customizable packing solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Real-Time Updates: Regular communication and updates throughout the moving process.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Options: Providing peace of mind with various insurance choices for your valuables during the move.
a mover following a moving plan which is a part of the moving services in Maryland
Rely on our moving services in Maryland for everything from moving plans to impeccable execution.

Our commitment extends beyond just moving your belongings. We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout the moving journey. In Maryland, where the climate can vary and road conditions change, we take into account weather forecasts and traffic patterns to ensure timely and safe transportation of your possessions.

Reach out to book moving services Maryland residents rely on the most!

Our budget-friendly moving services, trusted throughout Maryland, offer competitive pricing compared to other movers in the Washington Baltimore Metropolitan Area. We know that you are cost-conscious, so we provide services for all budgets – each packed with value because we are one of the leading Washington, D.C., and Baltimore Metro region moving companies. Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland takes pride in what we can offer our customers. You make the decision as to how much help you need. It’s up to you to choose what you want to be completed by our movers during the moving process. To secure some of the best moving services Maryland has to offer, give us a call today!

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